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  1. I have a nice slab about 8’ long but it’s gonna be hard to put a price on it. It’s probably rarer than TP. For the right price, I’d be willin!
  2. You did exceptionably well on the knot. I’ve never seen the Draino trick. Darn coo!
  3. It’s in the back bedroom for safe keeping, waiting on that special project, like your’s probably still is?
  4. Milled and surfaced on site! The young man knew how to handle that saw! Lowe’s will have that on their shelf a week later!
  5. Pasadena actually.
  6. I built a surfboard years and years ago with foam and glass and obviously no concern about an air vent. Why a concern about it here? Due to the air mass inside heating up?
  7. Meat calculator says that one link of venison sausage will serve two people for one meal. I’m sure glad my wife likes oatmeal better than venison.
  8. I’m thinking that you poor wife is getting the raw end of the deal!
  9. And I thought my hearing was bad
  10. I agree with what @RichardA said and that don’t happen very often. I’ve visited Spanky’s facility on three occasions and even bought and had shipped some of his lumber multiple times to Houston. And welcome bud to the forum.
  11. Brad, we did a slightly different approach when we had ours built. I told the cabinet maker that I that wanted solid wood beech wherever possible in a shaker style. I also wanted solid wood door panels as I hate the “hollow” sound the door makes when you close them, using 1/4 ply. I suggested that he use raised panels and put the raised part on the inside of the door so that the outside will be flat. The exposed ends of the cabinets, both upper and lower are also frame and panel, using 1/4” beech ply panels and attaching them to the 3/4” ply carcass. So all exposed wood is solid except for the end panels. Now, the down side came 5 years later, last year, when my wife decided she wanted them painted. Given that the solid wood panels on the doors move with humidity changes, the two cabinet doors above our coffee maker and the two small ones above our range now have a small crack in the paint where the panels meet the frame. Fortunately, I guess due the fact that we run our ac 11 1/2 months of the year, there are no problems with the 18 or so doors.
  12. My two kids have yet to say that they are more worried about my 401k than me so, that’s a good thing.
  13. I sent this to my son. He said that a lot of the guys in the video are ex special forces including Mat.
  14. I’ll take a truck load of cherry! Is there walnut to be had?