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  1. Coop


    A Houston police officer was shot and killed today and his partner is is in serious condition. They were serving a warrant on an a-hole that had jumped bond on three priors. This officer with 31 years of service was due to retire in three weeks. To my knowledge, the officer never tried to pass a fake $20 bill nor resisted arrest nor had a lengthy rap sheet. Chances are that in 2-3 weeks, he will be forgotten. No streets named after him nor continued nation wide news. RIP Sir!
  2. Wow! That turned out very, very nice! Great job!
  3. Coop


    I have done the same, using an insert specific for 45* bevel cuts, returning the blade back to 90* without changing the insert back to the zci. Then cutting an off cut that dropped down into the blade and getting a non injurious kick back. It only took once as I wasn’t wearing safety glasses and the piece clipped my ear. Glad you are ok.
  4. That’s a neat deal Ross! Thanks for sharing! Glad you two had a good time.
  5. Details such as these are what makes a good woodworker stand out! Well done.
  6. You have mentioned more than once about the lack of space in your shop. So obviously it’s not the size of the coliseum but the skill of the warrior. Looking great bud!
  7. Not knowing where you live, but I would stick my neck out and say that the most popular amongst this group is walnut, cherry and maple. And there are other folks that prefer the white and red oaks. I think a lot depends on the color you are going for. And speaking of color, if you have a wife like mine that wants a project painted every once in a while, then poplar is a good throw down choice.
  8. Coop


    What a wonderful pic my friends. Beautiful couple! Congrats to you both! Where was this taken? I don’t see oysters on the half shell on the table! I know, who the heck needs them!
  9. Coop

    New Shop Thread

    I guess these are somewhat similar and didn’t realize it. I ordered these Sunday and received them this morning.
  10. Even had room for a skate board and ski board in your board rack! Sweet!
  11. Coop

    New Shop Thread

    That’s an unusual looking clamp?
  12. Just wondering, what made this decision? I would have gone with one or the other, but not a combination. What made you consider both? Creative reasoning/thinking is my guess!