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  1. I absolutely love that finish! I had my wife and mother-in-law looking through different guild builds. If there was a piece they liked, I was going to have them Bell Forest me some wood for the project. The favorite piece from everything they saw was your chest! Well done. I've got a pile of African Mahogany just waiting for deer season to get over:)
  2. Noyak20

    Shop Electronics

    Ipad is perfect for the shop. Certainly not cheap, but a lifeproof case is great for protecting from dust. If your like me and sweating your rear off in non-climate controlled shop in Texas, the lifeproof is also waterproof so cool off with a dip in the pool while checking out latest wood whisperer podcast.
  3. Looks really good! Honestly was a little skeptical about concept, but it certainly looks like you are off to a good start. Good luck, and count me in as an eagerly awaiting content consumer.
  4. Sounds like a fun way to separate yourself from some cash
  5. Just ordered my copy! Ready to get some knowledge dropped on me
  6. Noyak20

    Ductwork advice

    Have Clearvue 1800 on the way. Need advice on location of ductwork. I have a 20'x40' metal building shop. Half of shop has been finished out for apartment with storage loft above apartment. That leaves my workshop ~ '22x20' with 12 foot ceilings. My tentative plan is to build a closet for cyclone and have ductwork run along top of plywood walls at ~ 8 feet. No problem there, but I worry about my run down middle of shop for TS, jointer, planer. It would essentially be suspended 8 ft above ground but with ~four feet of clearance to ceiling and possibly more concerning, lights. I have one picture here on my iPad of shop I'm attaching. I am still in shop design/layout stage but I plan to have my small Bosch TS and new grizzly 8" jointer and 15" planer in middle. Looking for advice. Any input (including shop layout comments, critiques) would be a tremendous help Back right corner (to right of apartment door) is where I'd like to put cyclone Thanks, Chris
  7. May not appeal to a broad enough audience, but BBQ table guild build would be awesome!
  8. I was all fired up to bust your chops Marc. I'm a new woodworker and new guild member and was browsing through your twitter picks when I found a picture of your Primo in its....cough cough........metal stand! I guess if you've found a permanent spot then we will let it slide. My wife got me the BGE for Christmas which I built a table for and have had the woodworking bug ever since. I wish I would have found your site and DVD on finishing before I tried to finish the BGE. What a disaster. Spent so much time putting the table together I then rushed through the finish so I could get to cooking. Not stellar I second the woodworker/BBQ comment from above. Check out that grill master avatar
  9. Noyak20

    shop pics etc

    Strong work! Great looking bench
  10. I'm new to woodworking myself. My first project was a table for my Big Green Egg. As soon as that was finished I wanted to finish out my shop. Some cabinets were the first thing I did after finishing walls and adding outlets. Tom Clark has a great book on practical shop cabinets. I just finished two with the goal of putting a miter station between them. I was going to build uppers as well, but currently have more storage space than I need. Very informative book. I'm proud of my cabinets since they were project #2 for me, but I certainly acknowledge that the craftsmanship of others certainly exceeds mine. I'll include pictures but I literally just finished yesterday. No handles on one, and no finish yet
  11. Nben, Any follow up comments after using it for a year? I am in the process of purchasing jointer / planer or combo. I'm interested in how this turned out