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  1. I was wondering the same. Is this a tried and true or your design?
  2. Our son, bless his heart, has always been a Boy Scout. When he first heard of the China crap, he ordered 2 dozen face mask and brought us some. I took one today and felt like a woose wearing it and went to the local grocery. Low and behold, there were others like me and also milk, bread and toilet paper on the shelves as well as apparently a bunch of other stuff as I spent almost $200. Ghirardelli Brownies are expensive.
  3. That’s pretty darn fancy. Did mamma go back to work?
  4. I recently found these while helping my daughter move from on apartment to another. They come in 1/4” as well. It’s like a typical toggle bolt but the wing nut stays in place and the bolt can be removed and re-inserted. I’ll never use a plain toggle bolt again.
  5. We moved a 4000 lb. tank across a yard to concrete using this method. Due to the fact that the base was soil, the bottom pipes were 2” dia. . Worked great.
  6. Can you imagine what kind of electronic device they will have in their hands when that time comes? But dad ......!
  7. Coop

    Walrus Oil

    I think that was cool. I agree, thanks Dave for giving us your professional advice. I will check out your website and your products.
  8. Shamelessly, it didn’t happen
  9. Chet, didn’t know you could and why would you? Just curious l
  10. I sure like that burn pit. I said I was going to make one like it but I’ll just enjoy yours!
  11. With limited experience with only my 14” Grizz, but I don’t think a blade can be coiled more than one time, ie. a quarter of it’s diameter. Highland has excellent customer service and you should be without a blade only a short time.
  12. I hope he comes back as it would be interesting if he found the resolve. Hopefully he tripped something.
  13. Mike, the sides are made how, frame and panel, solid boards, ply, etc. ?
  14. They balked at the increase and as most are long timers, I left it the same as last year.
  15. That’s SWEET! Great job!
  16. The good stuff around here is so rare and expensive that I have to hoard it until that special project comes around. Wish I knew of a good source at a good price.
  17. How about adding a contrasting strip of something like walnut to the lid to give to you leg room to square it it up if you’re sure the lid is the problem.
  18. Saudi, Russia and Texas are saying the same about oil. Let the tiger maple bid war begin!
  19. If anyone deserves it, they and first responders do. My wife said she will not go with me Monday morning to Kroger’s senior hour if I wear my whitey tighties as a mask. She will miss the fun!
  20. My wife and I made a road trip to Rockler today for an essential. They were out of toilet paper so I bought a router bit. Heck yeah, always open to tiger maple. My uncle AAA is standing bye to pick it up.
  21. i wouldn’t have time to enjoy the news paper, knowing that was coming!
  22. Coop

    Food safe finish

    Pssst! It’s his way of getting out of the house for a few hours! A piece of wax paper or as Bryan suggested, parchment paper, on top and bottom of the dough.
  23. I have a nice slab about 8’ long but it’s gonna be hard to put a price on it. It’s probably rarer than TP. For the right price, I’d be willin!