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  1. Little update .. Tried again with cascamite and failed sadly but read a few articles and came across one by a guy having a similar issue. His solution was to make two sets of laminations and bring the two together which worked. His theory was that there was to much moisture trapped in the core of his piece not allowing the glue to dry properly because of the number of laminations. Gave it a try and it worked !!.. made my board in two pieces and just to make sure I bought a small fiberglass repair kit that came with just enough epoxy to cover both faces and it worked a treat. Still can't say for certain that the problem was moisture trapped in the core of the piece but here's a shot of the piece so far ...PS still haven't applied graphics, paint and waiting on wheels Thanks for all the info guys as always I really appreciate the wisdom.
  2. I'm going to try the cascamite and just forget about it in the clamps for a few days .... Didn't realise I was this impatient Thanks guys ... I appreciate the help
  3. Is titebond 3 a type of PVA glue ?... That seems to be what everyone's using to make skateboards
  4. Do you think I'll have to leave it clamped up for a few days because it's a wide piece ( 8 inches ) ... For the water to evaporate ?
  5. Can't get the stuff off the shelf here so a two part epoxy is going to be just in case none of the glues I can get locally do the job
  6. @Eric. Do you think cascamite might do the trick ?... It's the only thing locally available
  7. @Lester Burnham I don't have an exact temp but nowhere near freezing ... In around 12 or 13 celsius
  8. Hi guys and gals, I'm in serious need of some knowledge ...having a major issue with a skateboard glue up It's my first skateboard but not my first bent wood lamination, I'm on my second attempt and the glue keeps failing !!'s as if it's not drying but I gave it a sold 48 hours the second time round ... It's just turning rubbery ... I've done way more intricate pieces than a skateboard before but nothing as wide and I'm hoping it's just drying time. I'm using gorilla glue wood glue ( titebond not easily available in Ireland ), I'm applying a good amount with a roller onto both surfaces and on my second attempt made sure that the whole thing was clamped within 7 minutes ... I'm using wallnut in case that has something to do with it ( I know not the norm but I have loooooads of it )
  9. Helped my son and one of his friends with a history project .... Maybe we went a bit OTT
  10. Very jealous !!!! ...... Excuse the ignorance but does the "19-38" represent milling capacity ??
  11. By far the coolest choosing board I have ever seen !!!!
  12. I came up with this simple idea that allows me to finally move my tools around and keep them stable whilst I'm using them I like to keep my badsaw, planer/thicknesser and router table out of the way in the shop and that means mobile bases. I originally used a piece of 3/4 ply with 4 wheels but even when the breaks were applied they still swiveled on the spot !! Very unstable, very irritating and very dangerous.
  13. Thanks guys ... I think I'm going to go for the natural look but It's going to have to get some sort of a clear, light film finish just for some added protection.
  14. A place to show off some of my latest projects