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  1. About to hit the 3 year mark and I still haven't made it to 100 post yet. Now that takes work.
  2. For some reason I can only see the first 2 pictures, and they rock. From the comments I think I am missing some very fine work? Great work thanks for posting.
  3. I read that thread I don't think its that they don't like it, most of the post I read say it looks great. The part about trapping solid wood in a frame is just them letting you know how things need to be done to prevent issues in the future. Don't take it personally they are just trying to let you know that they see a problem that you didn't know about. I agree the sign is sick the painting is so life like.
  4. Congratz! One of the best things I did was to have a child, changed my life in so many way. While it's more work than anyone can ever prepare for I wouldn't change it for anything, So is your next greatest creations going to be a project journal? Best wishes to you and yours.
  5. OH I am stealing this idea for sure. Thanks Pug.
  6. The emails make it though my works security system so Spam seems unlikely unless he intentionally sent them there . I can't wait for the second part I also have this one in the queue now. It will definitely be my most complex glue up as of yet. Edited becuase I can't spell.
  7. I think the OP is talking about tuff stuff expanding foam to fill any gaps in the walls and such, not the blown in insulation. I wish my shop/garage was insulated, but for the ones that don't have an insulated garage I installed the ridged foam insulation on my door and it cooled my shop by about 5 degrees in the summer and gives me about 10 extra degrees in the winter. In the summer I just work with the door cracked about 2 inches and I have 2 box fans moving the air once I start working the temp actually drops about 5 degrees in about an hour or less. In the winter I run a 60,000 BTU heater in a 2 1/2 car garage I can raise the temp about 15 degrees total (5 before the insulation and 15 after installing the insulation).
  8. Welcome to the forums. I have almost the same mount for my turkey if I can remember I will take a pic and post it up here.
  9. I have never used a systainer or even seen one before. Are they really worth the $60 woodpecker is asking for them? Just look at them, they arn't even green!!
  10. I do what franklin and beechwood do. I use paint to size it (iphone pics are too big) then I upload it to the WTO gallery and link to the post.
  11. I think Marc AKA the wood whisperer had a swamp cooler in one of his old shops, and I don't remember him saying he had issues. Not trying to be snarky here but wood move you just have to plan for it. Welcome to the forums by the way.
  12. I asked him to trade houses with me. He quickly declined. Worst part is he is not handy at all. I think he contracts out changing light bulbs. So the space will not be used up to it's potential.
  13. Congratz on the new shop and that house thing they trew in with it. A friend of mine just bought a house and I would bet my paycheck that a woodworker owned it before him. Has a garage with plugs everywhere 3 220 outlets, heated, cooled, and has plywood walls instead of drywall. The reason I mention it here is because you said you needed more light and this garage has one wall that has two sets of florescent lights set vertically in the wall. When I saw it I though it would be perfect for raking light and it lights up the area at about bench height perfectly. When I get a "real" shop I will definitely be trying it.
  14. I think this will be a single topic/weekend edition show on woodtalk in a few weeks. Long time lurker with 7 post ask a controversial and very vague question. Something is just off a little about that. I think someone that is making a living building furniture will make the highest quality part, as long as it fits in the "budget" of the project, in as little time as possible. That is how profit is generated the old saying time=money is spot on when talking about a small furniture business. The faster you can get a job done, without sacrificing your good "name", the faster you can start another one.
  15. I have the same set and I just put a one inch hole in some blood wood end grain to fix the handle that came with my front vice. It worked great cut beautiful shavings with almost no dust, but of course that was the first time I used it. Next time I pick it up it will probably not be nearly as good so go with something different if you can.