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  1. Hello - I have a dining table that needs care. I was able to look past the various dings (true color of the wood not showing through the dings), but a new problem just irritates me. I purchased a vinyl cover to protect the table from further dings created by my two young children. This vinyl padding (with felt like backing) had a pattern on the topside. Somehow the pattern had transferred itself onto the ends of the table and no where in between. From a top view, it is not noticeable (nor can you feel it upon running your fingers on it.) However, as the sun comes through the window, one can see that both ends of the table have this fluer-de-lis pattern on the wood. The table seats 6 and is only visible about a foot inward from both ends. I have tried mild soaps to slightly rubbing with a scrub pad. I recently let mayonnaise sit on it to no avail. Is there any other thoughts as to what has happened, and more importantly, how to rid myself of these markings? Although this table is only 7 years old, it has sentimental value, as my mother who recently passed purchased it for us as a gift. Thank you for your time and expertise. Sincerely, Martha