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  1. Hey all, I grew up watching my stepdad use his Inca tools and I always remember them being high quality and extremely precise for their size. He just built a new wood/auto shop at the family cabin and is upgrading his tooling. He has asked me to sell his Inca tools for him but wow am I struggling to figure out their current value. I know these can be kind of a niche item so Craigslist does not seem like the right place to list them. I have been following Ebay for months but its mainly bandsaws. He has the 10 inch jointer/planer (Model# 343.190) and the table saw with slider and mortiser (
  2. That is a great book! Every box has its own unique details and techniques.
  3. Don't mind me. I'll just be here patiently waiting...
  4. I'm from Fargo and that movie is hilarious and ungodly irritating at the same time.
  5. Damn it guys. I saw there were new posts on this thread and got excited we'd have new pics of the chairs. Instead I found a conversation about pee.
  6. Oh man bad memories in BWL. More wipes than I care to admit. The cabinet looks great and that sapele is magical. What look is your friend going for? Stormwind?
  7. Unibond 800 is my go to glue for any bent lamination work.
  8. Hey everyone, I took a new job and am moving. I am taking a lot of stuff with me but I am going to sell a couple larger tools that I'd rather buy new when I'm settled into a new shop. All of my tools come from a one man hobbiest shop and are very well taken care of. Let me know if you have any questions or would like some more pictures. I don't have time to deal with shipping so this is all pick-up only in South Bend, Indiana 46615. 1. Jet 10" ProShop Tablesaw (Model# JPS-10TS) with router table extension wing. Comes with Jessem Mast-R-Lift II router lift, Forrest Woodworker 2 blade, a Fr
  9. Yeah the first thing I'd try would be to simply reglue and clamp it. Try using either epoxy or Unbind 800. Those glues are commonly used for laminations.
  10. mkrusen

    Cool Planer

    I want one! I don't know what for but I still want one. Guess I could make my own toilet paper?
  11. Yeah I think the next one will be leather. I definitely took a risk with this fabric but I'm happy with how it turned out. I'm very impressed with the upholstery work. They even created little tucked notches in the corners of the cushions to wrap around the legs of the chair and ottoman. Nice little detail that I never would've thought to do. Haha yeah I kept all the jigs so there is definitely another one in the future. My shop is a detached 2 stall garage and it only got about 2 inches of water. It soaked one chair leg that happened to be laying on the ground. I took my time drying t
  12. Here ya go Mike. The place is called Tepe Furniture. 574-288-7311. 3606 W Mishawaka Ave, South Bend, IN 46615.
  13. Picked up the chair from the upholsterer today and I couldn't be happier. Here are a couple pictures of the finished piece. Sorry for the subpar lighting. Now that the chair is in the house, I'm realizing how big it is. I'm going to have do some rearranging because I want to leave space to allow the back to recline. Holy crap this thing is comfortable. The back really does conform to your body as you lean back into it. The seat cushion is 6" thick, the back cushion is 5" thick, and the ottoman cushion is about 2.5" thick (flush with the top of the legs. Final
  14. Not sure which way you're coming in from, but LL Johnson Lumber has a store in South Bend. Their actual mill is in Charlotte, MI but the South Bend store usually has a good lumber selection on hand.