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  1. Regardless of the countertop you choose, all of the bread wrapper ties will blend in and you’ll never find them again, unless in a salad!
  2. I have one similar for my 380 and had I shot it before buying the laser, I would never have. The loudest gun I have ever shot and I have 3 ea. 45’s. It will rest in my safe the rest of my life unless I give it away.
  3. What is the object on bottom left that looks like a center punch but has a spiral on the outside?
  4. Congrats Jonathan! Are you still in Texas, I hope! I too say thank you to you and your family for your service.
  5. It actually came out respectable considering a couple of your sentences contained; “it’s not flat but who cares” and “I’m too lazy to tune up a machine”.
  6. Awfully tempting. If I was in need right now, I would pull the trigger on it. I’ve been watching their saws.
  7. I agree, put the fan where you want the work done!
  8. I agree, put the fan where you want the work done!
  9. I have been using the Long Ranger for four or five years and am completely satisfied.
  10. I would quarter saw it! Hey Spanky, where you been?
  11. Super nice shop area and I’m sure you will make dad proud of your decision . Welcome to the forum and keep us updated.
  12. And any day fishing with your son has an unlimited multiple! Yeah Cody!
  13. I read that the extra dew claw is to aid her in opening the food container when you’re not looking.
  14. That’s sweet bud! I learned long ago as I’m sure others did as well, don’t skimp on casters as you may want to have to move it someday.
  15. I like a man with enthusiasm. Wish you the best of luck on all eight points. I too am looking forward to seeing the progress. Is their a time line or is that too many questions?
  16. The more surface connections and pocket hole screws, the better but, I understand that weight is a consideration.
  17. I typed mine about the same time as @krtwood and didn’t see his response until after I hit send. His suggestion would also be a good consideration, especially if materials is a concern.
  18. Coop

    Feet Up Rev 2

    Wow, I need to get out farther. The tallest thing around here are high rise office buildings and overpasses.
  19. @jgt1942, I too will certainly follow you build. However, and not to take away from Bmac’s rockers as they are way beyond my expertise, @treeslayer built his grandchildren small folding chairs and I bet he will be willing to share with you. And the only reason I say this is that these younguns grow so fast, they may be too big to use them in a year or two. If it were me building them, they would outgrow them before I was halfway finished! Either way, looking forward to your build.
  20. Mac, I’ve used pocket holes successfully for a while now, mostly for cabinets and they are pretty strong. If this were mine and there are no restrictions as to why you can’t, I would make the front (not where you sit) panel/apron, extend further to the floor to help prevent racking.
  21. I can’t imagine doing this day in and day out! Although their product is outstanding, I think I would rather work at Dairy Queen.
  22. Well done. Can’t vouch for the Hebrew but the English is spot on!
  23. She didn’t look the least bit intimidated using the router. Chet, since you didn’t do a heck of a lot, I hope you swept up for her!
  24. Coop


    Wife called me to dinner, only seconds before getting me started.