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  1. Or to show that he can handle 18* temps in a tee!
  2. I have a Ridgid dedicated spindle sander and a combo belt/disc sander, mounted on a rotating table, so just the footprint of one machine. On the occasion where my spindle sanding sleeve slips on the rubber roller, I find that wrapping each end of the roller with a round or two of blue tape, helps considerably.
  3. You have bigger nads than me! As much as I love Woodworking and doing things myself, sometimes a little out of my capabilities, this is defiantly something I would leave to the pros. There are people that do this for a living and if they screw up, usually you have some recourse. Good luck.
  4. I think you should mount the remaining piece on his wall!
  5. That’s going to tickle Spanky! Especially with Cody’s love of trains. I believe I was there when y’all loaded that up.
  6. Coop

    New Shop

    I’d pour loose concrete and don’t notify the authorities! Shop is looking great!
  7. Coop

    Covid-19 Vaccine

    Me and my wife’s mutt spent about 30 minutes walking at the dog park today. The winds were about 20 mph but I still avoided anyone else there. Hopefully, just an inconvenience. Thanks!
  8. Just ordered these in case Festool had a problem with the one suggested by @Dave. Thanks Nut! Dave, thanks for your input as well. So these attach to the pad and the disc attach to them? Do the discs remove from the protector pretty easily?
  9. Coop

    More DC Systems

    When I read “contact us for a price” and “make an offer”, I knew I probably didn’t have room for it!
  10. I tried the discs on a new firm pad that I just recently replaced and on a new semi soft pad that I just purchased as well. The sanding being done now is on an old desk and very little is done using the edge of the pad. After using the 150 3M discs, I switch to Festool’s 180 disc with no problems. I can attach the 3M and remove it without problems before using it however. Prior to purchasing the 3M, Festool’s is the only discs on this sander that I have used.
  11. I forget where the reviews of orbital sanding disc originated but one of the top picked discs were the 3M Xtract. I ordered an expensive box of the 150 to try them. Agreed with the review that they are aggressive and long lasting but that’s where my love ends. Used with my Festool ETS 150, they are but impossible to remove from the sanding pad. I don’t know if it’s the heat build up during sanding or what, but it’s unlike any other disc I have ever used. Not worth the cost of replacing the $45 Festool pad.
  12. Coop

    More DC Systems

    Did you have a ceiling height clearance problem? Again, I have only 8’. It seems that was Clear Vue has a height requirement bunI don’t see that mentioned.
  13. Coop

    Covid-19 Vaccine

    We tested yesterday and just were notified that both my wife and I are positive. We both have had sinus symptoms for the last 2-3 weeks and feel no different than before. Not proof positive that the two shots and and the booster helped but .......!
  14. Coop

    More DC Systems

    It’s been tossed around more than it should but I’m hell bent on a new one. To make it short and sweet, those with a fix piped system, tell me the name of your dust collection system, the pros and cons, and what you would do differently, if applicable . I am limited to an 8’ ceiling. Thanks.
  15. And probably keep you awake at night.
  16. Couldn’t have said it better! Amazing!
  17. These darn nationwide supply shortages are really affecting us. My snow blower has seen it’s last days and I can’t find one around here anywhere!
  18. Or maybe a strip of leather with a small piece of Velcro on the underside on the handle piece?
  19. So will the dt’s be loose enough to allow you to slide the two pieces to accommodate replacing and adding different size knives?
  20. Coop

    Covid-19 Vaccine

    Getting close to home. My sil tested positive today with two shots and a booster. She feels good now and haven’t seen her in a week. My granddaughter tested positive today for the second time in 14 months and we had lunch with her on Wednesday with a bunch of hugs. I may have to isolate to my shop for two weeks! Damn! Not making light of the situation as it might be more serious but hopefully not.
  21. I hope these are commissions and not for loved ones?
  22. Coop

    Marc & Powermatic

    Come hell or high water! Or maybe a give away is in order?