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  1. You got somw realy nice flame for the front (back) of the crip. Nice work. I have a 50* blade for my bevel up smoother but haven't tired it on that species.
  2. Interesting project. Looking forward to tagging along. too bad about the poor condition of the Box Elder there was some i nteresting flaming.
  3. Nicely done. I agree that the second base design is the better choice. Looks great. I like it.
  4. If it doen't show through the table cloth I would cover it with the table cloth.
  5. That top is going to really pop when finished. Beautiful.
  6. Beautiful piece. I like it.
  7. My father (who lived through the depression) would always straighten out used nails and reuse them. So, no, you are not a cheapskate.
  8. I use an exacto knife to mark my dovetails.
  9. I have had a 1412 for about 5 years. It use it regularly but not a lot. Really like it.
  10. Does seem like less traffic. Regarding repeated questions. If we are patient and enthusiastic with newcomers we may see an increase. I would love help out a begineer in my shop, but my insurance company would probably have a fit.
  11. Template only has to be as thick as the collet guide collar. Have fun!
  12. Nicely done, sir. I also like Federal period furniture. It fun to take idesa and then build your own design. The dovetail for the shelf to leg is a neat joint.
  13. I just finished a small table for a large house plant to live on. It is 14" square and 12" tall. My wife's friend wanted it to have a beach theme. So I used white oak with a whitewash water base stain. Now General Finishes whitewash stain allows the color of the wood to be seen through the whitewash so I decided to stain the wood blue before using the white. I mixed transtint blue dye with some whitewash. Worked great - one coat. Then 4 coats of whitewash to get the look I wanted. Then 3 coats of General Finishes water based poly. My mistake is that I only but one coat of whitewash (not a great sealer) on the underside of the top. When I picked up the top to install it on the table I saw the it was cupped. Slap the forehead and swear. The top surface (where all the moisture from the many coats of water base stain was applied) was the convex side of the cupped just as I would expect if I had thought it through. Before throwing it away and starting over I decided try to even out the cup. I rough sanded the under side to expose mostly bare wood and spray water on it. I covered the surface with blue Scott towels and sprayed them with water. Kept adding a little spary every few hours. After about 2 days almost all the cup was gone. I dried off the surface with a rag and applied a coat of waterbase poly. As it dried, water tended to pond on the surface in irregular patterns. I thought maybe the poly would never dry, but it did and I wiped away the excess water and did a second coat. Then wiped away the water again and did a third coat - no water this time. I let it sit overnight and it was still straight the next morning. I installed the top with table 8's. I just hope the it does not self destruct over the next couple of weeks. I am taking bets. Lesson learned.
  14. MIne tend to do that, too. I use spring clamps to hold them together. Not Ideal, but I am used to it.
  15. I always enjoyed drafting by hand. Drafting is to Cadd and chisels are to dovetail jigs.
  16. I have not used variable speeds. But. I do wont one that my flexible shop vac hose can be attached to.
  17. OK. So my 5" Ridged ROS is in for warranty repairs ( has been for 3 weeks now.) Parts on on back order and I am thinking that I need another 5" ROS as a back up. Rather than by another Rigid. What decent similar priced sanders might our guys recommend?
  18. Ronn W

    More DC Systems

    I often forget to change the gates in my system. No big deal except when I forget to close the bandsaw gate when running the DeWalt planer (with its own fan) Dust and chips come up through the bandasaw table like Old Faithful.
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    I'll do th em too, but somehow whenever I connect 2 things together that are supposed to have water inside, it doesn't stay inside.
  20. Ok, Here is m y gon dsons playcabinet.... And here are a copule of not so good pics of shop cabinets
  21. To each his own. What ever works for you. I see both sides. Just before I built my shop outfeed and router table/cabinets I had made a cabinet for my grandson so he had doors and drawers that he could open and slam shut instead of my daughters kitchen drawers. I painted the frame white and each door/drawer was a different bright color. I hacdpaint left over so my drawers and drawers are red/green/purple/orange/ yellow and blue. Grandpa's play room.
  22. You might try a gel stain ( LIke that mad by General Finishes) on the oak. Goes on a little thicker and there will not be so much contrast between the different grains in the oak. Gel stains can be mixed to get the right color. I can go to my local wood craft store and a guy there will help me mix some colors and get me on the right track for free so I don't have to bury cans of it just for testing that I might never use again. Remember that you don't know what the finished product will look like unit you get the final finish on it. I am working on a project for a friend that whants a whitewash stain finish on white Oak, (which still leaves some to the wood color showing thrugh). I got this idea that I would like the wood that was showing through to be blue. What was I thinking? Anyway, I am make sample boards to try to get what I want. Each step in the finishing process changes the appearance so I don't know what I have until i have a completely finihsed sample board.
  23. Really discouraging (maddening) isn't it. I have siwtched to Home depot sanded plywood instead of baltic birch when it fits in with my projects. The partial sheets like 4' x 4" or 2" x 4" are a real rip off when you look at the price per sq. ft. full sheets are cheaper in the long run.
  24. Happy woodworking. Welcome.
  25. I agree. Any print shop with a large scale printer can print your PDF file. I did it for years with my cadd drawings.