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  1. Xmas is comming so if all 2000+ members buy me a $5.00 gift card from the forum and then I use it to buy something really cool for my shop we all win right? LOL Mark I am new and need a few things , I am buying a few hundred dollars worth of stuff from eagle so I will make sure to do it linking from here. nice job
  2. Im in northern Alberta Canada. We have many species but nothing Cheap
  3. Thanks guys, this really helps I am going to try the cherry and the poplar. I think i saw some beech wood as well today. Time to open up the wallet
  4. I have built my work bench and several projects from plans and magazines. I do have a small jointer 4.5" but i usually use it for the edges and then my planer for the faces. My wife has a shoe room with over 300 pairs of shoes in acks and such. My thought was to build some fancy boxes for her favs :-)
  5. Yes, simple trucks, tractors, cars, pull type animals are always a hit. I built a rolling caterpillar from wood magazine for my son who is now 25. The darn thing is still a favorite with most of my nephews & neices. I am sure the boys will enjoy anything you make and not buy :-)
  6. Yeah! Ever since Tony Stewart left the 20 car and went out on his own the service level has dropped :-)
  7. Hello all :-) My name is Mike, my freinds call me Maddog. Though I am 44yrs young, I am totally new to wood working. I am talented and skilled but I have not learned the proper techniques and tricks to working with wood. I have a lathe, tablesaw, mitresaw, ect. I am now wondering what type of wood I should be using as a rookie? Or does it matter? Where is a good place for material? Big box stores?, Lee valley? Mike