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  1. You’re gonna have to give better clues than that! Can I buy a vowel?
  2. A lady I used to bowl with made quilts and invited me to a show here in Houston. Never turning down an invite from a pretty lady, I went with her, expecting to find myself as the only male attending. To my surprise and there were some amazing quilts there.
  3. Never heard of Power Grab. Thanks!
  4. Hey Graham! Welcome back bud! Stools look awesome.
  5. And what did you smoke the ribs on? This topic has surfaced before and died down. Glad to see it back.
  6. @Mark J, are the clamp ends of your clamps just resting on a flat surface of the rack?
  7. I found this under a tree in my yard today. I’ve never seen a ant mound in the shape of a volcano. The ants are smaller than fire ants and carpenter ants.
  8. Coop

    Nashville Trip

    I’m going to visit my old friend @RichardA next month, arriving on the 22nd. Anyone in the Nashville area that’s up for a high five and a brunch, lunch or dinner and a bunch of bs, in the area, my treat!
  9. I could think of at least a dozen replies but, I won’t!
  10. Usually, the “happy wife, happy life” means $$ spent. There are exceptions.
  11. Will some of you post pics of yours please?
  12. I’m out of breath from just looking at the terrain!
  13. Getting a new drill press will do that to ya!
  14. Congrats Collin! Looks like a sweet machine.