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  1. yes, i wipe off the excess after 30min. This is a crappy finger jointed beech board, not a "one piece of wood" board and is very thirsty. I've already done six coats and the looks is quite good to me… Next time i will definitely take more time and wait at least two days between coats.
  2. the can says dries in 24h and fully cures in one or two weeks
  3. …It won't get hard… I'm talking about Tung-Oil, of course. HI folks, i'm finishing a beechwood sushi tray with tung-oil (chestnut brand) but i'm not sure it's working fine. From what i know, you'r supposed to leave the olied rag on the concrete floor over night and then trow it away the next day when it's dry and "crispy"… Why my rag remains wet even after 24h? The wood surface also remains a bit oily (not wet but it leaves your fingers shiny)… Am i having a probelem or can i go on applying coats?
  4. Microcrystalline wax should be harder than regular wax once cured. You can try that.
  5. Have you ever tried AbraNet by Mirka? Expensive but great stuff.
  6. I! No, tung-oil it's used only for the stand. Smoking pipes are just treated with spirit dyes and then polished with tripoli and white compound and finally buffed with pure carnauba wax. The wood for the stand is turkish wallnut and the pipes are made of briar (the stem is just black acrylic) What do you mean if i glued them together? The pipes just sits on the stand and the stems are just pluged into the wood (with a tennon)
  7. Turkish Walnut finished with Tung-Oil and wax and two briar pipes hand carved.
  8. Hi guys, i want to build a sushi serving tray with a finger jointed beech board like this one (it's the only wood i found besides pine). I need some advice regarding finishing. I tried some spirit stains with poor results. I like tung oil but i don't think the one i have (chestnut brand) is pure so i don't know if is food-safe. I also tried mineral oil and the results are quite good (a step under tung oil). Have you any suggestions for a (very) poor talented woodworker? Ciao! (Here's the sketchup)