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  1. Well done! Absolutely, post pics of others.
  2. I’ve been using this for years for box joints and am well satisfied. https://www.rockler.com/router-table-box-joint-jig
  3. I made this from cherry a couple of years ago for my office. I used 1/4” bead board for the back and painted it what I called Amish green for a lack of better description. Sorry I don’t have a better view of the color of the back.
  4. Yeah, there are a couple of guys on here that concern me. Actually more than a couple! To be honest, I’m probably in the minority as far as being organized. Glad to hear I have company
  5. The organization would be a shock to my shop, family and friends! Great job Art!
  6. When it comes to cheap, I’m right there with ya. I lay my ply on my lawn and support the board just outside the cuts with 2X4’s.
  7. Great job nut! Speaking of plants, what is the one in the fifth pic in front of the door?
  8. After re-reading your post Chet, I’ve never thought about clamping multiple sheets in at one time. Sounds like a great idea.
  9. I bought 8/4 for $5.23 bf and thought I got a helluva deal. Like Ross said, it’s regional.
  10. I have been using one of these for years as well and just recently purcahsaed another for a finer grit. I really do need to get a couple of more for different grits.
  11. I’m not the youngest child in this group and certainly don’t profess to be in the upper 50% of the smartest but, I’ve noticed a trend. At first there were 6 volt tools, then 8v and now, and I didn’t know it until Ross mentioned it, 80v. How long before someone realizes that there is already a 120v available and you don’t even need a battery?
  12. @Spanky‘s gonna want to talk you out of that one!
  13. No sir, not at all. Did you fill it with ca glue?