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  1. And from your first pic, it makes the floating top even that much more suspenseful, no pun intended.
  2. I’ve gotta ask. So you did give Goodwill a working saw as opposed to a non working one, right?
  3. Dave, is there any bevel on the tabletop?
  4. Absolutely beautiful, Dave. I too like the proportions as well as that little bit of sap wood across the bottom front and the continuous grain. How wide are your legs?
  5. I’ve gone to to their website WAY more than you can imagine. They probably think I’m a stalker If they are tracking! I have also gone to the manufacturer, Lyndon Furnitures site. They advertise it as it as a Flare Leg console so I don’t think it’s the pic distortion. I made this a few years back but the legs and flare, in this case upside down, don’t have enough meat for the size of the project.
  6. Opinions please! I’m bad on proportions. From the pic above, give me some ideas on the leg width before the taper. From zooming in and measuring with a rule, comparing it to the 3/4” side of the case it’s attached to, I’m thinking 2.25”, which seems like a lot. How far do the leg tapers out. Thanks
  7. 1/16 is not going to give you much of a profile. You can almost get that with a sanding block and 150 sandpaper.
  8. On your next cut it would be nice to see a pic of your modus operandi!
  9. This wood is some that I got from Spanky a couple of years ago and has some tiger figure and has way more dark wood than white. I don’t know if the dark is considered heart or sap in maple? My plan is for the side panels and door frames to be made from this. I would like to find some white maple for the legs and the drawer fronts will be made from a nice white curly maple board, also from Spanky. The top will be walnut.
  10. I’m still gathering ideas for something similar to this.
  11. If I screw a 5’ long by 20” wide laminated piece of walnut to another piece of the same size piece of dissimilar wood, say ash, with the grain going the same way, can I expect the same amount of movement? Would it be advised to elongate the screw holes?
  12. Sounds like a neat read.Barnes & Nobel carries it! Anywhere else Ross as my local store doesn’t have it? Will order it from them if not?
  13. Thanks guys. I had forgotten that the GF HP was water based. Do you guys raise the grain and sand prior to applying this?
  14. I’m not familiar with the “hydrant”. Is the design something to do with winter freezing?