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  1. K Cooper

    Pump sprayers from Tractor Supply

    Cool idea Tom.
  2. K Cooper

    Simple bookcase

    On your pencil trick, I almost didn’t see the pencil since it and the insert are yellow. Doesn’t that leave a gap everywhere except on the very face of the boards?
  3. K Cooper

    Need help with my music box

    I bet your friend will be as excited to receive this box as you are in making and giving it. Well done bud! Be sure and post a pic of the finished product. And welcome to the forum. Looking forward to more of your projects. Also, if you haven’t completed the top yet, a dab of hot glue will keep the moon in place. And as @wdwerker will tell you, sign and date it. And being a music box, what will be the music?
  4. K Cooper


    Funny how times change things. Many years from now, instead of saying ARRRR, it will be AARP.
  5. K Cooper

    Morris Chair

    Man, that is beautiful! I mean, we’ll done dude! Chet has that spraying shellac down pretty good if you want to hit him up for pointers. Now for the leather?
  6. K Cooper

    Affordable table saw

    Congrats Cody and enjoy your new purchase. Safe woodworking and continue to post. Looking forward to seeing your projects.
  7. Great work Steve. Outstanding attention to detail. PAINT?
  8. K Cooper


    Yep, just deepen your rabbet and don’t make the same mistake twice.
  9. K Cooper

    ADVICE PLEASE - Starting Hand Tool Woodworking

    Or, if you get old and lazy like me, a DW735 would be a good option and it comes with a heavy duty work bench.
  10. K Cooper

    Finishing a redwood table

    Ross, how long have I been missing the Mod lapel signage? Congrats dude? Great Choice!
  11. K Cooper

    Finishing a redwood table

    I have no knowledge of conditioners but IMO, just fill the knots with epoxy, sand smooth, and apply the finish of choice . The epoxy will kind of “pop” the coloring of the knot area. You’ll be pleasantly surprised . We stand by our 30 min. warranty. Or, ask Pinterest or Martha Stewart
  12. K Cooper

    Thanks for having me!

    Well, now you’ve done it again guys. Apparently scared another one off.
  13. K Cooper

    Pine Dresser With "Big Box Pine"

    In all honesty, I don’t think your drawers will open, in 6 months from now, as they currently might. But, keep us posted and hopefully I’m wrong.
  14. K Cooper

    Finishing a redwood table

    Agree with Kev, close up of the cracks would be helpful. Also agree that West Systems would be the route to go. That stuff seeps pretty deep so if the crack shows on the other side , tape that side off with blue painters tape to dam it up. I also use the blue tape around the fill area to also create a dam if you will, around the perimeter to contain it. Then, after dry, sand and apply your finish over the epoxy. Unless you’re just hell bent on a glossy, plastic look, I would rethink the sheen to maybe semi or satin. All three will give you the same protection. Post a pic of the final when complete and welcome to the forum. Oh, and if the crack you speak of is actually a check at the end of the slab, a bow tie will help contain it. I added this to a live edge coffee table I built a few years back.
  15. K Cooper

    Pine Dresser With "Big Box Pine"

    Usually pine isn’t mentioned on here and I don’t say that to be demeaning. But now having said that, your dresser looks darn good for having used it. I think what Kev was alluding to is that you’re more than likely not going to get kiln dried pine from HD and your top reflects that. If you take that darn straight edge off of the top though, probably you’ll be the only one that notices. Just curious, what was your method of constructing the top with the breadboard ends? And yeah, I’m with you, I hate dowels if it involves more than just one.