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  1. Hello All - Need some help, I am converting a dresser into a bathroom vanity. All has went very well until I went to varnish the top. I used CPES to seal first and then a marine grade varnish as recommended by wood whisperer. The CPES went on fine - as did with the first 2 coats of varnish. I however wanted to put one more on to get any dust sanded and removed. I waited the 24 hours but quickly learned that wasn't enough time in my colder climate. It cracked underneath before I could even finish applying the entire surface. I panicked and before it could fully set got the razor out and scraped as much off as I could. I figured I would let it dry then sand it to get my surface smooth and apply more varnish. How smooth and even toned should my surface be before I apply more finish? I think with my epoxy sealer underneath I am okay to sand but I don't want to push my luck to much. As it sits now the top coat is still not completely dry, I did some sanding today but stopped. Currently it has a tinted color (I presume since it is not dry). Will that go away? Any tips or advice on how I might be able to save the top and do it correctly? In this case patience was my killer. This is my first time working with a varnish.