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  1. Hopefully they took the grinds with them. My first removal, the A hole convinced me that it was good mulch. I filled in for three years.
  2. The qtr sawn Sycamore is some fine looking wood and great to work with. The hickory and walnut make a nice pairing.
  3. Coop

    Covid-19 Vaccine

    As a youngster in the late 50’s, we had a neighbor boy contract polio. Back then, it was unclear what caused it and was dreaded by parents as most that were affected were younger folks. This fellow was confined to an iron lung for a year or so. A vaccine was developed by Jonas Salk and given via a shot and later an oral vaccine was developed by Albert Sabin. I remember we took ours on a sugar cube and everyone was expected to take one or the other. I imagine that these two guys saved many a life and polio has all but been eradicated.
  4. Coop

    Covid-19 Vaccine

    I had hoped, when starting this that it would last to get varying opinions because so many times, it’s hard to believe what you read and hear on the media. And like Kev stated, thanks for keeping it civil and thanks for your opinion as everyone has one. Keep ‘em coming.
  5. Coop

    Covid-19 Vaccine

    My input. Sore arm on the injected arm, for 24 hrs. with no other side effect on both shots.
  6. Not to start any crap and all answers should be straight forward with no controversy or rebuttal. Aside from one fearing side effects, why would one not take the vaccine? Just curious.
  7. Absolutely!!! Protecting you, your family and perhaps others down the road!
  8. I agree. The glue should hold the seam together and not compensate for uneven edges. Lipstick on a pig?
  9. Looking dang good! Wish I had that much patience and skill!
  10. They are indeed addictive. Thanks to Dave! In between projects, it’s make spurtles time. And when I give them away the ladies always say, thank you very much for the ......? I remind them they are Spurtles!
  11. A lot of folks will take the boards straight from the jointer to glue up and get a perfect joint. My jointer has the blades and not the Helical cutterhead and perhaps that’s the reason I don’t as the edge of my boards end with small chatter marks. I find that after the jointer to insure a flat side, I then go to the table saw with a good blade and get a smoother edge that gives me a better glue line. The joint in your pic is noticeable but due to the closeup, I could also probably take your fingerprints! If at arms length it is acceptable to you, then go with it!
  12. Coop

    more power!

    @Richard Brown, we have electric and gas connections at all of the appliances you mentioned. The previous owner had an electric range and clothes dryer which we traded out for gas. Do you not have that option?
  13. Decades ago when I was a kid, parents would call our penis a talley whacker. Never knew why but they just did.
  14. I think we are talking two different things here!
  15. Beautiful piece Terry. Thankfully the pic says it all as I didn’t understand a word you said!