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  1. Drawing up and marking out

    I am a "make a drawing complete with dimensions" kind of guy. Tape the drawing to the wall and keep a red pencil handy for when the actual dimensions change as the proejct progresses. I use a cadd program and find that I can expolore various options quickly.
  2. Vacupress for veneer

    I decided to bite the bullet and bought a vacuum pump and bag from Vacupress. I chose the smaller (1.3 CFM pump) and their 49" sq 30 mil vinyl bag. Came in 2 boxes along with the hose and all the necessary fittings. Instructions for use and setup are well written. Their system requires a grooved platten to ensure the air is evacuated because the hose attaches to the bottom of the bag through a hole in the platten. While I was at it I made a large platten (38 x 48) which is quite heavy and a 24 x 36 platten whicih will be fine for smaller projects - both out of 3/4" melamine. Pump has both continuous and auto cyle modes ( Use auto cycle with the vacuum bag). In the pics, I was only using about half the volume of the bag and it took about a minute to come up to pressure. The pump pressure and auto cylcle pressure setting are adjustable. Mine cycles, right now, between 22" and 24" Hg. BTW, I almost missed it. The bag comes with a small patch kit just in case and copule fo extra fittings so you can have more than platten ready to go. There are cheaper ways to go but this system works great and I am happy with it. I have attached a few pics of my first glue-up. Did both sides at the same time.
  3. kitchen table (trestle)

    LOoking good. I like it.
  4. Music Boxes

    Is saw a pic of a white box with a filed of Dimaond shapes on line. That inspired the box with the squares. The other was my own design. Thanks.
  5. Music Boxes

    CORRECTION: the crrect address is Oooops.
  6. Music Boxes I think it's a small business. Very helpful over the phone.
  7. New Tool Day!

    Congrats. Have fun an let us now how the asembly and set up went.
  8. Music Boxes

    Thgouth I would share latest project - Music boxes for grandkids. Used Dyed veneer over 1/2" baltic birch with walnut trim. Finish is shellac. Brusso hinges. Corners, including all 4 sides of the top are mitered, then rabbets were cut for the trim, then box was cut open and trim where the top meets the bottom was added. A lot of little detail work but WTH its the Grandkids.
  9. new to sharpening

    Nice find. Enjoy.
  10. Dovetail Chisels

    When I took that class in Tennesse last year, I was somewhat surprised to find that Lonnie Bird primarily uses Leigh Neilson bevel edge chisels and he has one that he ground down to a sharp bevel edge for corners. That's about it - and he is a master craftsman. The practice is a lot more important that the tools. Yea, I know, but new toola are fun.
  11. Matching end tables for sister-in-law

    +1 on this idea.
  12. Where do you get your veneer?

    I am looking for a couple for sources for wood veneer in packs that are sequential (12 to 16 pieces) for doing radial patterns like on lazy susans or hexagonal tables. Any suggestions?
  13. First project?? Very nicely done! You don't say how old she is but there may be chance that she will change her mind. I would keep the drawers for her.
  14. A Couple of Little Things...

    Very pleasing to look at - both projects. I especially like the display unit. Might inspre me to step outside of my comfort zone. Thank you.
  15. The Pekovich Cabinet

    Coutn me in. Have fun.