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  1. She’s still in progress. Just gotta paint some separate pieces. It’s made in two halves to be assembled around the pole. I plan on setting the pole next weekend. I was going to raise the rent to to the sq. ft. of each unit but I just discovered that there are a pair of big ass hawks building a nest down the street and they’re scoping out their new diner. This is one of the older houses.
  2. I hate it when a project goes to s*#t! Looks like you did a pretty good job. Looks great! Now take a scrap of the same wood and form a handle.
  3. You could remove a tenant for unpaid rent with that beast.
  4. I’m often amazed and impressed at the Woodworking and non-woodworking knowledge the members on here have. And just as often have no clue as to what they are saying on most subjects but sounds cool anyway!
  5. Those are really cool! And why didn’t you attend. They couldn’t have pried me away.
  6. It’s not who you know but, who you live close too.
  7. Yeah, kind of a hypocrite. Mine is a 2007 with 235 k miles. I cleaned the K&N filter today and made it into a track capable Suburban. Amazing!
  8. Not the answer you want to hear but that thing is more than 30 yo. You replace your auto at 50 times the cost way more frequently.
  9. Well, out from under cross ties, the mountain sawyer does appear! Yeah we spoke and I remember you said that alcohol has never touched your lips but you said in our conversation that you were cutting ties from curly cherry. The air must be darn thin on that mountain!
  10. Coop

    Sheesham table

    I looked it up and it has some great qualities. Afraid that didn’t help your question either though.
  11. Coop

    New shop storage

    That is darn cool Chet! Well done. Yeah, how did you make the cut outs?
  12. What kind of dog? Did I miss it?
  13. @BillyJack, I like your setup and stash. I need to enroll in an organizational night crash course.
  14. Coop

    Coffee Table

    I bet it’s really level. I think the camera angle in the first pic makes the top took a bit tilted.