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  1. I just noticed that there will be a Lie Nielsen hand tool event in November at Willard Brothers near Trenton. I haven't been to one before, but I am looking forward to attending this one. Anyone else planning on going?
  2. Thanks, Mike. Btw, excellent blog!
  3. Fantastic! Curious - how did you attach the shelves?
  4. Has anyone had experience with on-line auctions of woodworking equipment? Good experiences? Bad? I'm not talking about ebay or craigslist, rather sites like irsauctions.com. Seems like there are plenty of risks - e.g. no in-person inspection, no opportunity to see and hear the machine run, etc. But it also seems like there are (potentially) some really good deals available. Thoughts? Any suggestions for trustworthy auction sites?
  5. I really enjoyed this video series by Paul Sirofchuck building an arched table out of poplar, Purple Heart and aluminum rods. This was part of a project for the Esherick Museum. What a talented guy and what a shop! http://m.youtube.com/user/tucker2pig
  6. Congrats on the new toys, Freddie. Overall I thought it was a good show. Spent some time talking with Wilbur Pan - you are right, he is a great guy. And Wilbur did a couple of fantastic presentations at the CJWA booth. I was at the NJWA booth next door so I got to listen in. Bob from Take a Dip Tools had a huge selection of tools on display. Very cool. Lee Valley's and Peachtree's booths were pretty impressive. But I was hoping to see more vendors/options on power tools. I guess it's a relatively small show so maybe they don't want to make the big investment. I'm curious - Did any
  7. For those of you in the northern New Jersey area, there is a new woodworking club/organization called the North Jersey Woodworkers Association. We meet once a month in Clifton, NJ. Details can be found at njwa.dreamhosters.com. This group is still in its early stages, but it is a great group of friendly and helpful sawdust makers, and we have had some wonderful guest speakers and field trips. We will have a booth at the upcoming Somerset woodworking show so please stop by and say hello. Kris
  8. This link/video showed up on Fine Woodworking recently. Pretty humbling stuff.
  9. Hi Kranzpj. Just curious as to how you plan to attach the pedestal to the base? I am working on something pretty similar for a music stand and I haven't made a decision yet as to mortise & tenon, floating tenon, other, etc. Any suggestions?
  10. Rob Bois has a video where he put together a box - it might be the podcast that he called "bible box" or something like that in his podcasts. He used a plane blade to clean up the interior glue squeeze out, although my recollection is that he only had the four sides glued without a top or bottom so his situation was probably a little easier than yours. At first he used a thin piece of wood a la the ruler trick, then he used the blade completely flat. His reason for using the plane blade was that it was short enough to get inside the box (his chisel wouldn't fit). Check out his video and se