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  1. I never met a piece of wood i didn't like! It crazy but I have built toys, pens pencils band saw boxes boxes boxes and picture frames the list goes on and on and my pile of future who knows what continues to grow.
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    Shoot i never noticed the link till just now OK THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!
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    Eric I am a mechanical engineer for Dresse-Rand and am out that way a lot due to the amount of oil and gas stuff out that way would love to say hello over a cup of coffee
  4. I built this from a plan the kids picked out. its made of alder. The ten drawer dresser was the first piece and was the toughest the head board is a bent lamination of four parts. Finished with four coats wipe on poly and four coats of paste wax. Took about 300 man hours or a little more but took nearly ten years to complete.
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    .jpg here is a photo of my prototype and the original chair that is over a hundred years old, the prototype was a failure but i learned a lot. The chair is a "youth" chair which means the seat is higher off the floor than an adult chair and is a bit narrower but otherwise is constructed the same as the "adult" version. I am half way through my second prototype using alder as the wood the first was re used pine. One of the issues i have not found a cure for with is the back splat. it is curved front and back and if i had a band saw with a 14 inch or better throat i could cut the
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    Been a hobbyist woodworker for 20 plus years. Self taught which means more bad habits than good ones. I call Working "sawdust therapy". I have a 12x20 shop. I work and have a family so shop time is precious. I'm hoping to this forum will help me become a better woodworker, and maybe make a friend or two along the way. Projects. Five piece bedroom set, two cherry dressers, aquarium cabinet, toys, pens, window seat, lots of scroll saw stuff, humidor from walnut burl, sandbox, outdoor blackboard, indoor chalkboards, wall cabinet, salt and pepper shakers, lazy susans and other turnings. Lat