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    I'm a newbie who thus far enjoys building practical projects. Starting off satisfying my family's wishes: New bar stools, full-length storage mirror, coffee table with stowed ottomans & and of course workshop jigs and fixtures.

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  1. AnthonyH

    Jewelry Storage Mirror

    My wife originally asked for a Full-length mirror, but I also wanted to build her a jewelry box, so I decided to combine the two. Finished the project the week of Christmas. It wasn’t a surprise, but she is grateful nonetheless. It’s an original design with cues from a few products I found surfing the web. The 1/8”-thick earring rack is something I came up with because a few of my wife’s earrings won’t fit over the common rack’s top slot and I thought it was an inconvenience to remove the backing just to mount it through a whole, so the apostrophe shape seemed like the best remedy. T
  2. Hello semberrg, I have this same kit (16171EVS) and I highly recommend the following accessories as well (items 3-5 if you're planning to use template guides): Bosch RA1173AT Dust Collection RA1054 Deluxe Edge Guide RA1100 Template Guide Adapter RA1151 Centering Cone Kempston 990000 10pc Brass Template Guide Kit Additionally, I have had very pleasing results with Whiteside Router bits, available from Hartville Tool, Highland Woodworking & Woodcraft to name a few. Happy Routing, Anthony
  3. Thank you drzaius, Mike, Eric & Daniel for your advice. I will follow the advice of glued long grain. The mortises are incomplete, as they will extend almost completely through the upper foot. And Mike, yes it is quite humid here. I'll use Titebond 2 since I've read 3 can leave a black line. Thanks again
  4. Hello WoodTalk Community, I am creating feet for a Cheval Mirror that I'm making. The feet must support 38" legs that are adjoined to the top part of the foot using double mortice and tenon. My question is, how would you recommend I adjoin the upper portion with the mortices to the lower part of the foot. The upper part will experience torque in every direction as the mirror is tilted and moved, and I want that force to be positively transferred to the lower foot. Since I am not an experienced woodworker, I don't know if glue only would suffice. Please note I do not have a Festool Domni
  5. AnthonyH

    Extra Tall Kitchen Bar Stool

    The bar height of my kitchen counter is an unusually tall 46-1/2". Unfortunately, typical store-bought bar stool are 24 or 29". We have two of the larger stools, but they were not tall enough for our counter. Our counter required 33-1/2" stools. I used White Oak with non-thorugh mortice and tenon joinery. The seat bottom is a piece of 3/4" plywood and the curved back is a White Oak frame sandwiched between two pieces of 1/8" plywood (similar to hollow-core door construction). The seat and back were professionally upholstered with a patio furniture material. I used t
  6. I bought the Lie-Nielsen No.62 LA Jack with the optional Hot Dog. Great compromise for both shooting and all around jack work.
  7. AnthonyH

    Recent Projects

    Nothing Special, just a few simple items to keep me busy
  8. Because you asked. The view from my 'workshop' aka porch. Current conditions: Mostly Cloudy, 73°F/23°C, 74% humidity & winds from South 13kts.
  9. Thank you for the advice ChrisG. I haven't heard/read of this product but I will check it out.
  10. Thank you all for the feedback. I used the stones today to do the initial hone and sharpening on my new Lie-Nielsen 60 1/2. Also used it on my WoodRiver #4 V3. The stones worked very well. I followed TripleH's instructions and the Shaptons certainly sharpen quickly. I've been using Eze-Lap Diamond Plates (course, fine and super fine) but these Shaptons far exceed them and are perfect for refining the edge once any courser work is done by the Eze-Lap's. I may one day buy a courser Shapton (1000) as well and try sell the Eze-Laps. However my next purchase will have to be the Shapton lapping plat
  11. Greetings to All from Bermuda. I am hobbyist who has always had a love for tools and tinkering. My dream is to build furniture in my free time. I see woodworking as the most pragmatic and enjoyable way to keep busy. The sound of a sharp plane or chisel cutting through wood is euphoric. Currently, I do not have a workshop so I do all my work on the porch, storing my tools in a closet. Use a few power tools but due to limited storage, hand tools is what I use most. I'm progressively adding to my collection of tools, trying to buy good quality hand tools. I am pleased to be part of the Wood
  12. Good Day all. After seeing Marc's sharpening video, I've recently purchased #5000 (US$54.80) and #8000 (US$69.80) Shapton Ceramic whetstones. I found the stones at the Japanese eBay seller Sakurasaka-JPN for an excellent price with affordable, fast shipping (US$30, 6 days from Japan to Bermuda). The problem is the instructions are in Japanese. I would be very grateful is someone could send me a scan/image of the labels and instructions in English. In Japan, the Pro stones are called the Kuromaku series. I've included the Japanese instructions for the #8000 whetstone. Thanks
  13. AnthonyH

    First Project: Adirondack Chair

    Father/daughter project. Came out so nice afraid we're to leave it outside. Has becomes my wife's reading chair.
  14. Not sure if you saw this PC combo or Bostich combo. I cannot offer any wisdom on what to purchase. Just trying to help. Hope you find what you're searching for.
  15. Watched Marc's video of William Ng's advanced joinery skills and after searching for more, found these amazing examples of joinery utopia (scroll to bottom of page for videos on yellow bamboo mat). Anyone up for the challenge?