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  1. And please don’t turn this into a political thing but how many of you plan to get the vaccine? My wife and I are scheduled for our first puncture in two days as we think it’s the right thing to do. In all do respect to this forum, a simple yes or no and a short reasoning behind it. If this goes in the wrong direction, I apologize. It’s just meant as an opinion poll.
  2. I bet the term toasty warm is relative! My central heat in the house couldn’t keep us warm with an outside temp of 9*! We would have to add a super charger! On a more serious note, just out of curiosity, are your outside walls 2x6’s to allow for more insulation?
  3. David, really cool project and you’re doing great on the video part. And the acoustic guitar was lagniappe! Thanks for sharing. Can you give us a little, 1000 word or less, the process of getting your ideas into the cnc itself, for those of us not familiar with a cnc?
  4. That’s bad when tech support doesn’t have a clue. Doesn’t speak highly. Good look bud!
  5. One and only door? Will these two panels be joined together?
  6. Spanky took us to a Mennonite general store and I bought I think, a 3’x3’ sheet of 1/4” but it is white and not clear. I know that’s a long way to go for plastic.
  7. Thought Lowe’s and HD carried the 1/4”?
  8. It’s on his property. You pay him to get in AND out! Oppps, I thought you meant Fall Creek Park.
  9. Well done! Are you taking orders?
  10. No wonder @Spankyis back to cutting cross ties, you were his front pocket money.
  11. I guess I am older than you. We called it jr. high and not middle school in my days!
  12. Good for you, congrats! Working harder as in Woodworking or honey do’s?
  13. That’s going to be a bugger configuring aprons with the legs in those positions.
  14. Right above about no dumb question and both are excellent answers. I might add that it is wise to cut the mortise first and then the tenon and use a scrap piece the same thickness as your door to size the tenon, sneaking up on it until you have a snug fit, then cut the real deal. Welcome to the forum and let us know how it comes out.