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  1. labig

    shop pics etc

    keeps them out more lol.
  2. stair steps cheap bought 4 made top with it.
  3. labig

    shop pics etc

    up on the wall need to stain and doors .
  4. labig

    circulation help

    walls are bat insulation ,above in ceiling is blown in insulation, air blowing from plugs is only when exhaust is turned on ?
  5. ok need some help why would turning on exhaust in shop ,make wind come out of electrical plugs ?
  6. labig

    shop pics etc

    Working on new cabinet ,also there's the wall its going on .
  7. labig

    shop pics etc

    new headboard for bed complete spare room.
  8. labig

    shop pics etc

    air compressor holder outside my shop and hoses inside and to garage.
  9. labig

    shop pics etc

    my grinder stand 9 dollars at princess auto works awesome .
  10. labig

    shop pics etc

    mostly to warm up coffee, lol
  11. labig

    shop pics etc

    final completion with door .
  12. labig

    shop pics etc

    new drawers done , polyurethane , door left to do .