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  1. I've used the saw for about a 18 months, all of the guides came out in the first month. Talked to Laguna and got them glued back in. One comes out about once a month and when it does it causes me all kinds of issues. Dulls blades, etc. The blade has hit the guides when this happens but not on a regular basis.
  2. I need to do something about my ceramic guides. They have fallen out several times and ruined a couple of blades, likely user error on the blade dulling but i keep getting a lot of wobble. I'm not certain it's the guides or the tires, or both, so I'm going to replace both. I was planning to use Carter Tires and Bearings but I can't seem to find Carter bearings for the Laguna 14-12. Does anyone know which guides fit the 14-12? Carter's website doesn't specifically list the 14-12 on any of their 3 guides for the Laguna saws. Thanks!
  3. Thanks @TIODS ! I tried that on one test piece but decided to stick with the chisel. I found it relatively easy to just slowly pare down to the desired depth at an angle then flatten it out.
  4. Need some help. Finally decided what kind of joint to use to attached the shelves to the legs, now I'm trying to figure out a better way to cut them. Here's what it'll look like: Here's what my test piece looks like: I'm trying to figure out how to best cut the "tenon", the mortises are already done (used dovetail saw and chisel). For the test tenon i used a dovetail saw where i could and then use a chisel to slowly pair away until i got to my desired tenon thickness. Anyone have a better/faster method to achieve the tenon as shown above?
  5. Well... I've been dreading how the base glue up would go and my dread is about to become reality. Not really, I'll save it for next weekend when I have an extra set of hands to help. Planning to use WestSystems Epoxy to give me plenty of time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. After 2 months off from the desk (and forcing myself to stay off WTO to prevent my envy of others shop time) I'm back. I simply forgot how much time the kids softball and baseball takes. Good news, their done!! First day back at it and I've already screwed up one of the legs. You'll notice the leg on the far left has the notch for the shelf wrong. Thankfully I have enough 5/4 stock to make a new leg. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. The furball will actually be decent size, 50-60 lbs - an AussieDoodle. Big "sis" is already enjoying him. This will be the last dog related post, this weekend you'll be returned to your normally scheduled woodworking post. https://vimeo.com/162422333 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Unexpected family addition this weekend put a hamper on further desk progress. This coming week is chalked full of business travel and I don't expect any progress until maybe next weekend.
  9. makes one wonder.... to get into the FB Guild group your name must match your Guild name. therefore he must be Henry Abigail, no? the things that make you say hmmm....
  10. Do we have a split personality disorder on the Internets @Eric.? I saw a post on the Guild FB group that had the same picture of two chests with the same dude in the Cardinals hat. That person was named Henry Abigail and you're Eric. Who's who around these parts?
  11. I used to hate text messaging. Was the old fart who said, "just call me if you need me". Now, "only call me if it's life or death or requires more than 5 texts". Oh ya.... @Eric this has been a great journal. It's actually a little hard to believe it's been 6 months+ in the making! Hopefully Joe is a distributor for Bud Light and brings you a case every time he enters the shop.
  12. Yes. Just didn't feel like drawing them in SketchUp.
  13. I'm going to actually do my first build journal vs just taunting one like I did with my bench, my new home office desk. Here is the quick SketchUp I've been working on the past few months. It's going to be built out of walnut, cool story behind the walnut... My dad cut it down from his farm about 10 years ago and has been air drying in his barn. I'd call it Common 1 & 2 grade. This weekend I was able to get the initial milling complete which was quite a challenge given how twisted and cupped some of the boards were. Lots of knots filled with epoxy today (tinted to walnut with TransTinit) and will need to add another layer tomorrow. I'm hopeful that after hanging in my shop for over a year and then sitting a full week+ before final dimensioning that it'll be stable. Few thoughts on construction plans. The sides and back will connect the top and bottom via long mortise and tenons, much like Cremona is doing the dividers on the Sofa Table build. I thought about doing dovetails for the drawer dividers but I don't want any exposed joinery, I'll do a mortise and tenons for those. The legs/shelves are not going to be "attached" to the top, instead the top will rest on the legs/shelves and aligned with table leaf pins.
  14. Awesome! Really cool table, he must be really!
  15. I give you the motivation to keep working at it after you think you have it down! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk