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    DW 735 Problem

    My brother also has a 735 and called with a problem in that the feed rollers quit working. He removed the top and end covers to reveal the drive gears and chain. He said the front gear which is run off the motor had sheared the shear pin/key way. He found one locally for a couple of bucks, replaced it and it sheared again. He bought two more and when assembling it, he realized that the rear roller shaft had seized up and as it was driven by the front gear, was the root of the problem. Has anyone experienced this problem?
  2. K Cooper

    Style References

    This runs the gamut from used at Barnes and Noble @ $7.95 used, to $85 new. I opted for the less expensive one.
  3. K Cooper

    DW 735 Problem

    We’re thinking bearing as well. He is working on a cabinet build for a client and was runnng his last board thru at low speed when it broke. He’s contemplating having it rebuilt or just buying a new one.
  4. K Cooper

    Freight shipping cost estimate?

    I found this to be true.
  5. K Cooper

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Why not have him kiln dry it for you? Did you think that Bmac would beat you to it?
  6. K Cooper

    Outdoor Hinges

    I need the remember this. I never would have thought about marine hinges.
  7. K Cooper

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    @RIW, Did you slice those yourself?
  8. K Cooper

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    When I was younger, I delivered 5 gallon water bottles for Ozarka. I would carry a bottle under each arm and one in each hand!
  9. K Cooper

    Used SawStop

    Before joining this forum, I always thought of a cellar as a place to store jellies and jams as we just don’t have them down here and I’ve been jealous of those that have them. Good luck Mark, hope it works out for ya!
  10. K Cooper

    Style References

    Good to know Brinkley. I’m sure we’d all be surprised as to what goes on at Amazon that is unfriendly to the sellers.
  11. K Cooper

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Rickey, I built a bulkhead from used crossties several years ago by myself. I used ice tongs to pick one end at a time up. They were also great for moving/dragging from one spot to the next.
  12. K Cooper

    Style References

    We bought my wife a new Chevy Traverse last year and I washed and waxed it again this weekend. It wasn’t until then that I noticed the lines flowing together, not unlike Mr. Maloof’s lines In his chairs. Sometimes it just takes a palm to the forehead.
  13. K Cooper

    45 mitres

    @gee-dub, how did you darken the groove in your frame?
  14. K Cooper

    45 mitres

    Kev, can you post a link to your picture frame miter sled?
  15. K Cooper

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    What you talking about Willis! That’s some good lookin stuff!
  16. K Cooper

    Style References

    You know Birdie, that’s exactly what Brock and Marc had to say and I heard but didn’t listen! Thanks bud! So from here on out, mine will a Coop Coopered Low Back Chair, an original!
  17. K Cooper

    Need help with picking plywood

    I bought some 5x5 bb ply not to long ago and didn’t have my trailer so I strapped it to the top of my Suburban. I looked liked some darn carpetbagger going down the road with a mattress on top. Whatever it takes!
  18. K Cooper

    Style References

    I ordered and received this today. Beautiful book. The details in the pics are phenomenal. The sad part is that there’s no way in hell that I can even think about trying to even come within miles of replicating his work. Thanks Nut! https://www.amazon.com/Sam-Maloof-Woodworker/dp/1568365098/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_14_t_0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=XP4MKFQBJGFG44XY0T9Q
  19. K Cooper

    Blackened Glue Line

    Due to the complexity of this build, that little black mark will probably be the least of your concerns. This will be a cool project!
  20. K Cooper

    SuperMax Stand

    Welcome home bud!
  21. K Cooper

    Just bought a little lathe...

    Am I ever so glad I don’t own a lathe. Not only does it sound expensive but complicated as well!
  22. K Cooper

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Best let @Bmac and @RIW arm wrestle over it. They can do it justice way better than I can!
  23. K Cooper

    New storage shed

    Very well done bud!
  24. K Cooper

    My crappy little shop

    He knows it’s purty! He’s put in a lot of labor and love on this shop!
  25. K Cooper

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    I just looked up average pricing for kiln drying free lumber and it was $2.28 per bf. Yes sir, I’ll send two trucks to pick it up. RIW can save his time and money!