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  1. I just saw a utube video on using Bondo in Woodworking. Where did yours come into play?
  2. Very professional looking! As is your dad’s website. Very well done bud!
  3. Coop


    The Wart Hog is my favorite! Great pics.
  4. Unlike a good book, knowing how the story ends at the first, did not take away from the story! Thanks Derek for a great read!
  5. I like independent tool reviews. Well done. Is it possible that maybe the drips came from a buildup of agent on the needle tip or you know it came from the cup?
  6. I re-upped today for another tour of duty. Plan was that tomorrow was to be my last day at work. I hashed out a deal with the new owner that I will work 3 days a week for two weeks a month instead of for 3 weeks a month. 11 days off, 3 at work, 11 days off, etc. . Instead of full retirement, I kinda did it for my wife’s sanity as well as my own!
  7. You need to have these pics printed and framed! What an inspiration. You gotta be one proud granddad! As I’m sure you are of all of your grandkids. Well done Chet!
  8. That’s the way I would have done it but, with no where near the results that you got. I’m convinced that it’s due to the fact that you are in the the Southern Hemisphere and the wood grain orients itself or some bs like that? Regardless, darn nice work bud!
  9. You’re as good, if not better at producing good looking grandchildren as you are with Woodworking! Well done on both counts my friend!
  10. Robby, if you are like me, and maybe I’m more sentimental, but anything a family member (or anyone) gives me as a gift, I acknowledge the gift when I receive it and think of the person that gave it to me when I use it. Even if it is a gift card, I let them know what they gave me, always! Marking knives are cool and very useful.
  11. We are adding onto our house 500 sq. ft. For a new bathroom and patio. I would bet it’s too late to try and convince my wife that I need more storage room instead! In fact, for my well being, I better not even ask!
  12. Anticipation! Ok, it’s been 23 hours and I don’t care what continent you’re in, that’s still almost a full day, and no update?
  13. I realized after my comment on the miter drawer that it wasn't just the drawer but the miter is on all four sides (naturally) and you cut the bottom part off of the front to become the drawer front. Nice thinking!!