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  1. Haunched tenons come to mind on the jointery . I sure like the chair back design!
  2. That’s going to be cool. Post a pic when you finish with it.
  3. Very well done. I’m sure your son is proud of it! Will you be making him stools now?
  4. Very well done! Nice piece of shop furniture!
  5. The Mother of Invention comes into play often when you have less hands than you need. I learned that quickly when my right hand man/son, went off to college. Sometimes my wife calls me MacGyver.
  6. They are in the drawer below. One of the few times I thought something thru before constructing.
  7. I’m thinking that it looks darn good! But yeah, as @Tpt lifementioned, next time cut the dados first, then make your rip cut and as long as your guides are square, you shouldn’t need chisel cleanup.
  8. Hey Duck! I built this a few years back and have enjoyed the flexibility and the space saving. There a couple of different designs on the net and I took what I thought were the best ideas. It is on casters.
  9. Ross, what is your formula? Would the beeswax not just melt away in his 10 min. bath?
  10. I was thinking of unfinished as well or, maybe another market.
  11. The Cooper’s have a spare bedroom and plenty of grub if you guys want to head south.
  12. Stick a piece of Velcro on both the Sharpie and the magnetic strip.
  13. Is that from experience or just hearsay?
  14. Got their name due to the size. You can go thru a stick of butter and a half pint of Mayhaw jelly on a dozen of them. Assuming you still had that many people in your house the next morning.
  15. And grits with a jalapeño pepper.
  16. It’s been a strange weather year. I plant twice a year and the last was Labor Day and I’m still getting one or two a day from that planting. It’s gonna be hard to pull those up in a week and plant more. There’s still a 1 pound or better that’s still green. May have to have fried green tomatoes Friday morn for breakfast.
  17. I hate to hit on friends and family. I’m going to wait until June for the project so I can sell tomatoes on the curb to finance it.
  18. Absolutely a thing of beauty! Well done bud! Can’t wait to see the finished product.
  19. And sorry if I wasn’t clear in understanding but does your fence not have a dc port?
  20. I’ll just go to Bank of SouthAmerica to see if they’ll extend me the credit. Probably not since my maiden name is Cooper.
  21. I’d offer my help but it would probably be limited. The guy at the movie theater this afternoon showed me how to put my phone on vibrate.
  22. I just started getting quotes to add a bathroom and patio to my house. I was planning on coming to the mountain on my knees, asking for finance. Maybe I shouldn’t head in that direction?
  23. Tom, so these are actually shutters that will be used and not just for looks? Not something we see down here. The latches are on the outside so the home owner will open the window from the inside and latch the shutters? I guess that when there are multiple floors, that’s the only sensible way to do it?
  24. Liz, can’t help you on the finishing as I’m not that kind of guy, only limited knowledge here. The house looks really neat. How old is it. And welcome to the forum.
  25. From Minneapolis to Iowa via Nashville. Your coffee must be darn good?