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  1. I don't think PB Blaster is available in Denmark. I haven't been able to find it anywhere, that is. I may try Coca Cola at some point, perhaps it works.
  2. Yeah, it looks very similar but it doesn't have the two holes in the bottom.
  3. I live in Denmark but I do know what a pipe wrench is. I have a bunch of pliers and wrenches that might work but otherwise a visit to a hardware store could do the trick. At the moment I have the chuck soaked in oil and when I get back to the workshop, I'm gonna give it another go.
  4. Well, it's definitely a Millers Falls drill. It looks remarkably similar to their old designs. It would appear that it can be screwed apart but I'm still working on getting the two parts apart but no luck. Any advice would be helpful.
  5. It does look like a Millers Falls drill. I looked inside the chuck and there are grooves on the inside which means that it probably can be pulled apart. I tried soaking it in oil, tapping it with a hammer and loosen it with a vise grip but so far no luck. Any ideas on how to screw it apart?
  6. Hi again So I have taken a few pictures to clarify the situation. Unfortunately the drill does not have any markings that would identify the maker. There is a remaint of a sticker but I don't know if it belongs to the maker or the shop that sold it.
  7. Hello again Thanks for the replies. The video was done very quickly, one take and all so it is not the presentation of either the drill or the problem. I'll take some proper pictures and upload them so you can get a better look. But thanks for now
  8. Hi I have a very fine, old hand drill that I have been using a lot but some time ago the chuck stopped working properly and I have been trying to find a replacement or fix it but I haven't been able to get anywhere. So - perhaps one on this forum might have a solution. The chuck itself has three jaws that were held together/apart by three springs but the springs have become dislodged and so the jaws don't sit where they should. I can take the springs out but not the jaws since the front and back openings are too small for me to pull them out and I don't think that the chuck can be opened. Has anyone had the same problem and if so, can it be fixed at all? If not, where do I replace the chuck? I made a similar request on YouTube but I thought it might get a bit more response on this forum. - Thanks