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  1. This old boy has got his act together. And he certainly picked the right bride to accompany him to the alter. Thanks for sharing.
  2. No answer as to why but it certainly supports the reason for unplugging the saw when changing the blade.
  3. Mick, do you see yourself ever moving the bs other than cleaning underneath? I bought a hd base for mine thinking that it would be moved but I bet I’ve moved it 3 times in 4 years, usually due to the fact that a part or screw rolled underneath it. But by golly, I can if I ever want too!
  4. Beautiful job bud! Does the back set back as far as the Maloof Low Back? I’d like to have one of these for my desk chair but prefer a more upright than the low back.
  5. I think the box is really cool! I can only be reminded of what Steve’s reply would be, should he still be around, about the essential oils!
  6. Agreed, who’d have thunk it?
  7. That’s what she said. She’s been doing a sales gig at Costco for the last week and she said the locals there were as friendly as Houstonians. I found that to be true on my last two visits. So, I’m returning again next month. However, they are damn proud of the rooms in Nashville. Probably more my fault than not as my wife has mixed feelings about staying at Motel 6.
  8. My daughter is in Nashville now to get away from the Houston heat!
  9. Sorry here too. Edited my answer.
  10. K Cooper


    Lewis, wern’t you and the wife in the States recently? Your wife is much luckier than mine. I would have been tempted to sacrifice her baggage for a few bf of walnut. Probably not but a thought!
  11. Tina, first off welcome to the forum. When you say you would like to make others to sell, IMO, I would offer pics of the one you made and take orders, rather than build an inventory due to variables and likes of the customer. Good luck!
  12. Derek, that is a well written article, thanks for sharing.
  13. OP, I can sympathize with you. My hand planes are much more useful in the drawer they’re stored in, than in my hand.
  14. Signal mountain might be a good route back to Houston!
  15. That will pay the tax on a good one.
  16. Grizz has decent customer service. I bet with a phone call, followed by these pics, they can get you started.
  17. If I find it before you do, I’ll let you, no!
  18. Rickey, was the shape of the outside of the trunk a give away that it was going to be curly?
  19. Probably not a good idea to install it until you get the problem resolved, obviously.
  20. I’m eeeeasing into it. For the last 31/2 years, I’ve been working 3 days a week. Starting this month, I’ll be working 3 weeks a month, 3 days a week. It’s getting to be a pretty cush job/semi-retirement!
  21. I received mine today and as it was delivered to my office, I had the opportunity to “dust “ the Systainer up a bit so it will look like it’s been in my shop awhile and not a new tool! Really no good reason to that of course.
  22. Nah, don’t second guess. Proportions are great, just as they are.
  23. I agree with @JohnG and @Ronn W. Although this is really neat looking wood, it will work in only the right applications. Too much can be overwhelming and look just plumb nasty.
  24. And I don’t mean this to be negative towards Cal., but can someone tell me the why about the DA and anything over 80 proof? I can understand, kinda, about chemicals that are suspect as cancer causing agents but, alcohol? Just wondering?
  25. That’s a neat deal Chet, thanks for sharing. Is that a cutting board in the background?