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  1. I own the LN one. I don't wear it often. Usually because I wear shorts, and if I wear the apron it looks like I don't have pants on
  2. I think you mean character LOL
  3. Agreed! I don't have a cart, but I do keep a small assembly table by the combo machine and I use that to put boards on while milling them. I do need to make a cart, or three... I'd like to keep project parts with each other during the process.
  4. Agreed... The good thing about my setup is with the combo machine, I have less ducts to run. And since it's beside my TS, that's one main drop for the "big 3" (although it's the big two ) The CFM is the biggest appeal for me. I think rockler is going to sell them, maybe they will have one in the store to play with.
  5. Not sure why anyone needs 30' of hose. Maybe 3? The changeover is so quick on these machines, it's not a hassle at all. If it were a crappy combo machine, then yeah, the changeover would suck. Sort of a you get what you pay for thing... Again, so fast you don't even think about it.
  6. Easy peasy. The change over is so fast it's a non issue. Very nice!!! I'm very interested in hearing about the DC. I'm thinking about that one, or the new Harvey one.
  7. I sprayed latex acrylic with no issues using my Fuji hvlp with a 1.8 tip. Added some floetrol, helped lube things up
  8. "Modern Practical Joinery - George Ellis" which is reprinted from a 1908 edition. It doesn't mention splines at all. What we are calling (for the most part) splines are referred to as tongues. The differentiation is that a key goes across the grain, while a tongue goes with the grain.
  9. You asked me a sincere question, and I responded in kind. Then perhaps you don't like the answer and choose to take on a different tone. I expected more from you.
  10. Alright.... we have to draw the line somewhere
  11. Hell, I've been building mudrooms for the last 4 months. I hate it, but it's what pays the bills.
  12. I've met some of mine. For the most part they are great people. Some others, not so much
  13. You won't know if you'll be happy with it until you make it. Hop out to the shop and bang one out!
  14. Commercial work is a whole nother animal. The stuff I've seen blows my mind. Most of it is like a magical act, in which the cheapest plywood is used for all but the veneers. Build something up in a day or two, install that week.
  15. The bluetooth hose is cool It's like magic!! Especially for cleaning up a mess in a clients home. Walking over to the CT to turn the thing to manual, sucking up some crap, then walking back over to turn it off sucks... Wastes more time than you'd think. The new smooth hose is actually a great idea, and proof they listen to their customers. Same with the knockdown 500 hardware. People wanted it, so they made it. So many people wanted that functionality from their 500 that an entire company exists because of it. Same thing with the freedom units on the tools. Customer response. I think he is being passionate and feels let down by something he believed in. It happens
  16. I like old things to look old. Nothing looks worse than something that's half new/half old looking. Nothing wrong with playing with shining it up and making the whole thing look fresh. Not like it's a rare thing...
  17. Agreed.... I was being a little bit facetious.. I can't help it. Some of the Bosch stuff is fine. But once you get into the system, it's moot. The only think I agree with him on is the battery thing. But, you don't see him using Ryobi either. I really had to laugh at all of it because Festool just came out with some pretty cool new things. (and I know of some others they are working on, shhhh....) Anyway, his video just came across as pathetic. If you're against them, then sell all of it. If not, keep your hole shut.
  18. I watched Erics video and it reminded me of a child that didn't get the color of crayon he wanted. Basic summary of his whining. "I own all the festool stuff, look at my 6 MFTs in the background with 3K+ worth of FT tracks. They upset me, so I'm buying Bosch now, but I'm keeping some of the FT stuff because it's better, but... it could be even better..." Get real.
  19. Pants? You guys are crazy! I went into business for myself so I could stop wearing pants! I wear shorts and sandals in the shop year round. I might put on a sweater if it gets nipply.
  20. Easy peasy... Lay everything out to see if it will fit. The critical dimension is the height of your tallest plane you plan on storing in the top. sole to top of the tote... You may want to consider adjusting the angle of the lid to give you more room in the front of the chest.
  21. Seriously, how many angles do you really sharpen to?
  22. Knowing BCTW, it will be received about 8 months after you order it