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  1. Are you starting to drive on the left side of the road , too?
  2. I knew that, if I waited long enough, I could avoid the "fashion-du jour". I have been avoiding "trends" all my life - so much simpler that way.
  3. Early on I read an article on Stanely's quality control and decided that my Stanley tape would be my standard (not counting the hook which can be damaged). Everything that I Have bought for measuring since, I have compared to the tape for accuracy ( to the eye). If it didn't match, I didn't buy it. Now I have confidence that my steel rules, squares, etc all read the same. After reading the responses above - I am thinking that maybe I was just lucky but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  4. Well written and documented. Thank you.
  5. Yep. My other problem is that I forget to label what I used it for and when I find it again I'm like, "OMG, what did I make that for?" ( I don't really talk like that)
  6. Just can't bring yourself to giving up your old Harley Tee shirts, can you?
  7. I am a few hours into building a wall cabinet. I found some "lyptus" cut offs at the lumber yard and bought some. I know that ther are a lot of varities of this wood but one of the pieces had "Red Grandis" marked on it. So.... Does anyone else have experience with this wood? I am learning about it as I go. Seems to work and cut with characteristics similar to mahogany?? I have noticed that it sesm to vary a little in hardness.
  8. I had a 70 year old monster silver maple in my back yard many years ago. I one point I had it cabled and then, in the middle of winter the wind took half of it. Laid it down across 4 back yards. Did not hit any house or garages but scared the shit of of my neighbor's golden retreiver. Each of our insurance companies paid for each of our fence damages.
  9. Nicely done and documented. I like it.
  10. Ronn W

    Bench Hooks

    Nice hooks.... I like it.
  11. I have a strange take on this. I like to desing my own. I often used photos that I find on-line as inspiraton and then draw my own design, but have never purchased any plans. Now, I am wanting to build a Pechovich inspired wall cabinet but found that my final design is so much like his (he has such a great sense of design) that I feel like I have cheated somehow. Maybe I wil put his intials on the bottom along with my signature.???
  12. My version of this "problem" is that I over design (draw it up in great detail) at times. I envy those who can have a picture in their head along with a couple of overall dimensions and go right to the shop and "work it out" as they go along. I tend to draw everything in detail before I go into the shop. Yeah, I will sometimes find and solve a problem on paper rather that making a mistake in the shop but it feels like I am wasting time rather than wood working.
  13. I love it. Thanks for the post.
  14. I learn so much on this forum.......
  15. Critical, Your panel must float or the table top will tear itself apart as humidity changes. (I speak from experience - yes it was a coffee table.)