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  1. The top is a bookmatched set of figured crotch claro walnut boards that were 98’ x 18.5’. I spent all summer deciding on what to make our dining table out of at first I was going to do Bubinga, then cherry, but finally we decided we liked Claro walnut the best. The base is made out of cherry, which I used because we decided we liked the two-tone look. The aprons are lightly figured with the sapwood remaining. I kept the sapwood, because I think it complements the top, which also has sapwood. I did a few different mockups for the base, but finally settled on this. I know that the top is the showstopper while the base is playing second fiddle. If I don’t like the look of the base in a few years I can always make a new one. The inspiration for the base came from Thos Moser’s Bungalow collection and Brian Hubel’s “Solide” table. I tried to give the legs some flow by making them curve on the outside edges. The top and base are both finished with waterlox OSF. I still am waiting a few more days until I do the final rubout on the table. Thanks for looking.
  2. Does anyone see any issues with making the template a bit wider and using guide bushings to rout the dog holes out? I just started the bench last week and I am at this point, but do not have two routers and the pattern bit I have is has bearings on both sides. I could buy a pattern bit, but was thinking this should work. Thanks for the help.
  3. Hey guys just joined the forum. I am from East Amherst and have been woodworking for about 4 years. I get most of my lumber from a guy in cherry creek I think the place is called custom wood or something (716)-969-7132. His prices are much better than the big places. I am working on a table top right now. Does anybody know a place that has a drum sander to run it through? Thanks again.
  4. Thanks everyone for the ideas. I will be sure to post some pics when I am done. I love that bench too and may have to "borrow" the design for a bench I am building for the table.
  5. Attached are the two boards that are going to make up the table I am making. The base is going to be made with cherry. I am hoping to be done with the woodworking part next week. Then comes the tough part. I have never worked with claro walnut before so I am not sure how I should finish for a durable good looking top. I would prefer something that looks natural and not like plastic. I have used WATERLOX ORIGINAL SEALER/FINISH for other projects, but I am not sure if I should use it here. What about enduro-var or Arm-r-seal? Should the pores be filled and if so with what? I have heard doing it by sanding with oil and creating a slurry. Any thoughts would be appreciated.