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  1. Coop

    New Shop Thread

    But where would you store your 6 bags of duck decoys ( unfortunately not used in 15 years) or your 8 wooden crates of 5 cent Coke bottles that you put up there 25 years ago when you built the garage (that has never had a vehicle in it) ? And ebay and craigslist are not options as I’m too old to get up there and get them down. OP’s decision is a good one!
  2. You claim to have a full time job but you keep pumping these projects out! I hope you are doing one bathroom at a time for obvious reasons? Following this to the end.
  3. I’m not seeing the pic when I click.
  4. To be on the safe side, I pre-glued the domino tenons into the end of the frame using the tight setting. After the glue was dry, I attached the slats to the tenons using the medium setting and glued the frame together with half lap joints. After this dried, I doweled the slats with one dowel each end in the center, from underneath. No slop and allows for any movement.
  5. Coop

    New Shop Thread

    But with all the trusses, you will have minimal attic storage? Darn good start!
  6. Unfortunately Vin nor @wdwerkerhaven’t been on here for a good while but glad to see their legacy lives on. Welcome to the forum.
  7. Speaking of fishing, a friend and his wife were fishing a point and heard commotion several yards behind them. They checked it out and found these two guys. He netted them and brought them aboard. Both were still alive and they separated them and weighed them, then released them. An eight lb. bass trying to eat a five pounder.
  8. I didn’t realize it until you mentioned it but it’s true on my part. DC at my ts has definitely decreased as I look back and was about the time I installed the zci. I even went as far as duct taping gaps in my collection area to increase collection to no avail.
  9. When you do go back, will you order me one? Congrats on your new toy!
  10. At one time, deliveries were made by FedX and UPS and a signature with verification of name was required. Then Amazon came along and rang your bell and off they went. Don’t even gat a bell or knock any more. Too damn much in a hurry!
  11. No, no joke. It just sounds like something you would and could do and do well.
  12. I would let it dry just as you have it stacked/stickered. Keep in mind that depending on your weather, General rule of thumb is drying time is 1 year per Inch of thickness of the board. You have the ends painted like they should be.
  13. I think it’s a neat deal to cut your own lumber and create something from it, even if it’s a small box. I did the same with a Mayhaw tree that finally died after yielding delicious jelly making berries for several years.
  14. Unable to see your pics. Try again bud!