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  1. 2nd floor

    quick finish

    Thanks guys. Easier than I was thinking. Back to the tried and true. Steve
  2. 2nd floor

    quick finish

    I need to put a quick plaque together this weekend for Tuesday. Looking for advise one quick finish that will give a nice semi gloss to full gloss appearance and be fairly durable. Any advise? Thanks in advance
  3. 2nd floor

    Solid cherry sideboard

    Very nice. Is this your design? just what my wife is looking for
  4. 2nd floor

    Bolt Action Pen and TSA

    I travel a lot for work, both internationally and domestically. I have a bolt action I take with (favorite writing pen) and have not had a challenge. I will definately rethink taking it as prefer to sail through. I am thankful for the security teams and the job they perform and will do nothing to give them any reason to look at me any deeper. thanks for the heads up. Steve
  5. 2nd floor

    Jet Clamps Sale Thread

    Picked up a few at Woodcraft on my way through Chicago on the way home from Wisconsin.
  6. 2nd floor

    Inexpensive turners smock alternative!

    I recently purchased one of these welding jackets http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0035X3D9E?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00 my shop is in the garage and not heated, so it works well this time of year. Not sure how July will be. steve
  7. 2nd floor

    New saw

    I agree, check it out. I bought one and the shift was a good 0.060" when changing the height. I'm took it back and opens the remaining 4 saws they had and they all had the same issue. I ended up with a used Ridgid instead. So far so good.
  8. 2nd floor

    Martial Arts Belt display

    I have made several for my kids and other students. I like your design much better and if you don't mind, may take the concept and replace the displays the boys have. Good work.
  9. 2nd floor

    FREE canister filter for Grizzly DC

    Things have not panned out for me. Have to pass. Steve
  10. 2nd floor

    FREE canister filter for Grizzly DC

    I am interested, but need your zip code for shipping. My brother lives in Columbia, so may be able to have him come and get it based on your zip. Thanks Steve
  11. 2nd floor

    Entertainment center

    Found it. Thanks
  12. 2nd floor

    Entertainment center

    I like the design. Are you building to plans? We are in need of a similar stand and I am looking for plans. Keep sharing the progress.
  13. 2nd floor

    Jet Clamps - Killer Prices!

    I just picked up a couple of 40" at woodcraft. For those close to a menards.... Jorgenson cabinet clamps 24" -$23 36" - $27 48" - $30 Seems to be a good deal as well.
  14. 2nd floor

    Two questions

    For me, it's the dust collection system that not only helped the area remainder "cleaner", but better for me. The cyclone added last summer also made the system emptying much less frequent. The next thing to add enjoyment is heat.........very limited season. I do enjoy the challenges of figuring out how to safely do a task without all the best tools. If I do a task repeatable, the tools definitely come to thought.