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  1. Prices reflect local pick up (or I can deliver anywhere in NJ free). Email me if you are interested in having a tool shipped out of NJ, we can negotiate price to cover some or all of shipping depending on location. Wood is strictly local pickup.* PM2244 Drum Sander with approx 6 hours use. $2000* Jessem Router Table complete with base, inserts and wrench, feather boards, Porter Cable 7518 motor, Master Lift Excel 2, Digital readout. $1000* Porter Cable 24" Omni Jig with all bits and stops including. Also includes miniature fingerboard accessory to do jewelry box size dovetails $700* Dewalt DW788 20" scroll saw with stand has maybe 1 hour total use $350* Hard Wood - Walnut, genuine mahogany, Ash, cocobolo, gabon ebony. Email for details if interested. If Interested please email me - janello@binsky.com
  2. I had my Omni-Jig for dovetailing on it. If I had a really long tail board I could raise it so It didn't bottom out on the floor, but honestly, once I built the roubo, it became otherwise obsolete in my work flow. He is now working on a lighter and cheaper package in which the sides are mostly wood that you mill and cut to size then bolt his smaller metal frame to it.
  3. Well, he sells the Noden benches and an inlay razor, so there's your excuse !. It's not a "store front" by any stretch of the imagination, but I got the impression, if you just show up and show a common interest in woodworking he would be happy to chat any time. Real friendly guy. He is always at the somerset WW show as well. But the shop is something to see !
  4. I'm thinning the herd. I'm going to keep most of my hand tools and downsize my power tools. It's a compromise of not having the space I once had and still keeping my hand in it. It was extremely inspirational but alas, my tools are in storage. Good news is, they started framing my new house today !
  5. Today, I went to pick up a Noden Bench for my boss. The bench is an adjustable height woodworking bench that Geoffrey Noden had designed and sells. When I arrived at this small hole in the wall shop, I seen a few woodworking tools that didn't immediately impress me. It just looked like an unkept work shop. Then, I started noticing little things floating around the place, like a tapered mitered dovetail tray and patterns hanging all over the ceiling. Looked a little more, and there's another room with giant old bandsaw and an an old general table saw...and my mind couldn't soak in everything I was seeing fast enough. You really had to look past the saw dust and clutter to see the years of craft that made it what it is. Thinking about it now, it very much resembled David Marks shop. Then Geoffrey and I started talking more about building furniture, and he took me into yet another slightly less cluttered room. In there was a gold mine of examples of this mans' labors. One piece more special than the next. He is a legend woodworker who's rubbed elbows and shared ideas with the likes of Frank Klauss and has had his work featured in woodworking magazines. I only got to spend an hour with Geoffrey, but it was the coolest hour I've spent in a loooong time doing anything. His website if you're so inclined to look. http://www.geoffreynoden.com/gallery.asp The chair you see on the home page, I nearly drooled on today. Just spectacular.
  6. Eric, take a look at that flip stop again. I have the miter express (little brother) and there was a way to adjust the flip stop for a sac fence. I have all my stuff packed away so I can't look at it now, but it was simply doable.
  7. Unless they improved them, the screw heads that spread the rail on the cutoff sled strip extremely easy.
  8. Janello


    I went furniture shopping with the wife today. We were looking at couches, but it was nearly impossible to find a kitchen table that didn't have fake chatter marks or worm holes. Pure crap on display.
  9. No, I honestly had no clue how crazy long this would drag out. I've lost faith in my agent and attorney. I got more info directly from my buyer than them. Part of this is my fault I suppose. I had converted half of my attached garage to a bedroom and didn't get permits. This of course came up in the 'first' and 'second' appraisal despite my buyer and I signing a monetary agreement.
  10. I sold my house to an FHA buyer. 1 month later, another mortgage payment on top of rental security deposit and first months rent, still waiting to close! In other news...my pilings for my new house should be going in before the weekend. So this is a cautionary tale. Be careful selling your home to an FHA buyer...could lead to suicidal thoughts.
  11. In the future take those square rubber washers and throw them as far over your left shoulder as you can. Their crap. Buy a few extra nylon tapered washers. You don't 'need' pipe dope but a little won't hurt. Sometimes it can make the difference between a little seeper and no leaks. Whenever you see the really fine threads like on a lavatory (aka bathroom) tailpiece use teflon pipe dope (not tape)..they are notorious for leaks. Chrome plated brass traps are about as common as a ham sammich where I come from. You can buy them in different ga. The ones at home depot are probably paper thin...20ga maybe. Plumbing supply houses have 18ga. Also, to answer your question...PVC traps are not better unless they are sched 40 glue. I'd recommend against PVC slip joint anything. You can just use plain brass if its hidden in a cabinet and save a few pennies though.
  12. They probably not only cut free hand tapers, but push them through so hard they bog the saw down, all while their fingers are 1 inch from the blade. I've seen this awesome to watch reckless behavior before!
  13. Unless I missed a post somewhere, I'm not sure anyone got called out for having an opinion. Looks like some opinions were challenged and rebutted, which most grown ups can handle. Seems like Marc may have taken issue with the back and forth being over the top? Truthfully I feel like I must have missed a deleted post somewhere, because this seems like the tamest thread to have ever received a warning since I've been at WTO. Agree on the family photo though. Very nice pic. I think it was like telling your buddy..I see you're about to suck down a twelve pack, so I'm taking your keys now, kinda approach. Any way..I love hand tools, and miss mine already. They are stored in a big ole connex box for a while. When I get them back I may chop 10 mortise by hand. No, I won't.