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  1. Whoa! Nut’s defiantly got some competition here! Football or not. I’m with Chet on the repetitiveness.
  2. I’m surprised that they contracted instead of expanded what with the addition of the oil. I’m with @Tpt life, rip off just the border and see what you can salvage. Beautiful boards, btw.
  3. I probably need to switch to spiral cutting bits for box joints.
  4. Will your box joints be made with the table saw or router? The reason for asking is I find the router has a tendency to chip out ply.
  5. Derek, the finger joints between the arms and back are really cool!
  6. Second thoughts. Having built several Adirondack chairs to get to that semi-perfect design, #3 looks like it might be a bit awkward to get out of? But it sure is purty.
  7. My opinion is usually a little perverted and no reason to stop here. I’m thinking, 30 yo, single and close to Tahoe so money is probably not a problem? My primary concern at that age would have been “significant other”. Would I want to bring that person back to my shop or a place of relaxation? Now at my age, shop would trump other considerations.
  8. I go for #3 as well. In fact @Bmac, why don’t we do this build together? You cut and shape two of everything and ship me one of each?
  9. I broker prime lumber out of Tennessee. Give me a shout for quotes.
  10. Rickey, having said that, do you have access to good quality walnut and cherry logs? Now may be your opp to make a nickel on us city slickers.
  11. If anyone can add a little pizzaz in a good way, we know he can. Look forward to another great instructional journal!
  12. Heck of a build and great comments. I generally don’t have those kind of words to say about people from Dallas!
  13. Some pretty nice chisel work and covered your only mistake at the right location.
  14. Yeah, but you know as well as I do, you can only play that card for so long!