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  1. Sorry I have been away for so long. Been busy restructuring my woodworking business and trying to shoot videos as well as complete numerous projects. Tough being a one-man-band. So here is my latest. It started out as a bowl made from scraps lying around my shop. Upon completion, I showed it to a few people who said it would make a lovely pot to put a plant in. Well, that didn't sit well with me although i had no idea what to sell it as. So I went home, back to the lathe and made a tight fitting lid and a spindle for the lid. Turns out I made a heck of a decorative cookie jar or a very
  2. Thank you all for the replies and advice. I had to ask because I had a really bad experience with Wnege once because no one told me to wear a mask when sanding the stuff. Trust me, don't try it at home. I have a decent amount of the woods you suggested, so I will give it a try and maybe a few others and guinea pig myself out on them before letting them out on the open market.
  3. I recently bought a lathe and joined the world of turning. It has now become a rather lucrative addiction. However, my question is, if I wanted to make chop sticks for customers, what woods are safe to use just in case the finish wears off over time from use? I really like the exotic woods rosewood, cocobolo etc, but they have a toxicity that I do not want to expose my customers to just because they are beautiful. Thanks ~S~ I made these from African blackwood, but do not use them as chop sticks yet.
  4. The burl is fantastic. Love the style of the table overall. Great project!
  5. Very beautiful table. I really like the little details you put into it! Should last a couple hundred years.
  6. Pretty slick. Love the 3d pattern.
  7. That sounds like a fantastic idea. It would be nice to have a mag that doesn't have adirondack chair plans! But seriously, it would be nice to see a mag by regular joes for regular joes that doesn't expect you to have the top-of-the-line tools to complete a project. I love the idea above about projects within a certain $$ budget or time frame. Having contributors like the guys here sharing knowledge would be an added plus. Go for it!
  8. I have a Samsung Tablet and the two apps I have I find useful are in the "Play Store". The first is "Woodworking Utilities", which allows you to calculate your costs at the lumber yard with the shopping cart feature. It also has a B/F calc, decimal to fraction, Trammel Calc, Pilot hole guide, dovetail jig calc and spacing calc. It is free and I like it. The second one is the "Handyman Calculator". I think this one of free as well. It has every kind of calculator you could possibly EVER want and a few I can't begin to know how to use.
  9. I just had to turn down a job (2 10' or 12' craps tables) because I lack the space for the size project the client needed. Not happy about it, but I need to find someone locally who can help this guy out. I hate to turn down something this big, but...
  10. Yeah there are some pretty neat things to learn in woodworking all the time especially with the technological boom in this industry now.
  11. I did see Eric's box and was hoping that some discussion as to technique would have been in the description rather than a paragraph on the hinges. I think they are similar in how they were created. I have looked around and researched this bit and I think I know, but won't know for sure until I buy the tools and try it out myself.
  12. That is really slick! I have always been intrigued with intarsia, but cannot wrap my mind around actually doing it. Very nice.
  13. I watched the video Marc did, and from what I saw in the vid, that looks like the closest thing. I just love the flow of how that looks. It's almost like icing a cake, but out of wood. I think when I get closer to wanting to tackle this technique, I will see what I can get. I also remember a video Marc did with a 1" carbide burr on a grinder for the finer detail. Either way, it is slick!
  14. But what tool do you useto sculpt? I am guessing one of those holey galahad things on a grinder, but I honestly do not know. This is out of my league so far.