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  1. Mel, I checked into uShip a couple of times to get lumber from the Nashville area to Houston and the only folks with reasonable rates were those with flatbed trailers, thus leaving the wood open to rain. I found carriers like AAA Cooper to have the best rates. What’s your secrete?
  2. Good idea and welcome sir, to the forum!
  3. If I’m understanding correctly, your sides “ frame and panels”, will actually have two frames with the ply sandwiched between them? Do you have a router?
  4. Very well done Chet! You Should be proud!
  5. I’ve had both of those happened to me before but never on the same project! Yes sir, time to back off and give it some it some time.
  6. The flowing lines are amazing!
  7. Not a thing yet. I’ve only been brave enough to run it through the planer a couple of times. It’ll stay stickered until the right project comes along.
  8. Not to high Jack but to only take advantage of the situation, who is the oldest member on here? I’ll go first at 70 yo.
  9. I would imagine with the diagonal cross pieces that it very stable! Well done and like the design and the tight dt’s!
  10. I think that would be a fantastic idea! What area do you live in?
  11. I did this to my scroll saw base.
  12. I agree. If he was within 300 miles of me, I’d take him up on it.
  13. My wife’s really bad about digging up stuff from the past . Must be a lady thing! No offense meant ma’am!
  14. I hate it when that happens!
  15. You sure make the sculpting look easy. I still get wedgies thinking about it!
  16. Like you, I've set in some ill fitting Adirondack chairs before. Therefore, when building mine, I ended up making 3 mock ups before finding the position I liked. All were made from treated lumber and wood screws. After being satisfied with the third chair, I made a note of the critical angles and then I disassembled it and used the legs as a pattern for the real deal(s).
  17. No sir, currently working 3 weeks a month, 3 days a week. It’s torture!
  18. Same here. Just sold my business with 17 employees. They are you greatest asset and your biggest liability. Looking forward to the build.
  19. Where are your neighbors? Must be nice!
  20. I think your plan is pretty solid. Although Kev simply suggested bb ends as an alternative, I agree with Chet in that I think it would tend to change the style. This will be a journal, right? What is your wood of choice here?
  21. Really amazing! I’d have a mess of firewood if that were me and several less appendages. Thanks for sharing.
  22. Chet, do you have a link? I’m probably thinking different mohair, I bet. Back in the early 70’s, I had a mohair sweeter. My new wife elected to wash and dry it and it looked like it would fit a 10 yo.