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  1. I have never used a lathe.  I am going to take a class from Alan Lacer at Marc Adams school next month and have been watching some videos.  If I ever do get a lathe, my projects would be spindle turning - legs. finials. etc.  I don't see bowls in my future.   I was impressed by Alan Lacers use of a  skew chisel with curved skew.  Seems like he could do  just about any shaped spindle with it. 

    So,  if you were just starting out, what 1 or 2 chisels would you have?  I would appreciated any other comments or tips that you have, too.

  2. I agree doing with your 2 step glueing process.  I almost never try to glue all 4 sides at the same time...  and I agrre/ legs up but you do need a flat surface.  I pieces of 3/4" MDF or flat plywood sould give you that if your glueing bench is not flat.   Shim the corners of the MDF and check with a straight edge to make it flat.  You can also cover you table saw and use that for your flat surface.  I use a piece of melamine with rasie curbs on 2 adjacent side that meet at a corner and I know that the raise curbs mee at 90 deg - helps in squaring up the piece.

    Oops - looked at your picture -----In you case with a long piece - take the time get all 4 corners in the same plane as if they were a flat table.  It's time well spent.

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  3. We are headed for VA for family reunion next weekend.  Should be a great time.  Added bonus....we are booked into an air BnB for one night on the road and it turns out the owner restores furntiture.  He said he would show me around is shop.  Looking forward to that.

    ON the way back we are going to visit the Ark Encounter in northern KY.  I know that  it is  run by a religious organization that leans toward the creationism but it should be intersting.  At leat I'll find out how long a cubit is.

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  4. Not ot hijack this thread but, I guess this is related.  Different ceiling heights can change your lighting.  How many lumens should you have on a workbench surface

    for layout work ( pencil and scribe lines, etc)?  Maybe lumens is not the correct word.

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  5. On 8/17/2022 at 9:03 PM, Coop said:

    @Ronn W, you mentioned that it is easy to mix the finish in the bag without inducing bubbles. Up until now, I have only stored ARS gloss but just filled a bag with satin. I mixed it thoroughly before pouring it into the bag. How do I mix it again in the bag before the next use? Is it since you squeeze the air out before replacing the cap, there is no air to form bubbles and it can be shaken to mix? 

    Yep, no air in bag so I just tip it back and forth to diperse the solids that have settled to bottom of the bag.  With ARS satin you can see when it's mixed.  I really have not shaken it - just didn't seem like the right thing to do.  I will have to try it.

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  6. One consideration about a door between the shop and living areas is sound transmission.  I would suggest a plain solid core door decorated with mouldings etc to simulate a panel door.  You could even add a book matched veneer on the finish side.  Just use your imagination.  Good luck.

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  7. Your finish, or more correctly, the thickness and durability of your finish is more important than the thicknes of the veneer.  Assumging that, several years from now, the finish shows serious signs of wear, it should be refinished before the wear affects the veneer.

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