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  1. Hello Gentlemen, I am building my own version of the "Crosscross" leg vise. I have it constructed, an it is in operation, but when the jaws grab,...and I keep turning the screw, the bottom of the leg keeps moving forward. This of course causes an angle at the jaw faces...and I am assuming also reduced clamping pressure. In my research this can be caused by tolerance between the screw and nut...tolerance or gaps between legs and grooves, etc.... But I have made sure everything is perfect. (at least as perfect as I can get it) It seems to be violating all logic, and I cannot tell wher
  2. Gentlemen. I have a couple questions on this topic....(I am new to forum so please forgive me if I am not using correct protocol) As I understand (based on this forum, and this thread)...snipe has two root causes.... 1.) The blades, when rotating and cutting, tend to lift the board a bit, before the front end reaches the second roller. When the board lifts, the cutters cut deeper, until the front end hits the second roller which pulls it back down. (and same thing in reverse on back end) I assume this will contribute more on smaller boards. 2.) The blade assembly is directly conne