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  1. There might be a gadget that sounds an alarm and alerts you, but what are you going to do when you get there? I recall you live in an area where only the criminals are armed. What about security cameras?
  2. Ok, so the boards I posted above are an epic fail. I shall throw them into the wood chipper, take those chips and burn them, bury the ashes, curse them to hell and salt the ground.? Looked through what I have on hand and while I don't have enough straight grain for the whole top, I think I can get all the glue joints in straight grain area. I can get 8" out of the wide board (without hitting more sap) with straight grain on both sides. I'll have to figure out how to flatten the board on one side without an 8" jointer, probably a great opportunity to try out that low angle Jack I just bought
  3. I think I am going to print this out poster size, laminate it, and glue it to the wall of my garage.?
  4. Ha, totally not discouraging! I have more cherry to work with, this was an experiment to see if I could do something cool with a really sappy board. When I got done with these boards I was like, "kinda looks cool, but also kinda weird". Don't have a great eye for this, that's why I am really appreciative of your second opinion.
  5. Working on the lid of the G&G Blanket chest and thought it might be cool to make it interesting by including some sapwood. Thinking I would cut the sapwood out you see on the right edge then sandwich those three boards between two clean boards (hopefully of similar color) to center the sapwood feature on the lid. Not using the board on far left. Never tried this before so I don't trust my eye on this. Love to get some opinions.
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    At least right now, the track is sending it east (thank goodness). Where I am at (Charlotte, NC) we are going to get lots of rain, hopefully no more than an inconvenience (I hope). Broadcasting the best Karma I can for the east coast. I love this forum for the thoughtfulness of its members, thanks Coop for the post.
  7. Triple h, amazed at the depth of your knowledge. 90% chisels and plane blades. I have two lie Nielsen planes with stock blades, low angle block (which I've had a year), low angle Jack that has yet to taste wood of any kind. Chisels chrome vanadium, German brand, MHG
  8. My sharpening stuff! Thanks for the tips on stone quality and flattening. Got the 1000 and 8000. Does adding a 5000 just speed thing up to create the primary bevel, or does the middle grit have other benefits?
  9. Awesome, thanks for the tips. I think I was spooked by the price of $180 for a DMT dia flat lapping plate. $50 for a diamond stone or some sandpaper and a hunk of granite are back into reasonable price ranges.
  10. I'm pretty excited to start using and learning how to effectively use hand tools. After watching Marc's video on sharpening, seems like water stones are a great way to go. Can someone help me out with what separates expensive stones from inexpensive stones? Also, a DMT diamond plate is on the pricy side. Are there other options out there for maintaining the stones?
  11. I would do what CS said if it were my project, but here are a couple other ideas. Maybe run conduit on the outside wall then bust back into the house between the joists. This only works if you're joists are parallel to the wire run and not certain about code and waterproofing the opening. Another is to use surface electrical wire raceway. Works and is easy, but in my opinion looks like hell. Lastly, you can build a false hollow beam across the room, try to make it look like the house was built with it (may have to do several so it does not look out of place). Same theme as electrical race
  12. Those wives and their vacations... Pssffft. Progress looking great!
  13. The dude has A LOT of spray paint! This listing reminds me of my Dad who thinks his stuff is worth a lot more than than it is. Remains for sale for a really long time before he sells for a fraction of asking price or he just gives up.
  14. Thanks for the tips! Coincidentally there is a Lie Nelson Low Angle Jack plane on its way to me (a birthday gift from my wife that she will soon know about) as my first bench plane. I'll dig around for a 45degree shooting board plan to add that to the plane's capabilities.
  15. Finished the platform part of the G&G Blanket chest today where you cut miters. Started with my miter saw, that was a no go, not quite 45degrees. Went to the incra miter gauge next, that seemed to be 45, but the incra was only long enough to set a stop block for the small sides. Ended up just cutting to a pencil line on the long boards. Got acceptable results. Curious if there are methods are out there that are fast, repeatable and accurate (assume a Kapex is far down on a long list). Love to hear how you guys tackle miters.
  16. I experienced the same thing just the other day while using a ROS attached to CT26. Popped the hose off the sander, fly disappeared, back to sanding. Didn't even leave my chair...
  17. I respect the dude who can pull off wearing braces. I had a few suits set up for it too, in the mid 90s. Braces still a thing? Do you wear a bow tie with that?
  18. Sadly, they'd be almost right about the latter ?. I was confused when I opened the box, but I convinced myself that maybe the color difference is rotary peel process or a darker cherry log (with its chocolate color and darker brown highlights... duh). I only became certain when I hit it with some mineral spirits...
  19. Bought some cherry plywood online from Home Depot that suspiciously looks like walnut. Pretty attractive stuff actually, but I don't think it is cherry. Here is a picture of it dry fit in the blanket chest.
  20. Great work, very clean inlays!
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    I played pong too, awesome! On a black and white console TV (both TV AND furniture!). Not because I am that old, but because my parents were that cheap.
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    Thanks for the run down memory lane. Mine is full of Atari 2600 games. Pitfall. Frogger. Bezerk. Astroids. Defender. Combat.... Fun times! I probably wasn't much too older than my kids now.