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  1. Sunlight does bring out the purple. Try makingboff a part of a brownish pieve and expose for different times.....
  2. Purpleheart is very resin rich. You may also try rubbing down the PH with denatured alcohol or acetone before finishing.
  3. These would be for sale, so I would want a low maintenance coating.
  4. What do you guys think would be the best finish for wooden drink coasters? I've tried Nitro Lacquer. Some water makes it through the finish and the coaster cups a teeny bit but then flattens back out when dry. I like water white, so I am considering maybe a CAB Acrylic or pre-cat CAB Acrylic. Could also do Precat Lacquer, but its kinda yellow. Polyurethane looks too plastic-y. And using an oil rub doesnt really provide any protection. I want to do this with the least amount of time and sanding. I like the nitro lacquer because you dont have to sand between coats and it dries quick. CAB acrylic would be similar but I dont know if it provides any more water resistance. I hear good things about Precat Lacquer, but I bilieve you have to sand between coats. Thoughts?
  5. That plane is gorgeous. What is the species?
  6. Actually, you would probably configure the pencils in the pattern you want, and then add resin and then put the hole shebang in a vacuum bag to clamp and get rid of any air bubbles. I have to use clear epoxy to prepare metallographic mounts and we use vacuum infiltration to pull air out and push the resin into exposed interior would need to have an excess of resin to ensure that there was enough to fill.
  7. I want to build some drawers out of 1/2 inch plywood (utility - doesn't have to look nice). What is the best joint to use?
  8. Isn't sanding sealer just shellac?
  9. I am going to attempt to turns a few bowls and I don't know what I should use for a finish. I have heard walnut oil, BLO, tung oil, mineral oil, etc. What do you guys use and why?
  10. I recently got an MDF table top for my lathe, and I would like to seal the exposed bottom since it will be in a partially climate-controlled room (garage). What would you use? Oil based primer, shellac??????