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  1. And I would probably keep the black cat out of the shop, at least until after the end of the month!
  2. I don’t know why but to me, cross cutting a board on the ts using the miter bar with the end against the fence is one thing I fear the most.
  3. Man! All look darn good! You didn’t waste any time! My wife is into crafting and is a ribbon hoarder and has asked me to make a “holder” for her rolls of ribbon. Wish she was into thread as I would copy yours.
  4. I’d say you are off to a pretty good start. Nice work.
  5. We seem to attract storms but the tiger maple is well protected!
  6. My wife and I went first across the bridge for a photo op when all of a sudden the bridge got plum squirrelly. Rickey was behind us at the controls! She and I had a great time with Rickey as the guide. Thanks bud!
  7. But...... I brought my gloves?
  8. That’s a long way to go to pick up a 1x4 for it not to be there when I arrive.
  9. Oh, I bet we can make it fit!
  10. That’s a great place for spalted wood, well done. Whatcha doing splitting walnut?
  11. I would put them at eye level.
  12. Then I’d better bring a pair of shoes too! To get the board home, I may have to fly my wife back.
  13. I don’t know who altered our schedule but it no longer shows cutting cross ties? I need to look into that and see who is responsible!