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  1. I you have somw thin scrap material, you could put it under your 1/4" plywood, cut them at the same time - no tearout. Good luck.
  2. Best wishes on a speedy recovery.
  3. That's some good looking cherry. Good luck.
  4. I have led replacements for flourescent b ulbs in my shop (daylight) Those lights darken cherry in hurry.
  5. Fascinating. I wonder if the mystery tool is a hinge mortise jig of some kind.
  6. Wonderful choice of the curly maple. NIcely done.
  7. THis is going to be a great build......I like it.
  8. I have played with the idea of writing a little but really don' t know how to start. Maybe engineeering brain won't let me wirte anything down until I know where ti is going.
  9. @ treeslayer mentioned hobbies in another post so "Why not? What other intersts do you have now or have had I the past?? No need to limit the topic to just "hobbies" In chronological order I have been very involved over the years in: Recrerational softball (lost my swing and could not hit a thing), long distance bicycling (knees started to hurt), competitive table tennis (rotator cuff went bad), dog agility (dogs got too old), wood working (a work in progress but it doesn't bother my knees or shoulder), Maintaining lionel trains that I gave to my grandson - there's always somethi
  10. Well done. I hdd not heard of coleman lamp collectors. I learned something. Thanks.
  11. We played mumbly peg 50 years ago. That's when it was Ok for a kid to carry a pocket knife.
  12. It's 28" tall at the request of the client. I think 30 is fine. Very thin coats, just a couple of swipe and move on. If you put too much on the rag just wipe faster so that it looks like you are wiping it all off. You are just sealing the wood, not building a finish. Using shellac as a final finish is a different ball game. I have done finish coats with a brush but am not familiar with "hake". There is a drawer on the opposite side, also on the right for shess pieces. Dog agility - directing your dog through an obstacle course with j