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  1. I wouldn’t be able to sleep well tonight if I didn’t shoot straight with ya. Two of those are the ones you made Sharon and I just recoated them with mineral oil when I did the new ones! And unfortunately, one of the new ones had two worm holes in them and it will get chunked as I don’t want any food stuff to get in there and cause someone down the road to get sick from it.
  2. Has it already been stated and I missed it? What kind of finish will you be using?
  3. Thanks! I’m honored, coming from the crown prince of Spurtleville!
  4. From Spurtleville, a small hamlet SE of Houston. We are going to Louisiana tomorrow to visit some of my wife’s relatives and she asked if I would make a couple of these as gifts. Thanks Dave!
  5. No, it went to the burn pile.
  6. Coop


    As if you need a reason to appreciate your parents more, watch this.
  7. I’ve often wondered why they call the guy standing next to the groom, “The Best Man”? Obviously to the bride he’s not.
  8. I made an end grain checker board a couple of years ago and used 1/4” ply as a substrate. I talked of my plans on here and someone mentioned applying the same material to the backside to keep a “ balanced panel” I ignored the recommendation and ended up with a checkered cistern. Learned the hard way.
  9. Just a curiosity question. I see on your dust partitions, the frame is proud of the panels and that you said you planed the panels from 4/4 to 1/2”. Is the reason you didn’t make the panels the same thickness as the frame due to cutting a little weight from the project. If it were me, I probably would have done the same, but only to keep from trying to make them flush.
  10. That is so cool!! Congratulations!
  11. Looks like a great time with a great family, Dave!
  12. Coop


    Yep, variety was the word I should have used. I basically do the same as you describe about one stalk. I am not limited in space but I plant my tomatoes twice a year in the exact same spot. To prevent diseases, to curb weeds and to hold in moisture, I cover my rows with black plastic and cut holes in it to plant the plants. As these holes limit the amount of rain the plant receives, I have a dripper at each plant.
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    Wow, I envy you this time of the year. I had to give up on mine 3 weeks ago due to the rain and the birds. I will replant on Labor Day weekend. Drew, what brands do you plant?
  14. Drew, after a similar mishap with a hot water heater, one, I raised it off of the floor as suggested by code and two, I placed a store bought pan below it. I tied the drain hole of the pan into the pop off line that included a check valve that won’t let water back into the pan if the pressure valve should release. Replacing hardwood flooring once was enough for me!
  15. BJ, as an added treat to fishing, I like to cube a cantaloupe and put it in a zip lock and throw it in the cooler to snack on as the sun gets hotter.
  16. John, have prices gone down on construction lumber or had you priced it earlier?
  17. Coop

    New Shop Thread

    Damn, that thing got bigger! You subbed out the drywall, right?
  18. It’s hard for me to see the prob. Perhaps go to the next step on a section underneath and see the results.
  19. Damned shame that Shelix couldn’t or wouldn’t help!
  20. I don’t see where you have tried to contact Delta?