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  1. Just beautiful. I like it.
  2. That's Ok. I am not sure that I know what I am taking about. Up until yesterday I wnet to wood and there was a place near the top to click on for the forum. That page has changed and the place to click for the forum is gone.
  3. Many more happy years........
  4. Also bicycle riders so long as there is no one right next to you. We are fnding it hard to find canadian bacon and whole wheet english muffins. MN enters stay at home status tomorrow night.
  5. I have TWW as my home page. I noticed today that I cannot go from there to the forum. I guessed that I could add "/forum" to the URL and found it but what about new traffic? Forum link does not show up in the usbheadings when "Wood whisperer" is googled. I think that a link to the forum should be put back on the home page.
  6. OK, so my procedure has been cancelled (postponed) (as in: Don't call us. We'll call you,) since the Hospital has a Covid-19 case. So I stopped taking the blood thinner that ahd been required before the procedure. 36 hours later, I thoughtit would be a good idea to do a little carving practice after dinner and 2 glasses of wine. I brushed some chips of the piece with one hand and forgot where my other hand with the gouge was. Well I could not get it to stop bleeding so a trip to the ER. They would not let my wife in due to their lockdown but we got it all taken care of. Almost needed a couple of stitches but ended up using medical superglue instead. That's neat stuff. So I am fine. It wasn't that bad just must have been the remnants of the blood thinner in my system. I have heard of using store bought super glue to seal a cut? Have any of you done that? Does it work? Does it sting like crazy? Stay safe.
  7. On another topic: Now that I have my new gouges, I have started learning to carve. I want to be able to add some ornamentation to my pieces. I found Mary May's online school and, after watching the 8 free lessons, subscribed for a year. I have a fair supply of basswood. A perfect way to practice carving and social distancing and not dirve my wife crazy - All at the same time. Gotta be careful not to cut myself for the next 4 days. I am going in for a procedure to fix my Afib and they don't like open wounds in surgery. Mary May has over 200 lessons on her site so maybe I will just binge watch and take notes with a dull pencil for now. Stay healthy everyone.
  8. That is not a plan that is consistent with a good quality of life.
  9. I gotta buy one of those for my next project. Think I will make a river table. Ah, the circle of life!
  10. Curved would be new for me to. Those are on my bucket list. Hope you share pics as you go.
  11. Here's and option: Gl;ue the box together by applying glue to both surfaces of each piece. Let it dry for about 30 minutes and then apply glue a usual and glue it together. Blue several pices of blue tape can be used to hold the corners together. Then drill holes into each corner from each side (any pattern you want just make sure they are staggered) and insert glue and dowels cut from longer dowel stock. If your sides are 3/4" thick, I would drill 1 1/2" deep. The dowels will be exposed in the finished piece. Gives a nice look.
  12. They will love it. good work.
  13. Whenever possible I try to do the joinery before I the piece to shape.
  14. Your are correct. The dados in the drawer sides are unfinshed. I rubbed parafin in them to smooth out the drawer action.