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  1. This is a good suggestion. Solar-Lux is not cheap. miw
  2. Behlen has Sea Blue Solar-Lux, as well. Love this stuff with it's five minute dry time. miw
  3. I had the system and got rid of it. I did not find it effective for straight edge tools. The chisel channel adjustment was questionable, I was always frustrated with dull sand paper, and the hassle to clean and replace the disk was--well, a hassle. ;-) In my opinion you are better off with waterstones. miw
  4. I teach Basic Table Saw classes and I always demonstrate the Grrripper. At first we criticized them for the cost, Then we saw the real value. In my opinion, these are a must have. miw
  5. Check out the No. 62 from Wood River. I use an original 62 for most of my shooting. This plane, with it's bevel up configuration and beefy iron, will prove both a versatile and effective all around use and shooting plane. miw
  6. All sharpening systems should include a grinder. No faster way to establish a primary bevel or repair a damaged edge. miw
  7. Check out the Wood River Block Planes. They come with a much thicker iron than either new or vintage Stanleys and Woodcraft has them on sale all time. miw
  8. Check out the Rikon models. Woodcraft has them on sale with some frequency. I use a 6x48 with 10" disc daily. miw
  9. Shouldn't this be a poll? I do NOT agree. miw
  10. You can do good work with either K4 or K5. The only criticism I have heard is that the new self adjusting mechanism on the K5 looks cheap and might not hold up. I myself have had the K4 for years and included pocket hole joinery in more projects than I can remember. miw
  11. I use the Mission Cherry Gel Stain now owned by General Finishes, I believe. http://www.rockler.com/general-finishes-mission-stain-cherry miw
  12. Check out an article on FWW called the No Frills Router Table. There's no need to spend $1800. I tell folks when it comes to the router table to spend the money on the lift. Just my opinion. miw
  13. Good for you, Graham. I will come up with a real stumper to post for you. miw
  14. What a great company that Veritas is. Now, if only I needed more hand tools... miw