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  1. K Cooper

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Now Rickey is a Fidelity Fund type investment? Went from $5.50 bft to ? I’m glad I locked in at $3.85.
  2. K Cooper

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    I’d have to invest also in a horse and buggy and I know nothing about either. But I’ll leave it up to Rickey!
  3. K Cooper

    Farmhouse Kitchen Table

    Great idea and execution!
  4. K Cooper

    Farmhouse Kitchen Table

    Blue, to understand correctly, you extended the apron to make it longer? If that’s the case, how did you attach the apron to the legs from the beginning?
  5. K Cooper

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    @Spanky time for a new investment! Have you seen this before?
  6. K Cooper

    Teak Dilemma

    Hammer, I have a great son that does similiar gifts. Three years in a row, he gave me a different Dremmel tool. It was hard for me to tell him that I would much rather have long sleeve Carhartt tees or a new 8” jointer. But his heart’s in the right place. Every once in a while I will bring up that without that particular Dremmel, I don’t know what I would have done. Good luck with your decision as I’m sure it will please both you and him!
  7. K Cooper

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    No sir, I wish. Bought that about 15 years ago from an Amish shop.
  8. K Cooper

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    We share y’alls harsh winters down here as well. I have to finish picking these this afternoon as they say we may get down to 32* tonight.
  9. K Cooper

    Replacing thickness planer Delta RC-33

    Chris, to what do you base your comments? I had the same Delta and gave it away after using the newly purchased 735 a couple of years ago. Although I respect your opinion, I question your basis. Although the Delta got the job done with min. snipe, the 735 is one bad mofo!
  10. K Cooper

    Roubo Questions

    It is pretty cool! Pain killers have worn off have they ? Welcome back bud!
  11. K Cooper

    Coffee table for my nephew

    Although I personally don’t care for the design, the execution couldn’t have been more perfect. Beautiful piece for their home.
  12. K Cooper

    sketching a simple woodworking bench

    Not to hj this, but the question has to do with the subject. Would most agree that the shoulders main purpose is: 1) to conceal any imperfections between the mortise and tenon and 2) to insure, if cut right, that the two joined pieces are square to each other?
  13. K Cooper

    11'x4' Oak Slab Problems

    You mentioned flipping it over a couple of times. If this piece is resting on a solid surface, I would suggest placing small strips of wood under it to elevate it and allow for air circulation.
  14. K Cooper

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    I’ve heard of Tina Frey somewhere, but most of the time I don’t watch tv.
  15. K Cooper

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Surface or ends? Frays as in raising the grain?