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  1. Listen to Woodshop 101 Podcast. Drew Short, Sam Raimondi, & myself record weekly. It isn't to the level of Woodtalk but we are aiming at people interested in the less advanced stages of woodworking.
  2. Permanent Change of Station It is a US Military abbreviation for when a member is transferred from one base to another.
  3. I am in the process right now and have done several moves. You are correct in saying they won't move chemicals (if they know about them) or any perishable items including liquids. As for lumber, yes they will move it. Each individual contract carrier will charge their own price per pound for what you go over. E6 with dependents is somewhere like 10K pounds that will be paid for my the government. Check out for more information.
  4. I just did this the week before Christmas. It turned out awesome!!! Here is my advice (assuming you are just filling with epoxy): ⅛" is deep enough if your table is already to its final thickness. West System Epoxy is awesome but expensive. I used Art Resin on mine because it is made for Art so it comes out extremely clear and is food safe. I used mine on a pizza peel. If you want to tint use Transtint liquid dye. Level your epoxy with a card or cabinet scrapper then sand with a ROS up to 240 or 320 Stain after you apply epoxy and level or you will screw up your stain and cured epoxy won't absorb stain
  5. They are doing that because on Black Friday jets will go on sale and they won't have any jets in stock but all the bessey
  6. **SOLD**I am selling a BRAND NEW Veritas MKii honing guide. Never been used and in fact never been out of the box. Asking $50 shipped!
  7. I forgot to take them before I delivered them
  8. I just finished up 12 award plaques in the shape of Texas. I used rattle can lacquer. It is so easy to apply you can mess it up. I sprayed 2 coats with 15 mins between coats. I sprayed 1 side waited 15 mins then sprayed 2nd coat waited 15 mins and then flip and repeat. I waited 1 hour after the final cost and used 600 grit sandpaper and sanded the nibs out. DONT go with an oil finish. Takes way to long to dry especially for 13 of them.
  9. yes he built his bench with a number 4. But I am looking more like "how to use a plane" video.
  10. yeah my dewalt contractor saw is exactly that. I wish it wasn't aluminum because nothing magnetic sticks to it.
  11. do you know of anymore videos of his that he works on that number 4 plane? I don't know anything about planes or how to operate them.
  12. because my table saw top is composite and it is slightly textured
  13. I am going to call around to our granite shops and see if anyone has a cut off piece I can have to flatten the sole. I may buy new Hock blades pending the cost of them.
  14. i want to clean them up and display them but also get them functioning so I can use them on special projects. It looks like they are a no. 4 smoother and a no. 5 jack. I used the website referenced above to determine that.