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    I like to beat wood with rocks till it turns into a perfect likeness of Chuck Norris' beard.
  1. Anybody have experience with electric spray guns? Any good brands or a waste of time? If I were to get one, I would be spraying anything from poly, shellac, lacquer, and maybe paints. I know the HVLP systems are a good investment but I was just curious about the electric spray guns. I'm not doing fine furniture, but I would like it to spray fairly nice!
  2. Okay guys how many planes do you own? What number is hoarding? Is it okay to have duplicates of the same type of plane? Does every shop need that plane or two that sit in the window sill or shelf just for show? I'm curious to hear what all of you have to say!
  3. Thanks for the info guys. I tried a scrap piece of unfinished oak last night. I put the fine dust in the hole and dropped CA glue on top. The fill is noticeably darker but this should work to my advantage with a stain and oil poly applied. Tonight I'm going to mix up some dust and stain to see how it works with the CA glue. I'm also going to get a test piece stained to see how is will work on my actually project boards. If your even interested I'll let you guys know how it goes!
  4. Do you think the "filler mix" would cure if I were to take my oak dust and add stain to the dust first before and letting it dry. Then mix with CA glue and fill the hole? I will be coating the board with an oil based poly. I've already stained the boards so sanding is out of the question. Are you talking about sanding on a board that already has stain applied?
  5. would the filled hole still be stain-able or would I need to add stain to the saw dust then mix with CA glue? Would that work with an oil based stain?
  6. I'm currently working on a joint commission project building a chiropractic chair from oak. The deal is I build it and the guy whom owns a sawmill provides the wood for a cut of the commission. The wood I have gotten from this guy is actually really nice and I have gotten a lot of board feet for free in the past just because he had it lying around or it was left over from a log a client had. The oak I'm using is white oak and most of it is nice except a few pieces have what I believe are holes from powder post beetles. I know I'm going to get lectured about an infestation, but I know that the beetles are gone or dead inside somewhere! Like an idiot....I decided to fill the holes with a wood filler made by 3M that I had never used before and I proceeded sand, pre-condition, and stain with an oil based stain. Well the filler never stained and stayed the same color even though the packaging says it is stain-able (I should have known better). Now I have boards that are stained "golden pecan" with tiny spots of white/yellow. I attempted to scratch into the holes a bit and apply stain with an artist brush but no luck. It still looked dumb so I decided to make them look darker so I used a darker oil gel stain and it only stained a dark ring around the filler........ now it looks really stupid. I'll try to get some pictures later today but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to save my project. Here is my finishing method I have planned. 1# Oil Pre-conditioner 2# brushed on Oil based Stain Minwax Golden Pecan 3# brush on 2-3 coats Minwax Fast-dry Oil Polyurethane sanding with 320grit in between Any good fillers that are available? Big box store options? Make my own? Finishing technique to make them look less noticeable? Its driving me crazy and I really don't want to sully my relationship with the sawmill because I've got a great thing going here. Again I will have pics soon!
  7. I'm really digging the folding table wtnhighlander and the folding tables you poted a link for Marco!
  8. Hey guys wanted to get some brainstorm ideas. I have completely converted my shop into a woodworking shop since roughly 3 years ago and put a lot of my electronic repair tools away. Well now I've been getting a lot of requests to work on music equipment again. What I have been doing to do repair work is setup a small card table and tote down a few tool boxes with my soldering iron, multi-meter, components, and on occasion I will have to lug my oscilloscope and function generator too. What I'm wanting is a folding table/workbench that is a little bigger than a card table and sturdier so that it will support the weight of amplifiers 50lbs or so. Any ideas?
  9. I would put a sock in my mouth and just cut the joinery by hand. If you need to warm up on some scraps and take your time.
  10. Alright guys lets get down to the nitty gritty! I, like a lot of my fellow woodworking brethren, I am essentially a weekend woodworker for the most part. I'm currently wrapped up in a possibly huge money maker that could bring in some serious dough, but I haven't been able to allocate the time I need to build. Most of my free time is spent on family related time and the utmost wanting to please my better half. I know a lot of you are married and manage to get in the shop despite opposition or you affirm your place when it comes to woodworking. I was wondering what plans/schemes/attitudes one would need to convince their spouse to agree that one should spend time in the shop. Let me also say that when I talk about the money part she is all for it! However, when it comes down to it she tends to make a big deal that I'm going out to work on something. Other times my house gets flooded with company, (this happens on a daily basis) and I feel obligated to entertain! Is this a personal problem and I just need to get over it and do what I want or is there some silver tongue technique that an old masters can give me to get me in the shop more?
  11. I don't have the cash to lay down on such a beast, but I enve your purchase!
  12. I also wanted to say big props for putting your wedding photo for you profile avatar Tony!
  13. come on guys! I use a ryoba all the time on hardwood! For halloween I made a pair of geta for my costume out of white oak last year just to name one project. I know you so wanted to use your lovely band saw but some times the knuckle draggers can be spot on and a good "no electron" session can really put you back in the "kerf" of things!
  14. Maybe try building stuff that the majority of people need or use on a daily basis, but make it worth buying. I know a lot of people are suckers for some bling and by bling I mean "purty" looking wood. Develope one really good item and batch them out!
  15. Get yourself a gaint sponge with a built in microcontrolled vaper net that has laser guided moisture capturing nano bots! Solved my problem! I have been known to tell tall tales.