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  1. Trestle Table

    How do you like that low angle smoother. I love mine.
  2. What finish?

    I like the feel of BLO applied and rubbed with 600 grit. maybe 3 or 4 coats. Not shiny but feels nice.
  3. Practice

    Nicley done. I like it.
  4. Coffee Table build

    Wonderful joinery and a great choice for the finish. Great work. I like it.
  5. Post It Note Projects

    Nice idea. Do you find that there is any unwanted flex in the hinge that could create slight variations in length depending on how firmly you place the work piece against the stop?
  6. My first thought as well. Would be a project unot itself. The trick is making sure that the roof structure can take the load. Remember that the ones you see on barns were, I believe mostly for hay and not for heavy equipment. good luck.
  7. Spar Varnish on Port Orford Cedar

    Welcome to the forum. I have limited experience but I think that spar varnish is way to go. Just be sure that the cedar has had a chance to dry ( weather a littlel) before finishing. I waited 4 months after installing a cedar fence before Painting it and the recommendatioin of the installer. Be prepared to varnish again every couple of years.
  8. Looking for a sander

    Any thouhgts about that 3450 disc RPM? Sounds fast and I don't want to burn the wood. My spindle sander is 2000 RPM.
  9. Wow. Those are big drawers. By your description, "30 3/4 x 42" and "screws and fastening hardware, handtools" you could be looking at a lot of weight and a lot of friction .I would serioiusly consider one or both of the following. 1. add some framing so that you can cut the width of the drawers in half. 2. Have separate 20" deep drawers rather than one drawer with pulls on both ends. I know that means making a lot more drawers but the drawers will be a manageble size, and will be much less likely to sag or twist.
  10. Question about drawer slides

    Just an idea. How about an under mount slide on the bottom to take most of the wiehgt and a side mount near the top. Keep it nice and stable.
  11. Laguna customer service

    My experience with Laguna has been excellent.
  12. Looking for a sander

    I have a spindle sander but am looking for a sander that can be used for concave surfaces and for sanding small peices and the sides of small boxes. I was considering the Ridgid spindle/ belt combo sander but then I ran across this one. I liked that fact that the belt sander can be used in the horizontal or vertical position. The reviews were good but I noticed that most the the revews were from metal workers. I also noticed that it had the following speeds: Belt at 1800 FPM and disc at 3450 FPM. I compared that to a Rikon product made for wood working which had a belt speed of 1835 FPM and disc speed 2510. So my question is this - what speeds are appropriate for wood? Any thoughts you all my have about things to consider when buying a sander would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. T slot cauls

    Well done........very well done. I lIke it.
  14. Woodworking shops at rv parks

    Check out woodworking schools that offer week long classes. google.
  15. Worried

    I have always suspected that if you take something apart and put it back together enough times, you will have enough parts to build another one.