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  1. Perfect! Time to stock the shelves. If these turn out decent ill post some pics of the overbuilt ash and white oak corn hole boards. I don't think i'll be able to watch people throwing bags at these .
  2. That sounds pretty much like what happened. It was still tacky last night and they had to be presentable by Sunday since they are a gift. I had to work with what I had and dumped acetone on it and scrubbed off the finish. I then threw down a quick coat of shellac and let it dry. I sanded the Shellac smooth and put on a coat of the Spar and this morning it was dry . I was going to brush it on this time but still couldn't resist using the Earlex I invested in . I played with the sprayer trying to get it dialed in as best as I could. I was able to get a much better thin coating this time with the 2mm. I am definitely going to get the finer tips so I don't have to spend so much time dialing it in down the road. If I have to do this again I won't be using this epoxy. Do any of you have a recommended epoxy that may be of higher quality for filling in an engraving?
  3. You guys rock! Ill see what the increased temperature does and hit it with the brush next time. I just got so antsy and bought this sprayer and now I have nothing to spray. All I've been doing is reading and reading and wishing I could start this project over or not at all. I just want to make something I can put in the house. These corn-hole boards are for my sister-in-law's wedding. They both graduated from UGA and are getting married in Athens so I tried something unique and am paying for it. Learned alot though on this project. I was really excited to see how much information is available. Of course I can't get enough of the podcasts either.
  4. I only put on 1 coat. I sprayed with an Earlex 5500 and the standard 2mm tip. It is the first time I sprayed varnish with the gun, but I don't think it was too thick. I thinned the mix with about 30% Mineral Spirits.
  5. I didn't particularly like the look of the high gloss epoxy. In addition to that though, it is considerably more expensive and would be to cover both corn-hole boards. These will be outside on occasion and the Enviro Tex Lite Epoxy is not recommended for use outdoors. I am covering the rest of the wood and frame with Minwax Satin Spar Varnish.
  6. Thanks for the response! I threw the light on it so hopefully that will help. My "shop" is a room in a walkout basement. The temperature has been set on 70 but i'll see if I can get a heater to raise the temp more in that room. Everything was bought fresh off the shelf about two weeks ago. I used the "Envirotex Lite Pour on Finish" and let it sit for three days before I sanded it down smooth with the rest of the surface. The Epoxy was completely hard with no "tack" and sanded down easy.
  7. First post here as a brand new wood-ruin-er. Hopefully graduating to woodworker. I am making a set of corn-hole boards and they have gone out of control. I ended up engraving sports logos on them and proceeded to fill with Enviro Tex Epoxy. I picked it up at my LHS before I realized there were way better options for woodworking resources. After filling with the epoxy I covered with Minwax spar varnish and after 2 days the Spar is still tacky only over the epoxy. It just doesn't seem to be curing. I found this thread. So it seems like it is possible, but i'm not quite sure how to proceed at this point. They need to be finished by Sunday so i know im pretty much in trouble at this point.. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!