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  1. Hello Rog, Thank you for the idea. The problem we are having is finding someone (much like yourself) to help us price out the tools. Based on the advice I received earlier, I have been doing some research on prices and I have been able to find some prices through the internet. I will keep working on it and see what I can dig up. Thank you for your help and advice. pceoptions
  2. Hello John, I will speak to my real estate agent and see if this is a viable option as a selling point for the house. If it is than it is just a matter of finding the right buyer. Thank you for the idea. pceoptions
  3. Thank you all for the wonderful information and advice. I appreciate your input on this difficult subject for mom and I. I will try Craiglist and Ebay and see how I do. Much appreciation, pceoptions
  4. We are definitely interested in selling as many tools as possible. Please email at pceoption@gmail.com for further information. Thank you.
  5. Hello to all fellow woodworking enthusiats, My father passed away 10 years ago and my mother has just now been able to open his woodworking shed and start to go through his tools. Unfortunately, we are needing to move (downsize) and are unable to take his tools with us. This, however, leaves us with a dilema, how and to whom do we sell his tools? We live in Orange County, California and are looking for an individual tool broker or someone who has the knowledge to sell the tools (the whole lot) and would be paid a commission. Does this type of person exist? Most of my dads tool b