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  1. I’m kind of betting that op meant bearings instead of bushings. If not, I’m with you.
  2. Good info Nut. Did not know that about the on/off. Thanks
  3. Wish there was a better gauge as I can’t afford curly hard maple
  4. I do for some reason or another, not sure why? Just seams like the right thing to do. It sure makes for more difficult taping and floating.
  5. Darn, you laid that to rest early if you are considering the wear on the machine. But if you are thinking about the blades you have to consider the width of the boards and where you place them before running each one of them thru.
  6. I guess bf is appropriate if the board is 4/4. But, do you refer to square foot, each time you run the board thru? And at what depth are you cutting? My brother is the worlds worst at asking me how many bf did I get out of a set of blades on the planer. I just tell him a s*#t pile of lumber as I have no earthly idea and don’t really care. He also asks how many hours I have in a project and I don’t own a stop watch. I guess if I depended on Woodworking for a living, it would matter but as a hobbyist, that would take the fun out of it. I like argumentative/debatable topics like this!
  7. Actually there are two walk-in closets in the 16’x16’ space. And yes, the reason for the build to begin with is to allow for wheel chair accessibility should the need ever arise. The shower (no tub) is 4’x7’ with no curb. Shoot, we could have showered with friends if we had done this 50 years ago! Yeah, they showed today like they said!
  8. It even has a red Christmas light shinning on it. Nice buy!
  9. Coop

    Pin Nailers

    Thanks Paul for your thoughts. My brother has a Bostitch and I tried his and it worked great on some scrap hardwood so I ordered one yesterday.
  10. I wish it was shop space. 16' x 16' bathroom and 16' x 16 ' covered patio.
  11. Sounds like it will be easy on the feet. Are y’alls houses built on concrete slabs? You mentioned replacing some sub-flooring so I guess not?
  12. Not really in the mail but via slow moving turtle. We are adding on to the back of the house and submitted plans for a permit in late August. The city finally issued a permit three weeks ago and the inspector, bless his heart, finally showed today and approved the form and steel. We get concrete tomorrow!!!
  13. Looks like a totally new kitchen. I like how you rounded the counter top on the peninsula. Great job bud! What is the flooring?
  14. Coop

    Pin Nailers

    I will be using Lexel to hold the glass to the door. Never thought about using it to hold the trim in place. Might be an option! Hopefully we will never have to replace the tempered glass panels. Thanks
  15. Coop

    Pin Nailers

    Hopefully the pic is clear enough. It shows door, the trim piece and the gap is where the glass will go. The trim piece is 1/2” thick, and 3/4” wide (front to glass) . My concern is being able to shoot the pin parallel to the glass into the door without hitting the glass.