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  1. K Cooper

    Wood Drawer Runners

    Thanks. Mine will be on the bottom.
  2. K Cooper

    Pecan wood

    I really like working with pecan. OP, what’s your source, since we share the same back yard?
  3. K Cooper

    Wood Drawer Runners

    Thanks Dave. Just something else to complicate my life! I’ve been wanting to try new stuff, and it’s my wife’s table, so what the hey!
  4. K Cooper

    Wood Drawer Runners

    My drawers are only 16” wide so maybe a little overkill but good idea.
  5. K Cooper

    Wood Drawer Runners

    So, in addition to Chet’s, that’s three for no dt’s and that’s good enough for me. Thanks guys.
  6. K Cooper

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    No need for that. All I want is your lumber and doggie.
  7. K Cooper

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Spanky, can you get your dog bathed and cleaned up a bit. I’ve already got him clearance on my return flight as a service animal. He’ll love Houston’s heat and humidity
  8. K Cooper

    HELP need repair ideas!

    Can’t really tell from the pics but my guess, hopefully, the base is plywood or something similar. @Bombarde16‘s recommendation is as good as any. Several cauls (goggle it) and clamps will be required. Luckily, I don’t think the top pieces are veneer, giving you plenty of sanding thickness. Good luck ma’am. You have your work cut out for you. Let us know of the outcome.
  9. K Cooper

    HELP need repair ideas!

    Kelci, so you bought it sight unseen? You say the bottom is solid, solid what! Plywood, mdf, ? From the pics, it appears that the top is not veneer but thicker pieces of wood. Not sure where the line begins? @Bombarde16 is more optimistic than I am. Wood moves and it did.
  10. K Cooper

    Wood Drawer Runners

    @curlyoak and @gee-dub, do you guys ever use dt’s on the runners? I just pulled a drawer from our dresser and the double runners are on the drawer. Is one preferred over the other?
  11. K Cooper

    This time I was not a day late and a dollar short

    You should be ashamed! Nice score.
  12. K Cooper

    Wood Drawer Runners

    And welcome to the forum. I take it you’re from Houston? ,
  13. K Cooper

    Wood Drawer Runners

    See @Chet project Journal, sideboard. Having never done bottom drawer guides, I’m going to follow his lead. Side guides/slides depend on too much on .the case being exactly square.
  14. K Cooper

    Model 390 Orbital sander

    I thnk the Domino, ETS 150 and the vac are my limit. Just for the heck of it, I changed the filter in front of my window a/c and on the Jet air filtering unit three days ago, prior to two days of sanding and there is very little walnut dust on either. I’m sold. And on my current build, it’s so convenient to disconnect from the Domino to the ROS and vice versa.
  15. K Cooper

    Sapele Resawing and Planing

    I think you’re about to screw yourself out of a perfectly good piece of wood. I’ve never dealt with Sapele but wouldn’t try it with nice walnut or maple. Two’s the most I would try. Good luck bud.