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  1. Stanley/yankee brace #2101A, 8in. Ratchet cleaned and working great. $50 Stanley brace H1253A 10in, ratchet works $25 Lot of augers $50 single bevel marking knife, crown $15 double bevel marking knife, pfeil $25 double bevel marking knife, igaging $20 veritas 24" alum straightedge $30 woodriver #7 jointer $260 Bailey/stanley #5C corrugated sole jack $60 cheapy buck bros #5 $20 dunlop #4 $40 no-name "Made in USA" block plane $20 ECE stop rabbet plane $50 hock shoulder plane $70 hock smoother $70 japanese ebony corner rounding plane $20 Lie Nielsen dowel plate,
  2. All chisels are still available, however I had them mislabeled. What I have is: LN 3/4" bevel chisel LN 1/2" O1 long handle bevel chisel LN 3/8" mortise chisel PM me if you still want one of them, let me know which.
  3. Whoa! I'm not sure what's going on, I don't see any indication that anything is locked and I'm responding to PMs as fast as my little fingers can carry me!
  4. It is in the list, but it's spoken for. Sorry!
  5. I'm likely going to have to move across the country for work, and so begins the Great Purge! Here's the first batch; all my new premium hand tools: LN scrub plane LN low angle jack LN low angle jack rabbet LN rabbeting block plane LN large open throat router WoodRiver low angle block WoodRiver #4-1/2 smoother WoodRiver #7 jointer Veritas plow plane with 5 imperial sized irons Hock kit smoother, built Hock kit shoulder plane, built ECE stopped rabbet plane LN 3/8" mortise chisel LN 3/4" bevel chisel LN 1/2" long handle O1 paring chisel LN tenon saw Veritas Crosscut Carca
  6. I'm so used to poplar being that mostly ugly greenish-white crap that you get at big box stores. I wanted to buy some inexpensive wood to make shop projects out of, including the hand tool school semester 1 projects, and I decided to cheap out and get #1 common poplar from my local yard at a buck forty a boardfoot. It's very colorful stuff, and roughsawn. I cut off a gnarly end and planed it down to get a look at it, and I was quite surprised! An even gnarlier chunk that came off the edge of this piece had some amazing wonders buried within: Just screwing around i
  7. Here's a bit of a dissenting view... I picked this system up from Rob Cosman's videos. Waterstones are awesome, but they can be a bit of a hassle to keep flat. There's a relatively new diamond stone on the market made by Trend, it's 300 grit on one side and 1000 grit on the other. It's a solid 5/16" thick chunk of steel, and feels more solid and stable than the dmt stones to me, and it also seems to cut more quickly and load up less. It's fairly expensive, but I've had very good luck with it, and I like it MUCH better than my DMT stones. They make a 2x6" one and a 3x8" one. The 3x8" s
  8. Greasy but functional! Metalshop and Woodshop don't play nice with each other. It's hard to keep the greasy side greasy and the dusty side dusty.
  9. I might be able to, but I'd want to lay hands on one or at least see a good drawing. I don't have a good enough idea of how it works!
  10. Last night I turned the leg vise screw and bored the handwheel. My leg chop is made, and I'm about to start on the parallel guide. I'm trying to find something I can use to make the roller brackets. We're all iced in here in Atlanta, and I can't leave the house, so I'm hoping I can find something lying around that I can use
  11. I considered it; I even thought about that when I was watching Marc install his benchcrafted hardware. I'm not locked out of doing it in the near future, I'll just need to shorten the screw on the far end by a quarter inch.
  12. Wagon vise is complete! It's not as beautiful as the benchcrafted offering, but it's quite functional. Much like my poorly constructed yellow pine split-top: not the prettiest thing out there, but hopefully it'll serve well
  13. Yeah, it's 5". There's a pad to drill to add a handle, and I likely will do so. I don't have a wood lathe, just three metal lathes, so I'm not sure what to do about a handle just yet I picked up an 8" unfinished iron wheel and a right hand thread 1" acme screw and nut from mcmaster the other day as well, so I should have most everything I need to do the leg vise also.
  14. Found him on the google; he represents my mood 95% of the time