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  1. And if there are more holes than my pad has, I consider that not so good as it means less paper surface.
  2. Ross, did they have to raise/level the whole house which would include drain lines as well?
  3. My favorite smoothing plane is a DW735. When the blade(s) get dull, I order more.
  4. When I bought my ETS 150/5, I bought boxes of 150, 180 & 220. The boxes show P150 Rubin 2, P180 Granet and P220 Rubin 2 and each have a hole pattern to match the sander pad. To order more discs, I went to Festool’s site and don’t find these with the hole pattern but do on Amazon. Also on Festool, I see they have a Granat Net. What disc have you guys found favorable and from where did you get them?
  5. Funny how a simple plan morphs into a bigger more expensive plan. As far as a journal, slow down, you’re retired. Take some pics and create a dialogue! Looks like a fun project.
  6. Now those are cool. How will you mount them to the wall?
  7. You just have to do away with the blue end of that board ASAP!
  8. Maybe take a scrap or three of the same wood and replicate the whole process and see if you can come up with a solution. Kind of like they do with the Space Shuttle.
  9. Larry, do you still have some of the bubble wrap? Does it have any kind of oily finish on it? Probably not but just a thought.
  10. This is like me telling Einstein how to do something as others will attest. I take a pic and it goes to pictures. Then attach the pic as an attachment. If further instructions are needed, you better wait until others wake up.