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  1. I have 30” x 60” pads, once made by Craftsman and sold at Sears, at my 3 main work stations. The rest is concrete and 90% of my work is done bare footed. Not a good thing as my wife says my feet feel like sand paper. May have to start wearing socks to bed?
  2. Looking darn good Chip, aside from that one little hickie!
  3. Thanks. I was thinking the same thing.
  4. So the two sides that are rough are end grain?
  5. Glad you’re doing well. According to those in the know, my mom included, the secret to a quick recovery is to do everything the doc says, exercise included. Good luck on that wood!
  6. Just a thought but if the inlay is just going on the outside edges, why not just band it with your contrasting wood. I just made some doors for some cabinets and did just that. Rip your walnut or whatever, the thickness of your ply, miter your corners and attach with brads and glue.
  7. Proof that you don’t have to know electrical, just know someone that does!
  8. All I can offer is that I know my Fuji Mini-Mite 3 can’t spray latex. If it’s a one time deal, I would probably go to HD and rent theirs and save your bucks for a Fuji for the good stuff.
  9. If I can get that burger now, I will gladly pay you Tuesday!
  10. I’ve never made veneer but have had pretty good success with resawing. For 3/32, would you re-saw down to about 1/4” or less and then final dimension on the drum sander?
  11. Can I have her cell number, just in case of an emergency?
  12. Can you imagine the price in three years? Time to take options!
  13. As soon as Christmas is over and my wife gets her decorations off the mantel, I plan to make a bracket for the slab to mount on. Kind of like an old cherished muzzleloader.