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  1. Any 1/4" material will struggle to stay flat on the wall without some additional support behind it. Most of what they are selling as 1/4" is even thinner than advertised. Even R13 insulation in a 2 x 4 stud pocket will need some force on the interior sheeting to get it to lay flat on the studs. 1/4" material may make that more difficult.
  2. I actually went with electric myself this time when I finished my shop. Electricity is pretty cheap here. Paying a hair over 7 cents per KW hour. The shop space is 20' x 32' with high ceilings. I went with a Fahrenheat Ceiling-Mount Industrial Heater. 7500 watts. Heats the space no problem. I keep it about 45 degrees unless I am working in there or plan on working in there. Electric is nice because you don't have to worry about open flames or venting or any of that jazz.
  3. Yeah, Big Orange plywood can be kind of a crap shoot. I recall one sheet that I brought home and promptly run through the table saw and it forcibly delaminated right in the middle of the layers. It was really something. Most of the time though it is totally fine though. I mean come on. We are talking about shop cabinets. I am just in the process of knocking together some myself. Big Orange birch plywood. Band the edges and call it a day. Its plenty good enough.
  4. I will note that after showing how efficient the Dewalt saw is with that new Freud blade that he then cuts to the Bosch throwing dust everywhere. However, the Bosch saw clearly doesn't have the same new Freud 80 tooth blade.