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  1. K Cooper

    Wood finishes for beginner set

    I’m more of a sissy with stains and blame it on the fact that I like the color that Mother Nature gave the wood. I seldom vary from Arm R Seal. And I’d much rather pay 10% more when I need it than have it go bad on the shelf or not use it at a bargain.
  2. K Cooper

    Spanky's Awesome Curly Ambrosia Maple

    Those are incredibly cool!
  3. K Cooper

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Me and hoard are best of buddies
  4. Thanks for the consideration but I already have one.
  5. K Cooper

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Then I can sleep well tonight! Dale, whatcha gonna do with yours?
  6. K Cooper

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    How bout we compromise? Sell him the first cut and the last and me the rest?
  7. K Cooper

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Load up the cherry and send me a notice for how much I owe you. Looks like I will be extending retirement for 3 months! Dave ain’t cheap by any means. Maybe a little conservative or better yet, money wise! But all of that will change if you ever get him to your mill in a U-Haul! Both of you will be beaming!
  8. K Cooper

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    For those of us at sea level, what constitute the right side of a mountain? Looking at it from what direction? And why does this come from the right side? Or are you talking right as opposed to the wrong side?
  9. K Cooper

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Thanks Byrdie, all is good. Not like six weeks ago when they cut the inside of my eyelids and the stItches were rubbing against the eyes and I couldn’t drive for a week. Now, I look like I’ve been in a big dog fight but I can see the top and bottom of trees at the same time.
  10. K Cooper

    Design Opinions requested

    Visually, the front view looks 100% better.
  11. K Cooper

    jig to hold picture frames

    Dave, the threaded rod clamps in the background in the first pic, do they work pretty well?
  12. K Cooper

    Design Opinions requested

    I shouldn’t be one answering this as I know absolutely nothing about design but my eyes say nthere’s something wrong and I think it’s the fact that the rails and stiles are different widths on the top two and the bottom one. I get the fact that you’re matching them on the inside stiles but I think it would look better if the outside stiles and all of the rails were the same width. JMO. Otherwise, neat design.
  13. K Cooper

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Thanks Dave. This one is going 1000 times better than the last series.
  14. K Cooper

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    I guess as they say, things really do run in threes. I had my second eye lid surgery today and have a series of stitches running across both. I look like a Raggedy Ann doll.
  15. K Cooper

    jig to hold picture frames

    That’s a neat idea Dave, thanks for sharing!