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  1. ok I see now. thanks for the reference joseph. thought I saw something there before that marc did. now I see what it was
  2. trying to see what a cabinet door framed in birch with a alder panel made to look like walnut would look like. is this combination of light and dark woods not done normally for any reason. I can find pictures of walnut framed maple panels everywhere
  3. I'm planning on making a wooden grill for the front of my jeep. What can I use to protect it from rain and heat
  4. Looking for info on dust collector. As much cfm as I can get. Trying not to go too much over 500
  5. Looking to sell table saw in chicago area. $200 only 6 yrs old
  6. halbrn

    Skin irritant

    Interesting idea. Unfortunately no I don't own a lathe so I have to take the long route and drill them and do a lot of hand work lol
  7. halbrn

    Skin irritant

    Looking to make some wooden rings and some 1/2" wood earring plugs. Is any finish going to work
  8. I am looking to possibly build a bar top out of wenge. I like the coaster idea, it'll be perfect either way whether I use wenge for the top or not. Thanks
  9. I need a project to make out of a 3/4" 14" long board that's 10" wide. Looking to work with a small piece of wenge to get a feel for it
  10. That's kinda what I was thinking. I wrote the wrong model earlier, I could buy this table saw and put a 5hp 1 phase motor in and I wouldn't even come close the the asking price of a table saw with the motor already in it
  11. The table saw I'm looking at is 5hp so I'll have to look more at the specs for a converter. Thanks guys
  12. halbrn


    just realized it says your from st Louis. what part? I grew up in st Louis and moved out to Chicago 10 years ago
  13. halbrn


    so ill pretty much have to sandwich it between two other boards everytime I make a cut lol. would a base coat of shellac be good to put on before an epoxy top
  14. so I did some more looking around and was wondering if it would just be easier to buy a single phase 5hp motor separate for another 300$ now im wondering if I can just buy the motor and put it in a pm1000