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  1. Ronn W

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    It's getting difficult for the dogs to "go" outside.
  2. Ronn W

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    I'm from MN, too. but I never could understand ice fishing. Maybe its just an excuse to have a beer while you wait for the fish.......
  3. Ronn W

    Assembly Table

    Thanks for the video and the ideas. I like it.
  4. Ronn W

    asking about sharpening and grit

    I agree with most of the above. Sharpening chisels and planes takes you well out of the normal "sandpaper range". Ou wnat to bee thinkinc about sharpening stomes or diamond plates. I sharpen to 8000 with water stones. Water stones are a little messy but they are proboably the least expensive of the sharpening "systems".
  5. Ronn W

    So what is the difference?

    Drew, great info, thanks.
  6. Ronn W

    Need Help Finishing My Bow Front

    +1 on making smaple boards for finishing
  7. Ronn W

    Knife presentation box

    Gorgeous. I like it.
  8. I went the opposite route.......
  9. Ronn W

    So what is the difference?

    Rick, Sent you a message.
  10. Ronn W

    Micro bevel on chisels?

    If I had the space for a water wheel, I would use this method as well. Makes touch ups
  11. Ronn W

    So what is the difference?

    You could have just said that you don't know. Googling hasn't helped....yet. I called the class and they said that my Liogier rasps would work just fine. But I would still like to find a comparison chart just so when someone asks me I don't have to say. "Try to google it."..................You know that I'm just messin' with ya...
  12. Ronn W

    So what is the difference?

    I will be taking a joinery class this summer and the tool list for the class includes a Nicholson #49 or #50 cabinet rasp. I have 2 Logier rasps, a #9 and a #13. How do I compare the courseness between these 2 grading systems??? In other words is a #49 simliar to a #13? Tanks for you input.
  13. Ronn W

    G&G Bed Frame

    Well conceived. Nicely done. I like it.
  14. Ronn W

    8 Drawer Dresser In Walnut

    I go with the bottom pic in your last post but, for me, 4 drawers like that is maybe a bit overwhelming. So....... just to confuse the issue.....What if the top 2 drawers had the figure in the center and the bottom 2 drawers had the figure at the outside?
  15. Ronn W

    Poly finish causing warp?

    FYI, The books won't cuase nay aoutward pressure. But if there is enought downward load on the thin board ti can start to buckle sideways. Try pushing hard on the ends of a yeardstick.