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  1. mikemenifee

    Miter Bench for the New Shop

    Always pick up something. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see the new shop.
  2. mikemenifee

    New (and final) Shop!

    Great building. Are you using the old shop for lumber storage?
  3. mikemenifee

    Entry/Hall Table

    Great looking table. Thanks for sharing. Always enjoy.
  4. mikemenifee

    Entry Level Workbench

    another great series. Thanks for sharing
  5. mikemenifee

    Entry Level Workbench

    Another great video. Love how you morph into your son. Must be fun.
  6. mikemenifee

    Entry Level Workbench

    Looks like another fun project. Double fun with son.
  7. mikemenifee

    Display Case

    Left us with a cliff hanger. Another great video. Thanks for sharing.
  8. mikemenifee

    Panel Sled

    Another concise, informative video. Thanks again. My panel sled is beat up, need to do another. always pick up some different thoughts.
  9. mikemenifee

    Sled Rack

    Always look forward to the videos. Thanks for sharing. Always pick up something
  10. mikemenifee

    Arts and Craft Sideboard

    beautiful sideboard - well done -- love it. Thanks for sharing
  11. mikemenifee

    Coffee Bar

    Always enjoy. Thanks
  12. mikemenifee

    Stickly Coffee Table

    Very nice. Looks great with the chairs. Love it.
  13. mikemenifee

    Closet Built In

    Another great project and journey. Thanks for sharing
  14. mikemenifee

    Closet Built In

    Another great vide0. Enjoy watching. Thanks for sharing
  15. mikemenifee

    Closet Built In

    looks like a fun project