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  1. Thanks for the advice everyone! My only real thought about keeping the wagon vise would be to pinch boards for face planing or some touting operations. Planing I suppose could be done with a stop and the holding could be with dogs on the chop. All this to say, I’m thinking I’ll do a tail vise setup. I guess I won’t have to cut condor tails!
  2. I’m a big fan of my 3hp PCS. It’s the 3rd saw I’ve owned over the last 18 years and I’ll never go back. I’ve never met someone who’s said, or thought to myself “I wish I had less horse power here”. If your budget allows it, i’d go 3hp PCS. I’m a hobbyist as well and when I have time for my hobby, I want to do it with no reservation and not worry about the tool. IMHO the SS will let you do that (as would the Harvey, but I speak only with knowledge of their reputation and not personal experience) My $0.02 -glen
  3. Cool! Why do you think it works better - a better seal at the back of the blade where the blade guard goes? Tighter kerf cut? Probably all of the above... I’m guessing you don’t use the blade guard much, eh? -glen
  4. Hi all - I bought a twin turbo 20” vise back in 2019 with the kickstarter and I’m finally going to make a bench to go with it. I’ve always thought I’d build the split top roubo (I’ve had the guild project for years, just not the time nor space) and I’m just wondering where others have put their TT vise on a split-top. I’m looking for thoughts on either a) replace the tail vise with it, B) replace the leg vise with it, c) put it on the end opposite the tail vise or d) put it on the corner opposite the leg vise. I would consider myself an advanced-novice to intermediate woodworke
  5. Hey Mike - looks good, and lucky you for getting such a huge space. I'm in the process of setting up shop as well, so i've been on the "overthinking" train. My only "concern" with the layout is the out feed from your table saw. You talk about being able to get 10' boards to your bandsaw - what happens if you have to rip that 10' board? I've set up my shop with the infeed coming in from the garage door, and the out feed going deep into the shop, for maximal length, should the need arise. I'm not sure what kind of things you would make that you would need to rip a 10' board, but it's something t
  6. weedsnager - i took a quick look at the app store and didn't find anything that would do layout like sketchup for a mac or pc would. on www.sketchup.com they don't have any iOS support, so I think you might be out of luck. The grizzly tool that TIODS mentioned uses flash, so as well, out of luck on an iPad. Sorry dude - don't know of anything to help
  7. Brian - as Doug said... it's pretty easy to just set a big square with your room size and start dropping tools in. I know Marc used sketchup when planning one of his shop moves, and at least according to his take on wood talk, the size of the tools in the 3d warehouse was pretty accurate.
  8. Hey Barry - I do share your respect for the mitre saw after having a piece of hard maple be flung across my shop off my 12" dewalt. Yes yes - improper clamping, safety breach, etc... But respect as well. I'm not sold on the "dedicated" miter station, but it was an idea. I would more likely store it under the cabinets there and be able to whip it out with a little auxiliary bed/fence system that I can take in and out of some dowel holes on the countertop. I too prefer the jigsaw for the rough cuts.
  9. I will add my name to the list of people that are in awe of your work. Absolutely fantastic - inspires me and gives me something to shoot for. Thanks for sharing
  10. Thanks for the input, everyone. I purposely have the infeed side of the TS facing the garage door, as I imagined taking 4x8 sheets of ply off my truck and going straight into the garage to the TS. Having said that, a 180 switch might open some possibilities for cabinets and storage on the half-wall. I'll play with it, Regardless, the power for that will be in the ceiling, so it won't change much. I guess the advantage of the planer by the 1/2 wall is that I can put the outlet for it there, but it would be just as easy to have it on the wall by the DC. My strategy for DC was to use a right-
  11. Hey all - I'm looking for opinions or suggestions on my shop layout. I'm moving into a new place with an attached 3-car garage, and am turning 2 of the stalls into a shop, roughly 22x30ft with 12ft ceilings. I will put a little half-wall in-between the shop and the parking stall, to give a little more separation and wall space, also a place to put some outlets. I've come up with this setup - the garage doors are on the side of the room without a wall... There is a window by the workbench, and another on the back wall. I mostly have made smaller stuff (coffee table, cutting bo
  12. Thanks for detailing this! I am going to be turning 2 ports in our new garage into a shop and I was hitting walls in trying to decide how many outlets, where to put what, etc. Seeing your progress through setting up your shop is helping. Keep updating and I'll keep reading! Thanks
  13. Thanks for the reply, TIODS. I was looking at it from a "start with every tool and figure it out" point of view. I might be better off building the shop over a few months, adding bit by bit, and relying on my shop-vac for DC to start with, as oppose to going ahead with the CV right away. I will still need to have a general sense of where to put 220 outlets - i'm planning on hiring an electrician to do that, and the TS i'm getting will require 220, but hopefully that won't be too tough. I'm guessing it will all be surface mount, which will give great flexibility. In the meantime, I'll keep pour
  14. Hey everyone - long time lurker, first time poster. We are moving into a new place in the next few months and the wife has said I should take 2 of the stalls in the 3 car garage to make a shop. Yes, she's a keeper. Up to this point, I've been working in my just-under 1 car garage shop with benchtop/portable tools, sharing the space with 2 motorcycles and other household necessities. This new space will be awesome. I'm going to get some new tools (cabinet saw, real jointer, probably a bigger planer eventually to replace my old DeWalt, and a bandsaw). I plan to build some medium sized fu