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  1. thanks everyone for the feedback. i have been steadily working on it getting it set up properly. my mobile base should be here today....and next is to build a crosscut sled and get the fence set up properly. it has an accufence that has seen better days, but will work till i get the cash to splurge on one of those very cool tools extruded aluminum fences. thanks again.
  2. i just got a new to me 1997 model powermatic 66 table saw today off craig's list for $600. 5 hp single phase motor. The guy still has another one that is 3hp single phase he is looking to sell for $600 as well if any one in the Atlanta area is on the lookout. the saw i got is a little dirty, but other than that the saw looks to be in good shape, though it makes a little noise raising and lowering the blade..which is also a little tough. this got minimally better when i blew all the old saw dust out, and i hope that some more cleaning and some spray lube with continue to fix this situation.