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  1. I bought this end table at a Thrift Store and refinished it to resell it. Not realizing while I was doing that of what I found when I was done. It has a partial sticker on the bottom which I have come to find out is Haug Snekkeri Made in Norway. I had no idea that this could possibly be an expensive piece. I paid 2.99 for it and my luck is not that good that it could really be rosewood. But it makes me sick to think I was sanding it without this in mind if it happens to be. I have had people tell me its rosewood, teak, walnut, and Cocobolo. I have researched the company and this is what I find when looking at tables similar. Could anyone tell me what they think? This is the table before I touched it. This is the table after I sanded it and applied Thompsons conditioner on it. This is the sticker on the bottom