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  1. You can skip the pumps and measure by weight. I use epoxy as a pore filler on my guitars and have to mix very small batches (mixing by weight is MUCH more accurate). I use System Three epoxy because they make crystal clear in small bottles. Their mix-by-weight ratio is 100:43. I have a 500g digital scale and mix 10 grams of resin to 4.3 grams of hardener. Very easy to mix 14.3 grams at a time. I've used the West System pumps and always have problems when they sit for a while (I just threw some out this weekend). Do a search and find out what the mix-by-weight numbers are. It will be different than mix-by-volume because of the difference in density.
  2. Regarding the bondo turning into nice wood... I noticed that too. My assumption was that he veneered over it all, but because of the bondo, it became one big piece. He must have used spray adhesive for the veneer (I don't think they had a vacuum system was THAT big). They glossed over that point like many of the finishing touches. It's much more dramatic to show them running around as they show the clock counting the final seconds!
  3. That's awesome. Nice to see someone channeling Michael Hedges (R.I.P.)
  4. Glad it worked for you. Sadly, it didn't for me. I've cleared the cache, deleted and redownloaded the app, rebooted my phone. Nothing worked. I can only see images when I look at the web view in Tapatalk
  5. Welcome to the forum. Yeah, I can't see the images either in Tapatalk. I've cleared the cache and all I still see are blank spots where the images go??? (click the settings wheel, click Settings, under Advanced Options... on an iPhone. For Android, there is a clear cache button: (Settings -> Apps -> Tapatalk))
  6. Sorry for the delayed response. Since the forum upgrade, I've had many posts I'm following not notify me of responses. Edit: I clicked follow (again) before posting this reply. After submitting this reply, I checked and had to click follow again! It's an old Elu router I've had for... a LONG time and no lift - it's old fashioned! I have to open the door and reach in to make adjustments and lift the whole thing out to change bits. It's a PITA but with many of the lifts being router-specific (or just routers I don't have), I can't afford to replace a perfectly good router with a new router AND lift. Thanks. The center one is a door on a piano hinge. My OCD made me center the knob like the other two! Great idea Steve. The trays were kind of an afterthought.
  7. Hey Dave, Sorry, I didn't get a notice about your reply. I've been busy building a new photography website with Wordpress (totally new to me). Is it me or did things change around here? The format is different. Maybe I got carried away with my Wordpress tweaks and clicked something here??? Once the body is together, it's pretty stable as long as there are no large swings with humidity or temperature. I still have to do the binding around the guitar body and it does two things - protects the edges of the soft spruce top from bumps and dings, as well as sealing up the end grain. That said, it's been stable enough. I just met with a luthier friend and he said he has known guitar building projects to take years and all went well. The framed canvas is Provo Falls around Mirror Lake area.
  8. Thanks. Mom got an iPad case after all. Just not one of mine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. That is looking fantastic Dave Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Ha! I know, I feel so worthless! OK, I will show what I did manage to get done on the guitar... I ruined the neck! I had changed the oil in a vacuum pump and put the old oil in a tupperware container up on a shelf to get rid of later. I started working on the neck and got diverted by the other projects and "shelved" it - right next to the tupperware of oil. The lid was on it, there was no oil on the shelf, but it had off-gased right onto my new neck. Needless to say, I had to order more quarter sawn Honduran Mahogany last week
  11. When I lived in Phoenix I found a General Dealer. When I went to look at it, he was selling it out of a barn?! I can't remember why but it didn't seem shady enough to NOT buy it It was a great big green tool, so I had to!
  12. I'm Back! Sorry for the delay. I've been so busy with other projects since my last post, I'm going to hijack my own post for a minute. So, what have I been doing lately... Before my Chicago trip where I took a dovetail class with Jeff Miller, I needed a way to transport my tools. In particular, my chisels. I recently got into leather work and had some extra that was going to be an iPad case for my Mom. Sorry Mom. I got to cutting, stitching and staining. I was working on it until late, the night before my flight but couldn't finish buffing out the edges. Still haven't. I took these photos at my Mom's after breaking the news that she was looking at what her iPad case became. After getting back from Chicago, I had to build a picture frame for one of my photos that I promised for a friend. She is a cancer survivor and a Woman of the Year candidate for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She needed one more donation for her campaign. I'm happy to say that the winning bid for my framed print was $2,250 and possibly helped her WIN! The canvas was 30x40" and the total frame size is 40x50" At the same time, I get a call from another friend whose brother needed washer and dryer stands ASAP. He just bought a townhouse and was getting the washer and dryer delivered and needed them installed the night before. Going off of online specs and his measurements over the phone, I built these things hoping they would fit the space as well as the machines! They just squeaked in... but then I had to move the 220v electric up about a foot!! With those two projects done and barely delivered by their deadlines, I had some extra material in my way. When I bought the Melamine (technically Roseburg Duramine), I intentionally overbought because I wanted to build a cabinet under my table saw extension. I actually rebuilt my extension table, adding 6" making it 42". I then built the cabinet with drawers and router space. I'll show it here but also posted more here The new cabinet was great but it created a problem - when storing my longer clamps, they would extend under the extension table. Now I had to build a clamp rack! The Festool rack in the background above was on the opposite side by the garage back utility door. I moved it and had about 3' of space to work with. It sits over the foundation wall that bumped out about 3" using leftover melamine. I added some alder and notched baltic birch for the clamps. I may alter it a bit, but for now it works. And one last thing... I put a little paint and clearcoat on the buffer pulley cover. I'll just have to wait until the buffer is done to buff it out!
  13. My garage space it TIGHT! I had some extra material in my way from another project. When I bought the Melamine (technically Roseburg Duramine), I intentionally overbought because I wanted to build a cabinet under my table saw extension. I actually rebuilt my extension table, adding 6" making it 42". I then built the cabinet with drawers and router space. I added supports under the table that acted as dividers for the router space. I mimicked those dividers in the cabinet below to close off the spaces. I built the cabinet separate from the table with leveler feet so I could raise the cabinet up to the extension table. I added some rigid foam tape to seal the spaces. I put a 4" hose through the back and modified a 90 degree elbow to wrap around the router when it's dropped in The completed cabinet is a great use of space in my tight shop. The cabinet measures 42" wide, 30" deep and 30.25" tall. I added slider trays to the two small drawers which keeps things close-at-hand (table saw stuff on the left and router stuff on the right) as well as a hanger for my fence on the side.
  14. I do like to spend quiet time in the shop with either coffee or beer (usually not together). I also don't like to work with the garage door open because I tend to stare, think, ponder, daydream, whatever. When trying to solve a problem, whether technical or design, I get my best results by sort of defocusing and staring at nothing in particular. Being in my shop helps too. That tends to seem strange to many people, I'm sure. I thought there have been studies to that effect. How your brain works when it's not directly working on the problem at hand - the solution comes to you while shopping for groceries?! If I am staring into nothing and my roommate comes in the garage, I will invariably grab something so I don't look like a petrified woodworker!
  15. Thanks. Yeah, sorry for the temporarily abandoned post. I've had some other projects going and will get back to it this week, in fact. I'll post the reason(s) for my delay. Back to the box, it's looking great! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk