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  1. Dave, for the helluva it, can you do a journal on the top/lid someday? I have yet figured out how you did that. Thanks.
  2. Ross, when I first started using ARS, all applications were with a foam brush. It seemed that I had to be more conscious of runs, especially at joints, more so on vertical ones such as a chair. Then I started using a rag and the runs became less of a concern as I was applying less liquid. But as I applied less liquid I found that I needed to move on quicker as I was leaving marks in the finish I guess due to it setting up faster. I’ve read where that was called over brushing? My choice now is to apply the first coat with the foam brush, as the wood soaks it up faster, then wiping on subsequent coats, all the while using a raking light. I’ve never tried the Minwax but may give it a try
  3. I’m very patient, especially when it comes to retirement money!
  4. In the near future, plan is/was to move the HF system that is currently on a large roller type stand, to a small area off of my shop and hard pipe it, thus giving me much needed room. Chet, if you’re seriously thinking of getting this unit, I will wait on my project? BTW, I don’t see this as you being the guinea pig but as being the leader in new technology!
  5. I was going to ask if you intended to prefinish the panels. Good move and good looking!
  6. I have about 20 pickets leftover from the fence build and will use most to replace older purple Martin houses. I plan to sticker them for a while, then plane them down, only because they will be painted on the outside. Fence and panels, I prefer rough.
  7. For any metal fasteners, I would use the decking type screws, especially in lieu of brad nails. I speak from experience. I just replaced a cedar fence that my neighbor put up three years ago. Bless his heart, he furnished everything and I paid for it. But this past spring I noticed it leaning heavily toward me. Everything was attached with drywall screws.
  8. Looking mighty good Dave! Where did you get the design idea and dimensions?
  9. Speaking of surfboards, my wife is constantly changing things for “the season”l she will make me a wraeath for the shop door accordingly. The latest theme is summer/beach and asked me to make her a surfboard. Kind of quaint but it didn’t take long.
  10. You say early boards? We’re these made prior to the introduction of the foam boards? I had several in the sixties and seventies and they were all blank foam boards with wood stringers. I even stripped the glass off of an old “ pop out “ and reshaped and glassed it myself. Wasn’t the prettiest thing on the beach.
  11. Has anyone read the book “ The Millionaire Next Door “. It’s a real eye opener.
  12. An inspiration to make me get the butternut out that I got from Rickey.
  13. Very well done Dave! The walnut that divides the box from the lid, was that an integral part of the build and you sliced the two pieces apart a that point? The lid is awesome.
  14. I’d like to blame it on a drunken stupor or something similiar but in reality it was probably Chet or the likes that directed me to the better rasps. Ounce you try the Auriou, you won’t go back.
  15. Would a plunge based trim router have the capacity to cut thru 1” thick material?
  16. Enjoy and share your experience.
  17. I’m only thinking of your health my friend, not your wallet!
  18. Rickey, have you seen the fans made by Big Ass Fans? Seriously, now that you bring it up, one would at least give you some air circulation, hung from the roof/ceiling.
  19. I’ve seen some on here made by our fellow forumians that certainly qualify!
  20. After seeing your builds Mick, I would venture to say they are “near exotic”!
  21. That’s cool Chet! I’d rather have that than a $200 gift card from Rockler. Be nice to see what you make from it. Happy Birthday!
  22. Super well done Mick. I especially like the idea of the doors becoming drawers. The pulls, top and the finish are fantastic.
  23. He was probably trying to air dry some cross ties and just happened to be standing in front of the fans.