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  1. That is a great idea, thank you. Since the thickness of there is very thin, I have been getting okay results from staining each piece with some Minwax. The Gelstain really did just sit on top of the outer layer. I am in the middle of building the form for this and I can post when I have some actual pictures of my own.
  2. Well we already ordered the vaneer and it was a great deal, so I dont think my friend wants to spend any more on the project. I think I am going to do a test piece this week and see how much is soaked in.
  3. I am building a pretty cool project for my friend, headphone stand with vaneer. Basic idea below. I have an idea of the press I will build and how I want to get things rolling. The only thing I have a question on is the gel stain I am going to be working with. I bought some General Finishes Java gel stain the other day from wood craft and I was wondering how deep this would penetrate some Anigre Mottled veneer. It's 1/42" thick and I think I will be doing kind of a layered color effect on the project. So dark layers on the outside (where the headphone sits) on the inner part of the curve
  4. Buffing a restored table top last coat, putting first coat of poly on the bottom. More pictures soon! Also doing some automotive work in the shop tonight, but you guys wouldnt be interested in that
  5. That vice is just awesome, I hope it works out for you.
  6. Wow, that is a deal. Would love to have the money for it
  7. Mmm grilling, I currently use an iron grate on my charcoal grill. It works for what I need it for right now.
  8. I will let you know, I was thinking about getting the 10" Jorgensen soon, it looks like a pretty nice tool.
  9. Yeah it is quite nice to have all the room up there, I have a small lumber rack on the back wall if you can see it. Thank you! I actually got a really good deal on all the Ridgid items, someone bought them for a one project a few years back and didnt want them anymore. I got everything pictured here and a sliding chop saw and 3 mobile carts for 1,600. Can't go wrong. Any links to ideas on the bracing of the TS? Interesting. And yes I would probably be interested in the vice! Something to get me going in the right direction. What are you asking for it?
  10. So this is my shop, actually it is my grandparents garage but they only use for a few things (as you can see there is a lot of stuff in there). Everything on the back wall, and right side is my tools and other equipment. In return for letting me use the space, I have unspoken rule with them that I fix and maintain anything in the house haha. I just finished a 6 month renovation in their kitchen/living/dining room. So here it is, I will list things in the pictures as we go: Album Here (If you want to see larger images I would click on this link) The shop, everything spread out when
  11. Just for kicks I checked out a different HD yesterday to see if they had Irwin F Styles still, there were none left and the racks were filled with all different types of Bessey.
  12. That is cool to see that you got out of the "dungeon" haha can't wait to see the progress!