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  1. This is like me telling Einstein how to do something as others will attest. I take a pic and it goes to pictures. Then attach the pic as an attachment. If further instructions are needed, you better wait until others wake up.
  2. Quiet a move. Political and logistical. That aside, that is a great looking shop.
  3. Coop

    Deck Stain

    Glad I didn’t offend you. We’ve never had one as our neighborhood is rather old. I have a good friend that wanted to be involved in his and joined. He said his phone rang 24/7 and he got out. People pissing and moaning. I agree, it should be for cars in the yard and in the street, etc., but sometimes it’s worse than Washington DC! Oh, and good luck on your deck!
  4. Coop

    Deck Stain

    And your HOA denotes what kind of stain you have on your deck? Do they use drones? Sorry, I hate HOA’s!
  5. Wiped on by choice! Smooth application. I seem to remember that Steve @wdwerker‘s choice of color was red heads! I miss that guy.
  6. Parallel meaning they are side by side, right, and not end to end?
  7. Years and years ago, some of the bicycles ( not mine as we couldn’t afford them) had what we called magnetos or dynamos that would run lights for night driving. I guess now days they are called alternators. Do electric cars have something similar to help charge the batteries?
  8. If it weren’t for the back pockets, I’d have sworn those jeans were painted on!
  9. Ross, did you take the initial pictures?