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  1. I've seen them for less than $1 a piece at lowes, surprised to hear the high price tag, but they are awesome. I've got a 42" TV that's been heald with nothing but for the last 3 years and it is solid as a rock. Also a plus is it requires a smaller hole and the brace acts like a single truss against the drywall instead a normal toggle bolt that digs in on four corners, weakening the holding power. Awesome anchors.
  2. Looking forward to this one. Didn't know building spearguns from scratch was a thing. Super cool.
  3. Awesome, thanks for the great advice all!
  4. Bow tie would be something new for me, which actually makes it sound like a fun thing to try! Although the speed of Carus and Highlanders idea is attractive. I think the crack might be to tight for the vac trick. C, is this what you were thinking for taping up the end? Thanks for the additional tip, 105/207 ideal, would 105/206 work (what I have on hand)? Thanks!
  5. This is the front panel, top right corner. Bad place for it :-(
  6. Decided to tackle the G&G blanket chest as my first guild build. As I was hammering away making plug mortises didn't notice that the board was a little warped lifting it off the bench so it wasn't fully supported, resulting in a hairline crack. Since the crack is real fine, not sure how to get glue in there. Any thoughts on what I should do?
  7. Look for CARB 2 labeling. I think virtually all ply and mdf manufactured in the U.S. is carb 2 compliant. Chinese product might be labelled too, but you can't trust it.
  8. OP has totally moved on. Dreaming of making a roubo. And it will be awesome. Thanks for talking me out of an impulse buy. There are some who call me... Chris
  9. With what Micks said definitely gonna take a pass on this one. As an upgrade from the harbor freight bench I think I was willing to pay $575 for a bench worth that much but a bench worth $300 isn't much of an upgrade from what I have now. The poor vice quality is the deal killer.
  10. Thanks everyone for chiming in on the bench, I've been scanning CL for months looking for a bench as a bandaid until I build my own. This bench was the first and only legit option that showed up in my area and I nearly bought it on impulse. Thanks for making me think about it. :-)
  11. Maybe he means local political unrest. The town was all up in arms after the city over trimmed the trees along the freeway. No doubt virtually everything in the area increased in value due to the historical significance!
  12. Fair point, same bench but maple not $2200 he claimed to have paid. If the teak is not desirable, doesn't appear to be that good of a deal. Maybe I'll put it in my favorites and see if he still has it in a month, then maybe offer $300.
  13. Thanks for the good feedback, out of curiosity, why a light color for the top? Just make things easier to see?
  14. What do you guys think? Might be a good upgrade to the HF bench currently in my garage. Would love to build the roubo, but this may be adequate for me. Any questions I should dig into before purchase? Workbench/Rhodesian Teak $575
  15. App update looks awesome, but did forum access from the app go away? Or did I just miss it?
  16. chrisphr


    How did you get that Dragon to hover over your lap? That is trippy.
  17. Glad this thread got revived, I had temporarily given up learning the software, I think I'll definitely check out the you tube vids. Also sounds like good advice to start in 2D.
  18. That was super cool!
  19. I've liked this one from Amazon so far. I recall it was about $60.
  20. Cyclists shave for that reason. And also because it feels silky in dress pants.
  21. I just bought some plans on Amazon and I've seen them on eBay. I think I paid $6 bucks for the Amazon plans so probably not a lot of money in it, but since it is IP you've already developed your cost will just be whatever Amazon charges you.
  22. Oops, sorry. Didn't notice this was posted in the hand tools section. My bad.