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  1. I guess for me I wouldn't mind taking that much time to learn the craft. Bowls are my main interest but until I've actually started producing items I can't really say. I'm more interested in learning the skills need to make some awesome things before I worry about size. I agree that producing little bowls would get boring but I need to be patient and hone my skills! Besides I don't have room for a bigger lathe right now anyway! again I appreciate all your input! I'm learning by leaps and bounds with all these forums and videos and such!
  2. Thanks Oz! I'll see what I can do to check it out! This was on Craigslist and there was another one same type for $50 less and it was in worse shape and didn't have extras. I have no idea what lathes go for and even if they are worth spending the money on. Finding that affordable to quality balance...
  3. Thanks for the info, McQ!
  4. lol thanks! I think if I do go new it'd be that Delta one. Seems like a nice machine. Although I'm trying to find a used/older one to get my feet wet with before I jump into anything too spendy! For instance the one I just posted seems like an ok deal... I'm not really sure.
  5. Just wondering if this is worth the look? They are asking $400 Craftsman variable speed wood lathe 38" inch Spindle Turning 15" Inboard Bowl Turning 20" Outboard Bowl Turning 2 HP (maximum developed) Variable Speed 400-2000 RPM A cast iron and fully functional, well-maintained woodturning lathe with mobile base and extras (see below). Moving and do not have room for my lathe any longer. Comes with: Lathe Tail Stock/Spindle Attachment Two Faceplates Tool Rest w/ Two Attachments (short & long) 6 Piece Woodturning Tool Set w/ Case
  6. Thanks McQ! After further looking it seems like the Delta 46-460 is a pretty decent little lathe and used quite widely by different groups. Seems Customer service had a bit of a downfall but is now back in order. Do you think that's a good starter lathe or should I look into something with a bit more range? I'm brand new so I've got a lot to learn and from what I can tell many people acquire more than one lathe in their shop!
  7. Haha ok thanks! I've seen reviews that said HF is a poor choice. I did see that grizzly one. I think I'll keep my eye out for a bigger one like you suggest. Maybe craigslist... The closest club to me is 150 miles away so I can't get to one to try things out. I'm really exited to get started but I need to cool my jets so I don't make a rash decision! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  8. Thanks Ozwald! What is the HF you're referring to? Also the price of the jet is about the top end of my price range because I know I still have to buy tools, chucks, etc. Without having looked I'm assuming i won't find a bigger lathe like you suggest in that price range... However I will do some research before I assume too much! Any other comments or suggestions?
  9. The NOVA Comet II is another one mentioned. I know there are other threads about this topic but I wanted to get an opinion on the ones I listed.
  10. I'm looking for my first lathe to get into turning bowls for sure but I'm sure I'll branch into other things. From what I've researched on my own the Delta 46-460 is a pretty great midi/mini lathe but the customer service is so poor that it turns people off. Jet's JWL-1221VS is also a nice lathe from the reviews but starts to get pretty spendy. Another one I've read about is the Rikon 70-100. This one is on the cheaper side but has only a 1/2 HP motor and no reverse which sounds like a feature to have. What's the opinion on the motor size? Is it worth the extra $ for that added HP? I'm leaning towards the Delta but the customer service deal has me worried. Any and all comments are appreciated. Also opinions on what type of tools and tool sharpening system that people like/use is appreciated!