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  1. Hey Matt - Ive been seriously woodworking for about 2 years now, with a 8 years of home repair work before that. I think the Paul Sellers workbench method is a great idea. You really can't do much without a bench, and Paul does a great job with his video series. There are a lot of things to think about when you setup a shop. Here is a post that I wrote a few months ago about things I wish I knew. Four Steps in Setting up Your New Shop Before you buy a years worth of videos or a ton of tools, Id get a subscription to - It includes many beginner a
  2. I liked the sellers videos - but they were very long, and I found that because its just one teacher the price per video was fairly high. I opted to check out the shopclass from pop woodworking (which includes 10 seasons of the woodwright shop for a similar price.)
  4. I tongue and grooved Sapele with a 405 (the english cousin of the 45)
  5. I picked up this one - and have for the use it gets (not every project) Im been happy - it did great on a bit table top project that I did.
  6. Id also thrown in that learning to sharpen isnt really that hard. Ive been working at it for the last few months, but especially with an old saw that is not workable you can only make the think better. =)
  7. Yeah and he stretched over the planer, I got nervous. I wish they showed him beading the two boards together. Seriously wonderful.
  8. It seems like hand tools are at the same time easier to steal, but also less attractive to a thief... maybe Im totally wrong.
  9. Ive been thinking about picking up a miter box, and I see them from time to time. Ive see Saint Roy use them on a few occasions and Ive thought, wow thats a genuinely smart piece of kit. Especially on mitered tenons. For those of you who have them - are the worth the space? and are they useful? Are they hard to fix up? Im figuring Id find one on ebay CL or at local garage sales. Im assuming where ever I get one it wont be in mint. Any suggestion on which one to pick up?
  10. My inlaws asked me to make them a small cabinet for their home. They are antique collectors and so I wanted to go with something simple that would compliment many of the older country pieces which they have. Then they asked if I could make it so that the front wasn't real and so that it would open from the side. Its most pine with a poplar door frame for added strength. This was my first time working with shellac (I went with BT&C flakes and they were great.) I attempted a prewash with a cut shellac before I stained the cabinet. It was a great idea, and Im happy with how
  11. I purchased this plane for $16 including shipping. It hadnt been used in years, and it took me 30 minutes to get the blade out of the body. Once I did that I sharpened and flattened the blade and fixed up the chip breaker. I also filed the mouth just a touch - Im going to use it as a fore plane so I put a tight camber on the blade. Its my first time with a wooden plane, and I immediately understood what people talked about with feedback. I put it to work on a piece of walnut, and it was a blast to work.
  12. I hope you know your table saw is upside down!
  13. Where did you get the hand wheels?