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  1. Coop


    Great pic and perspective. I thought you guys had a problem until I read in the paper this morning that the rally scheduled in Houston yesterday turned into a riot last night. Sorry, back to photography. Did I mention great pic?
  2. Dave, that is amazingly beautiful. I bet you can consider your core box lift stolen by many of us. The only thing I would have done differently, and I feel petty in saying this, is to use hinges that can be mortised into the back side of the box and back edge of the top. Either a 180* or something similar to Brusso’s 95* hinge. I’ve never given a thought to building something like this but will start tomorrow on one for my son and grandson. Care to share your dimensions? I too like working with Butternut and I have quiet a bit that I got from Rickey. Thanks for the idea of using shellac.
  3. The vinegar and metal filings were a neat idea as well.
  4. That’s always exciting and a bit scary. Good on ya bud!
  5. Scooby, good luck with your choice. I have a Jet ts but also have a Grizz bs and jointer and have had no problem with either so have no opinion of their customer service. Post a pic of your new ts!
  6. Coop


    Daniel, I hope being cooped up ends quickly in your neck of the woods. Just kidding as those are cool.
  7. And if so, many on here use an outfeed table, even a flip up one, with a slot cut in it to accept the guide bar.
  8. Thanks for the added pic as I was envisioning something totally different. If I read it right, if the legs are 1 5/8”, although they don’t look that thick, then imo, a floating mortise would be they way to go. I think the threaded rod is a good idea as well. Sorry Mick, we were thinking alike, you just type faster than me.
  9. Dave, could you back off from the first pic a little to give us a better idea of what’s going on and where the legs will be attached?
  10. I’ll leave the answer to you and @wtnhighlander‘s link. I bet it’s in here somewhere but are you doing your own taping and floating of the Sheetrock?
  11. What would be the ideal size of these sheets if you can find them? Your final size of each sheet will be 20” x 28”?
  12. Chip, really great looking project. As my wife and I get older, I help her more around the house, changing sheeting being one of them. We finally had to resort to buying a br set where the footboard had less obstacles. Spindles in this case would have been eliminated completely to aid in tucking the sheets and spread in. Enjoy youth as long as possible!
  13. Richard, how did you connect the two Wynn filters?
  14. So you can only rotate within 180* , ie, back and forth to keep the wire from twisting? Hope that makes sense? No 360* like a Ferris wheel?
  15. I found a way to organically control stink bugs in my tomato patch. I splinted and duct taped my portable shop vacs hose to my Festool’s hose to give extra length. I even caught several couple’s that were in the process of creating baby stink bugs. That had to be a rush for both parties! I then vacuumed a little Seven dust to give them a farewell party.