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  1. And welcome to the forum. I’ll let others better informed on the dato stack to reply.
  2. I think it’s time to start cutting. I too contribute the dark stains to character each morning looking in the mirror!
  3. Mick, your neighbor must do some incredible stone work for you to part with 40 yo cherry! Can you provide a pic of Alison’s table and a link to the FWW Beckvoort’s to give us an idea of what’s to come? Looking forward to following this project.
  4. Thank you Paul! Appreciate Ya!
  5. High resolution on a 2001 IPad usually don’t fit in the same sentence! will these help?
  6. When I bought my 6” jointer and was making decorative boxes, it was the cat’s meow and had no need for a larger one. My last several projects I find myself breaking down 8” boards to joint them. If I had it to do over again, I would have definitely started with an 8”. But would I now kick myself for not buying an even larger one?
  7. He will be bringing it over today for the epoxy and I’ll see what kind of pics I can get. Thanks
  8. Say no more! This is obviously a critical situation and justification for replacing a worn out tool! You are doing this for others and not for self gratification!
  9. He paid $15 for this slab so probably not endangered!
  10. That’s the bad part as the Mc is 22% and I told him there will be more checks.
  11. Thanks all! I will remove the bark and pith inclusions tomorrow and fill with epoxy. Then rub it down with mineral oil as he wants to use it as a cutting board. I have never seen a chunk that heavy and is really quiet beautiful.
  12. My next door neighbor just returned from Monterey Mexico where he has relatives and brought this piece back. It is 11” x 14” x3” thick and weighs 15#. If it didn’t have grain and bark, I would swear it was lead. I loaned him my belt and orbital sander to get it to this point. Any clue as to what kind of wood it is?
  13. Heck of a deal Mark! Like so many other volunteer and professional hero’s, it will take patience of steel. Thank you and others for your support!
  14. Saturday will be two weeks after our second shot. Only side effects is that the doc said that I can hold off taking the little blue pill for another 20 years!
  15. OP, do you know if the top is solid wood or veneer?