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  1. So you’re going to laminate 3 pieces of 1/4” ply, 24 times? That’s a bunch of glue and time involved, regardless of how many clamps you have. I bet there’s another source somewhere close for decent 1x’s.
  2. I’m amazed at the difference of before and after the fuming. Those came out fantastic Dave. Really looking forward to the stained glass.
  3. Really cool idea. Well done!
  4. Or you could change your way of thinking. Consider woodworking as your addiction with no worries as to how you will fund it!
  5. Tiger maple does not look good painted!
  6. Someone mentioned in another thread and I did the same on a cherry cabinet that I built, use beaded ply and paint it.
  7. The sap wood spot is really cool. Well done bud!
  8. And what may I ask is wrong with cherry and walnut? OP, I’m with you, l love me some qtr. sawn syscamore!
  9. Marc's "Barrister Bookcase" was a lot of fun as well as challenging.
  10. TERRY! @TerryMcK, Where the heck you been bud? Good to hear your voice! I too like Marc’s design. I bought one, used it as a pattern to make two more and hung the original on a cabinet door in the shop for looks!
  11. Well done Nut! That counter sink bit set ain’t cheap but if you swear by it, I’m gonna have to try one. It’s a good thing it only comes in a #8 or I would be out some bucks!