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  1. Off and on over the past 8 months I have been in the process of handing down my model trains (last used when I was a kid) to my eight year old Grandson. I re scued the oldest of my 3 trains from my sisters closet. It was reapinted yellow in the 1940's and the paint was flaking off. So I decided to bead blast and repaint it with Erie decals in memory of my fathers time with the Erie railroad. Here's on pic of this 100 year old train and two pics of all three: 1950 Diesel, 1934 Steam engine and 1920-ish electric. I think that I am having more fun than my Grandson.
  2. I'll suggest a different approach. I looks like the black over most of the surface is i the more open grain - Grain filler tinted to black. After dry, until you have bare wood on the high parts with filler remaining in the grain but san only very lightly around the edges so they remain mostly black. The over stain with gray wiping it off fairly soon after application. This is just an idea - i have not actually done it.
  3. Neat idea. never seen that before. I like it.
  4. Hard to say as I only work a little at a time. I would guess that, if I carved continuously (which I can't) each side would take me about 8 to 10 hours. I am not a fast carver.
  5. I used boiled linseed oil on mine and am happy with it
  6. As some of you may recall ( or not), I Started taking on line carving classes from Mary May last spring and took a carving class at Marc Adams school from Alex Grabavotskiy this fall. So enough with just carving practice lessons in basswood. Here are some of my first carved piece. Sides have the background lowered leaving the carving. The rossetes on the doors are carved appliques carved separately. Cheap Woodcraft African Mahogany. Nice wood for carving.
  7. I agree. Your mention of 120 grit sand paper and veneer made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.
  8. I installed latches similar to window latches on the underside of m y dingin table - latches draw the table togther nicely.
  9. if this is your first table of this size I would start by looking at pics of pedestal tables online. Find ones that appeal to you and then try to figure out how you can build it or something like it. Also check online for dimensions of table, room required for each chair, foot room, etc. One final thought -Havine 4 legs at the corners allows for the chairs to be between the legs and construction will be easier than a pedestal. Good luck.
  10. I have done small boxes and larger surfaces. Tight bond 2applied with a roller is my glue of choice.
  11. Nicley done. I like everything about it.
  12. I have a 1/ 3/4 HP Laguna DC. I think it is fairly quiet. It's possible to carry on a conversation with it on (if you raise your voice just a little.)
  13. Nice table. Should serve you well for a long time. +1 on the large Triton router.
  14. You win for patience and perserverance. Nice result .
  15. A golden doodle? About 11 weeks old? This will kkep you busy.