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  1. Hey Coop, I have some culls. You want them?
  2. Your forth pic would drive me crazy. I’d rather look up at the sun for 3 hours.
  3. How does the epoxy hold up in the sunlight? I realize this is the least part to receive sunlight but just wondering.
  4. What determines a pecker pole log? The diameter of the log? If so, why cut them so early?
  5. This sure is looking good Nut! I’m often surprised at how mismatched colors of the same species seem to blend together better than I thought, after applying a finish to them. I think I can handle that better than wonky grain mis-alignment .
  6. Coop

    bosch routers

    I bought mine a year or so ago and it is as you describe.
  7. That's going to look psychedelic after your quarter saw it!
  8. I love/hate late night palm to the head ideas. Glad it worked for ya.
  9. Tom, that would be pretty cool for your location. I think you should make her one with a buddy drive, with you in the back.
  10. No sir. My lathe is vertical and is called a drill press. i told my wife years ago to cut me off if I ever even suggested buying a lathe. Some times I don’t think she knows what one is and thinks I bought one.
  11. That is such a touching story! Just be on the look out as grandkids seem to age a whole lot faster than we do!
  12. Thank goodness I don’t have that tempting me.
  13. Sweeter weather or sweater weather? Either way, great view!