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  1. Hi there, my name is Jeff and I have been following TWW for about a year now. When I got my first iPod, I found TWW podcast and now follow on Facebook and the RSS feed from the forum. I'm considering joining the guild, but I would need to spend more time in the shop to make it worth it. I have a 4 year old son with special needs, so he takes up a lot of time, but I love every minute with him. My shop is a basement shop, modest size and I've been in this house for 6 years and I'm still working out the layout of the shop. But when you get new tools, you have to make room. I started out making some very modest furniture then got into carving for a while. I still do some carving, but I got into turning pens and did that for a long time then got into turning some other bigger items. I'm currently working on a bed for my son and getting ready to start my yearly Christmas ornaments. Hopefully I'll get some projects posted in the gallery soon. Thanks for looking. Jeff
  2. Well, they are done and I ended up using the edge guide I bought for my Bosch router. The only thing I would have done and will do for the future is cut a piece of wood and joint and plane it flat and parallel and screw it to the fence as a single piece instead of using the guide how it is which is split in the middle. When the board is short it's easy to get to the edge and let the fence come off. Now that I think about it, those guide fences may adjust together, I just have them set apart for some reason. Pics of the bed to come. Thanks for all the suggestions, I just needed to KISS!
  3. I'm going to make a shaving brush and soap bowl using the brush purchased at Woodcraft. I have turned literally hundreds of pens, so I'm very familiar with all kinds of wood and how different wood takes a finish right from the lathe. That being said, I bought some black mesquite for this project and I've never used it before. It seems quite dense, it hasn't been cut it yet, but it appears to be similar to cocobolo. It looks like it's going to have a great natural color so I'm not worried about what the finish will do to it as far as color. It is going to have contact with lots of water and will likely have water not to mention shaving soap sitting on it during and after each use. I'm thinking just a beeswax finish might be the best thing but not sure. Any ideas? I'm open to using different wood if that mesquite is going to be a problem(which I don't think it will). I've seen several posts about how hard regular mesquite is, so I'm hoping this was a good choice. I just read the instructions and it just says to use finish of your choice, CA, friction polish, wax. I'm still curious if anyone has any experience with this. Thanks, Jeff
  4. I am building a bed and have known that I was going to need to make a mortise in the end of the rail board to attach the hardware. I've just been avoiding the issue, until now. I know that a horizontal router setup would work just perfectly, however I don't have a setup like that. I do however have a router and a very nice table that I built. Attached is a picture of the board and hardware and the outline of the mortise. I have a feeling, i'm going to end up standing on a stool with my router on the end of the board with a jig on the end. Now that I think about it, why not use the jig with the board lying horizontally? That would mean holding the router sideways, but with the jig there shouldn't be any issues. Any feedback would be helpful. Should I just put a horizontal jig together for my router table or just use a jig clamped to the end of the board?