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  1. A photo and and idea of the weight or thickness and material would be helpful.
  2. Time to make children sized table and chairs, toy boxes, little wooden cars, etc. Make them now so you can make something else when the grandkids arrive. Welcome.
  3. You might conseder showing that article to you client. If your wife is the client I take no responsibility.
  4. Welcome to the forum. Think about what types of cuts you will be making ( straight rip cuts, long gradual curves, tighter curves, resawing thick wood) then pick your blades. A wide blade can resaw but can't do tight curves. Narrow blades can do both but the resawing is very slow.
  5. Sometimes it's hard to know if you are ever going to make another one. I haven't even made 2 of anything yet. I use 1/4" or 1/2" MDF, whichever I have on hand.
  6. Sounds like you had a great experience. Glad to here the surgery went so well. Lots of woodworking in your future.
  7. If you can lay it flat I would use a veneer saw - less chance of splitting the veneer. Then sandpaper on a hard, straight sanding block
  8. Thanks all, I forgot to mention that there is a coat of shellac under the poly - does that change things? and , Would Epoxy glue give me some added piece of mind that it will hold?
  9. I need to glue a small wood stop to a surface inside a cabinet that already has 2 coats of ARS on it. The stop is 3/4" x 3/4" x 3/4" and will be located in the upper corner of a door opening. It will be fitted with a rare earth magnet to gold the small door closed, What's the best way to prep the area and what glue would you use?
  10. I am in awe. It's great to push inot new territory and have it all work out.
  11. I like the sycamore but have the same supply problem as Chestnut. I am almost done with a wall cabinet that uses Eucalyptus as the primary with mahogany door and drawers. "Lyptus" is not very hard and its density tends to vary a little, sometimes within the same board. It has a grain similar to mahogany although more pronounced and the color tends from light yellow into pink. I will post the results. I have used hackberry. Not very hard. Color finshes to yellowish with gray streaks with oil based finish. Interesting when used as a door panel combined with cherry frame.
  12. Buy a bunch of pieces of foam like gymnasts use to practice tumbling into and fill the sta well up with them. Postion the saw at the top of the stairs and tip it onto the foam. Then remove the foam piece by piece from the bottom of the pile and and watch the saw slowly lower itself into the basement.