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  1. vtxmanmike

    My workbench (yes, it's a Roubo)

    Thanks for the tip! I had not seen the tail vise screw offering from Lee Valley! I just might have to go that way too. Much appreciated on the tip!
  2. vtxmanmike

    My workbench (yes, it's a Roubo)

    I just found your thread and love it! I'm planning to build a bench this year and yours is very close to what I was planning. The main difference is I'd like to have some tool storage cabinets/drawers in mine. Otherwise, very close! What size are the vise screws you decided to go with? I just picked up some free 1" x 5 tpi and 1" x 6 tpi acme threaded shafts. One has a nut and the other doesn't. Thinking I might try to come up with a plan to use these! Thanks for the detailed journey! Looking great!
  3. vtxmanmike

    Building a workbench

    I'm gathering info and plans to build a workbench. I already have enough to do in December so maybe I can pickup the lumber in January! Thanks for sharing the process. It's really helping me.